Calling for a Timeline

by Grace4Ayla on June 27, 2012

It came to my attention today, that another blog had written up a great list of questions they would like answered by Trista Reynolds, in hopes of fleshing out the timeline of events before Ayla Bell Reynolds’ disappearance. This was  in response, they said, to a previous call on TLLOM to furnish a timeline of Ayla’s movements through Justin DiPietro. Interestingly, TLLOM denied any such call was made, and the blogger retracted her story but did not remove the post.

I thought the timeline was a great idea and I was looking forward to reading it. However, since it was all just a rumor, I will call for my own.

  • Justin, have you ever been called by CPS/DHHS about injuries Ayla sustained while in your care during her visitations with you? If so, what were the dates and outcomes of these calls?
  • Justin, exactly when, where and how did Trista ask you to take Ayla if or when she went to detox? What time did you see her on October 12th? Was it after the fight with Jessica?
  • Why did you wait to pick Ayla up from Jessica’s house? Did DHHS really call Jessica to tell her you were on your way? If so, was it DHHS and not Trista that asked you to take Ayla from Jessica’s care?
  • Where did you take Ayla to that night? Where did you and she stay until the “team meeting” when you were told to move to Waterville with Ayla?  Was this when you were told to move to Waterville with Ayla? What exactly happened in that meeting?  Were you accused by Jessica of harming Ayla during visitation. Were the doctors there to testify to that? What was Trista’s stance?  Did she want Ayla returned to Jessica or to remain with you?  What did the lawyer say? Who told you that you could “call in” and not attend the meeting, if the sole purpose of the meeting was to get custody of Ayla back? Did you have a lawyer?  Why was Jessica’s lawyer there?
  • If you “kidnapped” Ayla, were told to give her back in 2-3 days time or face “dire consequences”, why did DHHS then allow you to keep Ayla under the condition you move to Waterville? If you were currently living in Portland, and Trista was in detox there, and Jessica was in Lewiston, wouldn’t it make sense to tell you to stay there, keep your job, find a new apartment (you could have moved in with Courtney), given you child care assistance and Trista would have had visitation rights. Who really told you to move Ayla to Waterville?
  • What day did you move back to Waterville? Did you stay every night there in Waterville with Ayla until she was kidnapped? If not, where were you and who was responsible for Ayla?  We know you weren’t home Dec. 15th, and we know Ayla wasn’t with you then. Who was Ayla with? Did you see Trista in Portland that night? Did she tell you she filed for papers?
  • What time did you get home that Thursday night? Where was Ayla? What time did she have dinner? What did she eat? What time did she go to bed?  Did you ask her sitter these things? What time did you go to bed? What time did Ayla wake up Dec. 16th? Who was home? What was she wearing that day?  What did she have for breakfast?  What time was the playdate? What toys did they play with? What time was lunch? What did she have? What time was her nap? Did you bathe her before you put her to bed? Was she still wearing her cast at night? During the day?


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