The Mouse Ran Up the Clock: Three Years Missing Ayla Bell Reynolds

by Grace4Ayla on December 17, 2014

HickoryToday, December 17, 2014, Ayla Bell Reynolds has been missing for three years. At 20-months old, Ayla was reportedly taken from her bed in the night, while two other children and three adults (Justin DiPietro, Courtney Roberts, and Elisha DiPietro) slept only yards away. Since that night three years ago, Maine State Police have concluded that no abduction took place, and found troubling amounts of Ayla’s blood on her father’s basement bedroom floor. Police also assert that the three adults who were present are not telling all they know about Ayla’s disappearance.

When I realized in June of 2012 that Ayla’s mother, Trista Reynolds, and Jeff Hanson, spokesperson for the Reynolds family, were actually protecting and working with Justin DiPietro and Courtney Roberts to obscure the truth of what really happened to Ayla, not only from the public, but likely the authorities as well, I called Maine State Police and provided them with all the information and resources I had. My hope was that investigators might find it useful in solving this case and finally put poor Ayla to rest. Alas, this has not yet come to pass.

Since that time, I have continued to follow this case closely. Lucky for Lady Justice, most of the individuals involved can’t seem to keep their mouths shut. To date, I have not witnessed any behavior, nor read any emails, posts, comments or public statements that have proven my theory wrong. Of course, I will admit that I have seen nothing that has undeniably proven it right, either. Once arrests are made, however, to quote Justin DiPietro himself, the “truth will be out there.”

Recently, Trista Reynolds has attempted yet again to reveal more damning information about Justin DiPietro, claiming now that he told her long before Ayla went missing that Ayla would never be seen by her mother again. Um, really? Did police have this information before now? Why was this not mentioned in any of the dozens of interviews Trista gave in the media at the time? It seems more than strange that Trista would keep something that damning quiet all these years. Trista also claims that Justin DiPietro and his brother Lance have called her late at night, drunk, asking her what she did with Ayla. By all appearances, this motley crew of misfits are pointing the finger at each other now, trying to create reasonable doubt.

Yet, why would Justin and Phoebe DiPietro engage in this sort of desperate act (since the 2013 court fiasco) if their meeting with Maine State Police was so positive? Why, indeed.

As has been said so many times before, someone is going to talk. This many people with so much to hide will surely find it impossible to keep their mouths shut, especially if they end up in trouble again. Only one person will get a plea deal. I wonder who it will be?

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