January 2013

What about the blood?

by Grace4Ayla on January 31, 2013

On January 28, 2012 it was being reported that investigators looking into the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds had found blood in the basement of 29 Violette Avenue, a room which was used both as a laundry room and bedroom to Justin DiPietro. Justin admitted there was blood found, but has declined to give any […]

In early June of 2012, Jeff Hanson merged his original blog, Answers For Ayla, with another blog run by former Justin DiPietro associate, Tori Gifford. While both blogs discussed the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds, long-time readers will recall that it was Answers for Ayla that was responsible for dealing with the fall-out of Jeff’s […]

Since May of 2012, Trista Reynolds, mother of missing toddler Ayla Bell Reynolds has been complaining that law enforcement officials have not been sharing important information with her; specifically, that they have not shown her the items found in the sluiceway of the Kennebec River in late April of that same year. But is this […]

Quick Update and Random Musings

by Grace4Ayla on January 5, 2013

Our sister site, Grace Wilson Astrology, is on temporary hiatus due to technical difficulties. You can still read there, but I can’t make any new posts for the time being. In the meantime, to keep you posted, it is being reported that Trista Reynolds met with MSP investigators on Thursday. MSP spokesperson Steve McCausland would […]