Abduction Fear Texts

by Grace4Ayla on July 1, 2012

According to Jeff Hanson’s statement on April 27, 2012, the “abduction fear texts” sent to Trista Reynolds by Justin DiPietro started about a month after Justin took physical custody of Ayla Bell Reynolds and ended Dec. 16th, 2011.

A month after Justin took Ayla would be around Nov. 17th. This would be right after he broke Ayla’s arm. It makes sense that perhaps Trista might be getting more anxious about Ayla staying with him and start threatening to take Ayla back, but it doesn’t make sense that Justin would be “telegraphing” his fears that Ayla would be taken. It makes more sense that he would be “responding” to threats made by the Reynolds, not randomly texting about his fears, unless the Reynolds gave him reason, and even then it makes no sense.

Recently, Tori Gifford has alluded to some texts that Trista received from Justin regarding the life insurance policy. If they have these current texts, do they have the earlier “fear” texts? If Trista didn’t have a phone back then, who was Justin texting? I would assume this would be during the time Trista was not living with Jessica, but instead at the Maine Motel.

Why won’t Jeff Hanson and Trista Reynolds reveal the text messages? Why is Trista texting with Justin again in the first place? She claims there is no contact. LE says Justin isn’t talking to them either. For someone so incommunicado, Justin’s words sure get around!

I call BS on Justin paying the LIP premiums at this point. There is no need to. If Ayla is kidnapped, he may never know when she passes, so what would be the point? If she is already passed, as LE suspects and has told Justin, why would he continue paying? He sure stopped paying his child support quick enough. If the plan was to kill Ayla for the LIP, and they botched it, they aren’t going to continue to pay the premiums just to “look good.” Justin doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him.


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