Breaking Down Trista and Justin-Part Two

by Grace4Ayla on November 19, 2012

In my last post Breaking Down Trista and Justin, we explored the relationship between Trista Reynolds and Justin DiPietro by looking at the direct statements both parents made to the media shortly after the disappearance of their daughter, Ayla Bell Reynolds. Using only their own words and actions to guide us, we also looked at the disappearance through three possible scenarios and concluded that none of the scenarios made sense unless we entertained the idea that Justin and Trista were collaborating to some degree. In this post, I would like to continue to explore the real relationship between these two young adults and their families, as I believe understanding their true history will be a key component to solving this case.

Old Evidence, New Eyes

Much has been said in the media and online about this tragic case, and it has been all too easy to be taken in, confused or overwhelmed by the sheer amount of lies, rumors and misinformation that have come forth from both sides of Ayla’s family. That is why I have decided to go back to the very beginning and look at the one element that started it all: the relationship between Trista Reynolds and Justin DiPietro.

We’ve been told a little of everything about it. It went from being a one-night stand that turned into a clandestine affair, to now mortal enemies. It was important enough to be mentioned by both Trista and Justin on public and private venues very early on in the case. So what exactly is the truth about the relationship between Trista and Justin? And, more importantly, what do their words and actions tell us about it?

First Things First

As pointed out in my previous post, one of the earliest statements about the young parents’ relationship was an interview given by Trista on Good Morning America on December 19th, 2011.

“He would help me out, he’d take care of her til I was on my feet, we’ve been unable to actually, um, get along the last few weeks and parent together.”

On that very same day, she also told Nancy Grace:

Because her father has never had anything to do with her up until I needed to go and get a little bit of help for myself. And then when I left my daughter with my sister, that’s when he decided, ‘You know what? I’m going to take Ayla.’

Justin and I have never been in a serious relationship, ever.

So here we can see that in one day she not only admits to giving custody to Justin until she was on her feet, but also alleges that he ‘decided’ to ‘take Ayla.’ That certainly seems unusual.

The DiPietro’s side of things was not released until exactly one month later, when Angela Harry (writing on behalf of the DiPietro family) reported the following narrative on a public blog on January 19th, 2012:

Justin had found out that he was a father when Ayla was 7 months old. He never even knew Ayla was on the way, so he didn’t get to meet her when she was born. … Even though there had never been a committed relationship between he and the mother, he was very willing to learn to co-parent. There were, however, some dynamics there that made it difficult.  This isn’t the appropriate place to discuss it, but it is important to note that Ayla has two parents that love her, who don’t happen to have a relationship with each other beyond co-parenting.

Although this information does not qualify as being either Justin or Trista’s own words or actions, I believe it is fair game since neither parent made any public statements to either deny or clarify this portion of the narrative.

What is the important information here, you ask? Simply this: both sides want to emphasize that there was no ‘relationship’ between Trista and Justin. For now. As we know all too well, Trista’s story will change. A lot.

All in the Family

So exactly how did Trista and Justin’s relationship go from one-night stand to troubled co-parents to having a clandestine affair that resulted in Trista’s blood being found in Justin’s bedroom? Why the need for secrecy? Who didn’t want them together? One clue is in the texts between Trista and Justin released on public blogs.

February 6
Trista: Justin I hear you hunnie. And you know when i noticed something i came to you but i dont want to think they would do something but maybe they would for us Because thats my family and they thought by telling you that you would stay away but you didnt

Why would Trista’s family want Justin to stay away from her? What did the Reynolds family tell Justin to keep him away from Trista?

She states in her December 19 interview that Justin didn’t want anything to do with Ayla until just before he took her, yet Trista’s own timeline states Justin also saw Ayla 5 times prior to October 17, 2011 starting in August 2011. It was later revealed on a public blog that Trista and Justin began their affair in May 2011, so are we to believe Justin never saw Ayla during this time? This supposed affair supposedly ended the night before Trista had a fight with her sister Jessica Reynolds which started the whole ball rolling.

Remember, this is the same family (Jessica) that showed up to a DHHS “family team meeting.” I believe it was Jessica on trial, not Justin. Even after delivering Ayla back to the Reynolds “injured every time” he was so much in the clear that he only had to attend by phone. Possibly all thanks to Karen Smalls.

We know Trista asked Justin to take Ayla. We also know Trista’s family was against Justin having Ayla, but there was nothing they could do. Trista would not relent. They even brought a lawyer and two doctors to testify against both Justin and Trista with them, but it wasn’t enough to overcome all the bad dealings they had previously had with DHHS and Karen Small’s influence. Trista and Justin knew all of this. This was during the time they told each other “everything” according to Trista in her June 4 interview with Chelsea Hoffman.

Lancealot & Granny Dearest

How did Justin and Trista begin this disastrous relationship? Although Trista claims she didn’t know Justin before Ayla was conceived, she says in that same June 4th interview that she was close friends with Lance DiPietro. Violent Lance. This is the same Lance, by the way, who claimed on a public blog that he once saw the entire Reynolds family smoking crack back behind a restaurant. I guess he just happened to be out there, working at restaurants like he did. I assume the family that does crack together stays together, right? I don’t remember if he specified who he saw, Trista, Becca, Jessica, and Jeff? No, I guess that would be the Hanson family, and he didn’t say that. Okay, let’s assume he meant Trista, Becca, Jessica and Ronnie, Jr. That makes more sense.

When did this happen? We can only surmise, but I would guess it would have been before Ayla was conceived, since Trista was apparently dating Ray Fortier during her pregnancy with Ayla, and got pregnant again shortly thereafter with Little Ray.

So, Lance sees this chick, smoking crack with her entire family, and thinks “this is a girl I need to set my brother up with”? How and why did he become close friends with her? Did he then introduce her to Justin? Is that how they met? Why was Lance concerned when he thought Ayla was missing, but strangely calm and happy on Christmas Day 2011 at the home of a pedophile, with children present? And why is Trista implicating him in this interview as possibly being involved? The answers to these questions are not yet clear, but we can already see that things are not adding up.

And then there is Phoebe. Good old mom. Loving and doting grandmother. She even wanted to give Ayla a college savings fund. Instead, Justin bought a life insurance policy. Bought one on himself too. I wonder if that was mom’s idea? According to text messages released on a public blog, Justin is still paying on those life insurance policies.

Sweet Phoebe. Crying on television, then eerily smiling while holding Ayla’s missing poster. Phoebe was gracious to the Reynolds family, however. She invited Trista, Becca and Ron Reynolds over to her home on Nov. 21, 2011 to see Ayla. I know this because in her June 4 interview Trista said the last time she visited Ayla was at Phoebe’s house, and her timeline states that Justin picked her and her mom and dad up to take Ayla to a doctor’s appointment. This was the last time the three saw Ayla. So he must have driven them over to mom’s house afterward, right? Phoebe greeted them at the door with her pistol and claims of people watching the house. They must have felt comfortable leaving Ayla there. After all, they would smoke crack with Ayla if she were old enough.

Tricks and Twists

Even despite such hospitality, Trista would later claim that Justin and Phoebe “tricked” her into giving them Ayla’s Social Security Number. He didn’t even know Ayla existed until the end of 2010, and the tax return Trista refers to in her June 4 interview was this year (meaning he was filing his 2011 taxes in 2012) so it makes no sense that he would try and get it any earlier. Jeff Hanson revealed on his blog not only the existence of the life insurance policy, but also when it was purchased – a few days after Justin took Ayla. That would make it the day of the “team meeting.” Interesting, no? Perhaps this was why Phoebe sought Karen Small’s assistance?

Based on the words and actions of these questionable people, I believe there exists a conspiracy between Phoebe, Justin and Trista. Trista says very clearly in her June 4 interview that Justin did not want her nor him to be parents. Ayla was hyperactive, exactly like Justin was. Trista “becoming increasing more dependent on alcohol relating to her personal life and the stresses of being a single mom with two babies” decided to get rid of one of them. She asked Justin to take Ayla. I believe this is when Justin made the above statement about their parenting, and started working with Trista and his mother to get rid of Ayla. When Justin screwed up the first attempt, Trista rallied to his side, attending all the doctor’s appointments with him, even bringing her family along to show how much they supported Justin having Ayla.

Trista is very bitter and angry in her June 4 interview, and it is directed solely at Justin DiPietro and his mother. She was expecting a nice quiet payoff, not to be thrust in the limelight and grilled by police like she has been. Justin screwed up again, by abusing the baby to the point of not being able to claim “accident.” I believe that when Trista didn’t hear from Justin by Friday evening that Ayla was dead, she enlisted Jeff Hanson’s assistance and drove to Waterville. There was a loud fight and noise heard by neighbors around 3:30 in the morning that was previously reported as sounding like a car door, and an “unfamiliar” vehicle. Trista spins this into “a noise like a gunshot” in her June 4th interview, clearly trying to implicate Phoebe in Ayla’s death.

Say what you want about the police, but leaving Trista loose to run her mouth has done more for this investigation than any of their searches. Her June 4 interview and the July text messages practically lay out the whole plan. It’s all in the words.

My next post will be covering the original text messages released by a public blog by an associate of the DiPietro clan, in retaliation for Trista leaking the blood and life insurance policy information.

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