The Case for Ayla or Justice Denied?

by Grace4Ayla on September 27, 2013

As reported in my previous post, Jeff Hanson and Trista Reynolds have indeed released the shocking investigative details of Trista’s meeting with Maine State Police held on January 3rd, 2013. According to Hanson’s blog post, this meeting largely focused upon the blood evidence found by investigators in the case of Trista’s missing daughter, Ayla Bell Reynolds.

Since Trista Reynolds has been caught lying to media before, one of the biggest questions on the minds of blog commentators was “Will Trista tell the truth?” I, for one, believe that she did.

Two Sides to Every Story

What I do not believe, however, is that the DiPietro family was shown the same evidence, in the same way. If the DiPietro clan was so “encouraged” by their November 2012 meeting with MSP, why didn’t they go to the media right away? Instead, they only came forward after Steve McCausland made this statement.

What did Trista Reynolds do at that time? As I recall, she threw a fit and demanded to be shown what the DiPietro family was shown. I theorize that the tone of these meetings was quite different, however. I think when Maine State Police were showing the photos to the DiPietro family, they were told that they could be prosecuted for a multitude of very serious felonies where they would all serve long sentences. Why are they waiting?

Their meeting with Trista Reynolds, on the other hand, was entirely different. Police showed Trista how brutally Justin DiPietro killed their daughter, something she had refused to believe until then. I believe that Trista has always known Ayla was dead, because that was the plan, yet she was just hoping against hope that the death was quick and painless. It wasn’t.

Back to the Blood

No, I believe most of what Trista told us about the blood evidence was true, merely skewed to portray Justin DiPietro in the worst possible light. Incredibly, she does this even after making such statements as “I don’t believe there’s evidence Justin killed Ayla.”

How could Justin DiPietro miss a fist-sized blood stain on his mattress? I am assuming this is the same mattress that Justin was reported to have brought home from Portland with him on Wed/Thursday night (Dec 14/15, 2011), so if the injury to Ayla happened before, he would have potentially seen it during the move. Trista seems to have forgotten something though.

In the blog post entitled “Stand By Your Man,” it was stated that MSP investigators confirmed to Trista Reynolds that her blood was found on the sheet covering Justin’s bed in the basement of 27 Violette Ave. This means that the sheet which covered the “fist-sized” stain of Ayla’s blood on the mattress and the one Trista spoke of would have to be one and the same. If Ayla’s blood or vomit was fresh on the mattress, or someone had tried to clean it up (which Trista did not indicate), wouldn’t it have stained this sheet, too? Yet Trista Reynolds made no mention of any other stains on the sheet in her earlier statements or any other sheets. In Jeff Hanson’s blog article however, another sheet stained with Ayla’s blood is indicated and described as being found in a tote.

I believe the evidence recently leaked by Trista Reynolds and Jeff Hanson only serves to back up my theory. If Justin DiPietro’s sole purpose for having custody of Ayla Reynolds was to murder her for the life insurance policy, he would have had to dehumanize her. Trista may have been able to coo and cuddle her daughter until the moment she was handed over to be murdered, but Justin had never had any bond with this little girl, and wasn’t going to create one only to then turn around and kill her.

Justin had a job to do…Trista Reynolds

Justin DiPietro abused Ayla Bell Reynolds. He abused her during visitations. He broke her arm in an act of abuse, too. Trista Reynolds helped Justin get away with the broken arm by attending the doctor’s visits with him and Ayla. But Trista kept noticing other bruises and marks on Ayla, and started getting on Justin’s case. He pulled away, and wasn’t going to have Trista telling him what to do. The child abuse worsened, and he stopped letting Trista even speak to Ayla. One day, Trista got fed up, and decided to take Ayla back. (I am not sure whether Trista would have attempted to kill Ayla herself by staging an accident, or whether she was just going to call the whole plan off. I don’t want to know.)

I believe Ayla Reynolds suffered greatly during her last few weeks in the DiPietro household. If it is true that Ayla mostly stayed with Justin in the basement, Phoebe and Elisha may have looked the other way. Ayla may have suffered both a head injury and internal trauma. (Remember Lance’s favorite game? “Kick the baby.”)

Justin was definitely mad when he found out Trista had filed the paperwork to get Ayla back. He was furious when he found out Trista was planning to “kidnap” Ayla. If his plan to kill Ayla for profit was going to be stopped, he was going stop Trista’s plan as well. Justin DiPietro killed Ayla Reynolds and hid her body. Ayla is not in the river, nor was she ever. Her body is hidden on hilltop, under rocks, somewhere Justin has a “friend” who can keep an eye on things.

Trista was under the impression that her daughter was going to die from a quick, painless “accident.” When she first heard about the blood she was confused, but seemed to quickly overcome it when Justin told her, “Don’t worry about that.”

Even now, Trista Reynolds still can’t quite come out and say “Justin abused Ayla.”

More of the Same

“Whether he did it, or was trying to help her..”

Justin was trying to help Ayla? He just what? Didn’t do enough? Well, Justin didn’t call 911, he didn’t take Ayla to the emergency room, either. What did he do? He called his friend Derek Tudela, who rushed right over with his young son to have a play date with the “fine” Ayla.

Trista Reynolds sent her baby to Justin DiPietro to be murdered. She has no right to complain now about how Ayla was treated by him. She knew he had a temper, and by her own admission she suspected that Justin abused Ayla before she agreed to let him have her.

The recent antics of Trista Reynolds and Jeff Hanson are once again nothing more than an attempt to pressure Justin DiPietro to release Ayla’s body. Trista simply wants to bury her daughter and go on with her life, to pretend nothing else happened except that Ayla died. Trista is even now offering up Courtney Roberts as a convenient scapegoat, but Justin isn’t biting. Silly, Trista. Justin can’t give up Courtney, because she, too, knows about the life insurance plot!

Justin DiPietro will not give in so easily. If Justin goes down for any kind of criminal prosecution in relation to Ayla, he will take Trista down with him. He has the evidence to do so. I don’t see this revelation (or the following media ambush) changing anything in the status quo. All this will do is make Trista and Jeff look bad. It might even prompt law enforcement to make a deal with Justin DiPietro, in order to take them all down.

Stranger things have happened. Imagine Justin’s surprise when the court appointed Gerald Conley as his public defender. Funny, that.

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