Ayla’s Law

by Grace4Ayla on December 29, 2012

I began this journey of Justice For Ayla Bell Reynolds thinking I was on the right side. It quickly became apparent to me that I was dealing with criminals of the same ilk I was decrying, and I was treated badly for it.

My intent was always this, to stop murderers from hiding their crimes by reporting false kidnappings. It happens all too often, in every state, major city, poverty stricken areas and even where you would least expect it. The list is seemingly endless. When I saw Ayla’s beautiful face it was as if she cried out to me “No More”.

I think we should pass a law making it a federal crime to report a false kidnapping. If the victim is found dead later, this would cause no double jeopardy, as the state could prosecute for murder, if they desire.

If this law had been in place in early 2008, Caylee Anthony’s killer would still be behind bars. For her federal offense. Yet, she walks free among us. In Australia, Zarah Baker’s father walks free as well. Even though his wife killed his daughter, and he helped dismember her body and hid evidence.

Terri Horman wouldn’t be free either.

Just something to think about.

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