Ayla Reynolds Declared Dead

by Grace4Ayla on September 27, 2017

Today Ayla Bell Reynolds, who was reported missing from her grandmother’s home on December 17, 2011, was declared dead by a probate judge in Cumberland County, Maine.

Ayla’s mother, Trista Reynolds, filed to have her declared dead on April 12 of this year, and a hearing was held last Thursday where Trista and lead investigator Jeff Love of the Maine State Police testified. Neither Justin DiPietro, Ayla’s father, nor any of the DiPietro family attended.

Several interesting things were revealed after the hearing in interviews with both attorney William Childs and Trista Reynolds herself.

According to Childs, Elisha DiPietro and Courtney Roberts were deposed sometime last week before the hearing. Yet, there are no depositions filed in the probate case. You cannot just willy-nilly depose someone just because you want to, there has to be an actionable cause before the court. Does this mean a wrongful death suit has already been filed against Justin DiPietro? A question posed to Mr. Childs regarding this was not answered.

Childs also reported Trista took a lie detector test that she did “very well” on. Lie detector tests are either pass or fail. You can’t “do well” on them. Why couldn’t he just say she passed?

Trista also reports that Courtney Roberts did indeed just a have a new baby.

Finally, Trista claims it is not money she is after, but justice. As I have repeatedly pointed out here, there is no justice found in a wrongful death suit. Just having Justin named the responsible party for Ayla’s death will bring no justice to either Ayla or Trista. Besides the fact that there is no money to be had from the DiPietros or Courtney Roberts, they cannot be compelled to testify against themselves, so no new information could be found. All parties could, and most likely would, simply assert their fifth amendment rights. I would be willing to bet Elisha and Courtney each had an attorney present during the depositions. But until we find out what action these depositions are filed under, we have no way of knowing.

But I will find out, so stay tuned my faithful readers!

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mckeekitty September 27, 2017 at 6:49 pm

Thanks for posting this, Grace.

I agree. How the hell does someone do “very well” on a poly? As you noted, a polygraph offers only two possible outcomes…pass or fail. Neither William Childs nor Trista Reynolds have simply stated she passed this recent exam. Guess she scored a B minus and therefore she’s deemed innocent.

Which brings to mind…unless I missed it, I never heard that Trista has been ruled out as a suspect/person-of-interest in the disappearance of Ayla.

Keep up the good work! Continue to probe. I appreciate your insights into this hot mess.

Hope you are well, my friend.



Grace4Ayla September 27, 2017 at 7:08 pm

McKee! So glad to hear from you! I am hanging in there. No, she has never been ruled out as far as I know. I think MSP is focusing on the three in the house because one of them (I believe it’s Justin who hid her body) knows where Ayla is and what happened that fateful night. As soon as one of them spills, everyone involved will go down. Until then we just have to wait. And wait. And wait. It’s a shame Courtney doesn’t speak up. What if it happened to her new little one? How would she feel?


Grace4Ayla September 27, 2017 at 7:10 pm

PS, what do you think of the fact that Childs has already done depositions?


Grace4Ayla September 27, 2017 at 9:14 pm


Why is Trista smiling when she talks about Ayla’s remains? Disgusting.


Pam December 19, 2017 at 5:24 pm

It’s probably nerves..I sometimes smile in sad situations


Anonymous December 21, 2017 at 2:04 am

We have posted info here before grace , u seemed to verify what we posted with the court documents u tracked rather quickly, abt the case of Ayla. As we have watched this train wreck unfold, there seems to b a glaring issue with the above statement. Why would u not interview and polygraph Derek Tudela? It would seem that based on all the statements in regards to the time line of events at Violette avenue.
Trista herself admitted to being at thst home on Dec 6, very similar to what anon 8.19 posted at tori’s website. It has never been denied abt 8.19’s assertion of Mr. B No one has said they didn’t know him.
This case is abt those who say Ayla was thr and taken. We know that to b false. The Dipietro own statements say this.
Elisiha used that nite in her description of the evening to crime watch daily. Tell us Elisha abt Trista’s arrival on Dec 6 or 8, 7, u know the nite. I have a question? Did Phoebe brandish her gun that nite? Carefully what u say Elisha?
Oh Phoebe, this isn’t 29 palms? Quickly , have u been to st Petes in portland seeking salvation no? One certainly didn’t receive it, with that dreadful service for ur beloved granddaughter u presided ovr in waterville. Timeline ladies and gentleman, nothing more nothing less. Oh and the tote that Ayla was stuffed into? Msp doesn’t need to respond, they wont, they don’t have to.
Did Mr. Dipietro become henkue with the interview when he learned of the tote disclosure? Is that when it went to a phone chat?


Grace4Ayla March 22, 2018 at 4:48 pm

Interesting comment. I found this in the spam folder, I apologize for not posting it sooner.


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