Abduction Fear Text Messages Revisited

by Grace4Ayla on May 29, 2014

Early on in the mysterious case of Ayla Bell Reynolds, both sides of the missing child’s family published text messages on their respective blogs. These of course, are the infamous “abduction fear” text messages that were allegedly sent between Alya’s mother, Trista Reynolds, and her father, Justin DiPietro in the weeks before Ayla disappeared. The first public mention of these texts between the two parents was made by Justin DiPietro in his first official statement released by law enforcement on December 21st, 2011.

“Contrary to some statements floating around out there, I have been in communication with Ayla’s mother over the last couple of weeks. The Waterville police have the transcripts from my phone for verification of those communications.” – Justin DiPietro, Bangor Daily News, December 21st, 2011

Old Lies, New Questions

This statement was made only days after Justin reported Ayla missing from her bed on the morning of December 17th, 2011. It appeared to be made in response to a comment by Trista Reynolds, in which she had previously claimed that she’d had no contact with Justin since Ayla disappeared.  Note that Justin is taking this opportunity to point out that law enforcement has “transcripts” of the communication between Trista and himself. This leads me to believe that Justin provided the authorities with the actual text messages they sent to each other from his phone’s memory.

According to Jeff Hanson’s statement on April 27, 2012, these “abduction fear texts” were sent to Trista Reynolds by Justin DiPietro starting about a month after Justin took physical custody of Ayla Bell Reynolds and they ended on December 16th, 2011. One can only assume this would mean that law enforcement received a copy of all these texts as well, since this falls into the “last couple of weeks” time frame. When asked via her blog about specific wording, Trista Reynolds claimed she couldn’t retrieve the exact wording of the messages since she was borrowing her sister Jessica Reynolds’ phone at the time. Trista did claim, however, that Justin was worried about someone coming and “taking” Ayla.

Who did Justin think was going to take Ayla? CPS? The boogeyman? Trista Reynolds herself?

“Justin thought that a lot,” said Reynolds. “He always thought that I would be the one to take her. I always wondered why he was so scared about that.”

Something just doesn’t add up.

Babblings and Bombshells

Katie Hitchings, self-identified friend of Justin DiPietro, has made claims that Justin himself received texts from someone threatening to “abduct” Ayla. Law enforcement has these texts which were still on Justin’s phone. And who did these texts come from exactly? According to Katie, from Jessica Reynolds’ phone number. Wouldn’t this explain why Justin DiPietro thought Trista Reynolds would be the one to take Ayla? Why would this thought scare Justin? Why would he be scared of Trista taking Ayla, if Ayla was properly placed with him in the first place? If Trista thought Justin was scared of her taking Ayla, did she send someone in her place? It’s an interesting word choice, “scared.” Did Justin DiPietro seem scared of Trista Reynolds when he was running away from her after his court hearing?

Who sent the texts from Jessica’s phone? Did Jessica Reynolds send them pretending to be Trista? Or were they in on it together, like they were November 14th, 2011 when Jessica called child protective services on Justin to report about Ayla’s broken arm? Here again, we have Trista Reynolds changing her stories.

According to a recent online article entitled “The Taking of Ayla,” Jessica Reynolds called CPS the day of Ayla’s first orthopedic doctor visit. Jessica stated that her sister Trista had told her the doctor announced it was a “suspicious” break and that he did not believe the father’s story of how it happened. There is no mention of DHHS investigating this claim, or any findings, but when the broken arm was being discussed in the media after Ayla’s disappearance, Trista Reynolds never said anything about a doctor giving Justin a hard time, nor did the doctor’s notes (released on the blogs) reveal anything out of the ordinary. Why would Trista Reynolds make up the story about the doctor to tell Jessica, prompting her to report Justin? Did Jessica Reynolds know it was a lie? Were they trying to get CPS to take Ayla away from Justin at that time? Is this what the abduction text threats were all about? If so, why did they lie about it after Ayla went missing?

So many questions, so few answers.

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