Talking to the Media

by The Light Bearer on June 15, 2012

The fake blogs are making a lot of Justin DiPietro not talking to the media. My take is that Jeff Hanson said he would handle it.

The pink blogs clearly shows that on Jan. 11, both families were encouraged to speak with the media. He does not clarify “only what we allow”.

Here is a list from the blue blog of all the news articles since that day. I have bolded the ones initiated by, or interviews of, either family.

Can anyone spot a pattern here? Except for the Online Sentinel (which, in my opinion, is clearly in the pocket of the Tudelas), all of these news outlets are blogs. There are other interviews, but they are not listed on this website.

Why aren’t Trista and Jeff reaching out to REAL NEWS REPORTERS? I am positive that CNN, The Today Show, CBS, and ABC would love to interview them!

If they do, do you think they will mention any of their “evidence” against Justin? Or about how I infiltrated their blogs for all my insidious reasons? Will they mention the Pink Blog as evidence that Justin is “leaking” information?

Time will tell.

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