Why do they care?

by Grace4Ayla on October 27, 2013

I began blogging about Ayla Bell Reynolds a few months after she disappeared. Since then, I’ve had a very strange and disturbing part to play in both the blogging world and behind the scenes. I’ve had some bizarre experiences, that at the time seemed too “crazy” to share publicly. Reflecting upon these experiences now, I find myself asking the question “Why do they care?”

For this article, I’ve decided to share a few of these experiences. Perhaps it will help those who are still questioning what really happened to Ayla Reynolds.

It All Began with Obscure

Just before the blogger known as Obscure disappeared, I revealed emails that showed he/she/it and I had been communicating behind the scenes. Yes, I edited the messages for humor. No, we weren’t collaborating. We did have a very interesting email relationship for many months, however. If I’m just the crazy lady on the internet, and Obscure isn’t Courtney Roberts or someone else directly related to the case, why, after all that time, did Obscure still care what I think about this case, or what I’m doing, or how I am? Why would he/she/it ever have cared?

Jeff Hanson and Trista Reynolds care, too.

Adding to my personal fan club, even public persons connected to this case continue to send me emails as thinly disguised attempts to elicit information about my evidence against Trista and Jeff. If I’m crazy, and Trista is really just an innocent victim of Justin DiPietro, why would these other people care what evidence I have? If they don’t believe Jeff Hanson and Trista Reynolds had anything to do with any conspiracy, would they believe my evidence if I shared it with them? Are Jeff Hanson and Trista Reynolds putting them up to this? Why do they care why I believe what I believe?

Sometimes my opponents get creative. My IP Tracker lists the different Google phrases used to find my blog. My favorite phrase so far has been, “Grace Wilson better shut her mouth about Ayla Reynolds.” Again, if I’m crazy, and Justin didn’t commit murder to keep Trista from taking Ayla back and breaking their deal, why do they care enough to contact me in these covert and hostile ways?

More recently on the blogs, an anonymous person appeared out of the woodwork to claim that Courtney Roberts was the actual murderer of Ayla Reynolds, and she had done so as part of a convoluted plot to punish Phoebe and control Justin while protecting her family’s drug empire. This theory conveniently overlooks the fact that Courtney’s sister, Briana Roberts, had clearly turned state’s evidence in her own legal case for some kind of sweet deal. Once more, if I’m crazy, if my theory that Trista Reynolds and Justin DiPietro agreed to killing Ayla for the life insurance is insane, why is someone trying so desperately to convince me and the rest of the internet that I’m wrong? Better yet, why isn’t this person trying to convince the police?

These thing have been going on behind the scenes since the break with Tori. The latest contact was this month. I’m still left wondering, “Why do they still care about me?

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