Baby Ayla and Baby Kate

by Grace4Ayla on September 22, 2012

The differences are striking but the what they share in common is tragedy; two beautiful little girls whose fathers have something to hide. Ayla Bell Reynolds was 20 months old when Justin DiPietro allegedly put her to bed for the last time, and Katherine (Baby Kate) Phillips was a mere 4 months old when she was last seen being driven off by her father, Sean Phillips. Despite extensive searches, neither baby has been found.

What REALLY happened to Baby Kate?

Baby Kate Phillips was born to Sean Phillips and Ariel Courtland on Feb. 12, 2011. Sean and Ariel were not married, but they had been in a relationship since they were 16 and 14, respectively. They had an older daughter together. Sean was in the military, and he was set to ship out to Afghanistan.

Things seemed to be rocky between Sean and Ariel after Baby Kate was born, because on June 29, 2011 they were off to the local hospital to give DNA samples to establish paternity. Despite having custody of their older daughter, and apparently being a very good father, Sean denied being Kate’s father and accused Ariel of sleeping with another man.

Sean, Ariel and Kate were last seen together by the hospital surveillance camera at 1:07 pm. They had turned around to go back to Ariel’s apartment to pick up some forgotten paperwork and Kate’s stroller.

Ariel came back out of her apartment to find that Sean had driven off with Baby Kate and her cell phone. Baby Kate has not been seen since that day.

Sean was arrested for kidnapping several days later. He was found guilty of unlawful imprisonment on June 5, 2012.

Although he maintained in the media that he was not guilty, and that Baby Kate was unharmed all through the trial, a subsequent letter Sean Phillips wrote to Ariel Courtland after his imprisonment revealed that he did kill Katherine Phillips. He claims it was an accident. He has now been charged with homicide.

Here is a transcript of the letter.

What REALLY happened to Baby Ayla?

Comparing this case to that of Ayla Reynolds causes me to ponder the following points:

About the only thing Maine State Police are completely sure of is that no abduction took place and the occupants of the DiPietro home and possibly others connected to them are withholding information about what happened to Ayla Reynolds. Since there were no legal custody papers ratified by the courts (only the application filed by Trista), at best Justin DiPietro only has joint custody of Ayla. If DHHS agreed to check up on the child, why can’t they now demand Justin produce the child? It seems to me, that Trista has grounds to file custodial interference, especially if she goes to court and offers the testimony of the MSP’s public statements above. Why haven’t any of these things happened?

Even if Justin were jailed on a criminal charge equivalent to custodial interference, it is my understanding based on my limited legal experience, that it would not incur double jeopardy, since Ayla’s disappearance would be a different crime than that of her murder. I am not well-versed on the specifics of Maine State laws regarding this, however, and I invite any legal experts to correct me if I am mistaken.

The question remains: Where is Baby Ayla?

October 1, 2012

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