April 2013

Trista’s Lies – Are They Significant?

by Grace4Ayla on April 14, 2013

As I read Trista Reynolds’ unofficial blog, United For Ayla, I am often shocked at how so many people are willing to dismiss Trista’s lies about the disappearance of her daughter, Ayla Bell Reynolds. In their minds, her lies are classified as “insignificant” to the “real issues,” – the biggest issue being that Justin DiPietro […]

The One Thing…

by Grace4Ayla on April 13, 2013

Trista Reynolds, mother of missing toddler Ayla Bell Reynolds, claims that law enforcement officials have given her permission to share certain “investigative details” with the public via her website, www.aylareynolds.com. She further claims that she was “told” police would neither deny nor “back her up” in the media if and when she released these details. […]