Exclusive: Police admit, “No Case Against Justin DiPietro”?

by Grace4Ayla on March 17, 2014

Since late January of 2012, when the blood evidence in the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds was released to the public, investigators have consistently stated the following:

  1. They believe Ayla Reynolds was the victim of foul play, and
  2. The three adults present in the DiPietro house the night of Dec 16th/morning of the 17th aren’t telling all they know.

But what do the police really think? What evidence do they have to point them in this direction? And why isn’t it enough to make an arrest?

Interview With A Bystander

Recently, Ashley Pouliet Porfirio was interviewed by Maine State Police in regards to the disappearance of Ayla Reynolds. The interview took place inside of a police car in front of her home, and was recorded by Ashley and distributed on the web. News of this interview is very troubling and upsetting for many reasons. Firstly, why in the world are police just now interviewing her? Ashley started out as a very vocal DiPietro supporter on the blogs, and later switched sides to support Trista Reynolds after the blood evidence was released. According to Mrs. Porfirio, she was never close friends with any of the DiPietros, and is only vaguely related to Elisha DiPietro’s daughter, Gabby.

If Maine State Police suspected that Ashley knew anything pertinent to Ayla’s case, why wouldn’t they have interviewed her earlier? And if, as Jeff Hanson and his bloggers like to purport, MSP is reading the blogs (particularly the now defunct United For Ayla & Friends For Ayla), wouldn’t they already know everything that Ashley knows? (She gave them no new information in her interview, instead merely reiterated what she has already posted on the blogs.)

One possible reason for the sudden interview could be related to drugs. Ashley’s husband, Josh Porfirio was arrested in 2012 for distribution of cocaine, although the charges were later dropped. The same MSP detective interviewed Josh Porfirio shortly before interviewing Ashley.

Listening to the recording of the interview however, it doesn’t seem that drugs are what’s on the detective’s mind. Instead, the detective was particularly interested in whether or not Ashley knew anyone who would have visited the DiPietro home in the days leading up to Ayla’s disappearance. Ashley’s response was to only give him one name, that of a young man who is since deceased. When the detective asked who Ashley thought should be interviewed next, she quickly gave them the name of Tori Gifford.

Just The Facts, Ma’am

Here are some items from the interview I found interesting:

  • When talking about Justin – “…him, or whoever did this,” – This language suggests that investigators aren’t solely focusing on Justin DiPietro, or even that they are convinced he did anything.
  • When talking about the blood -“Just because there’s blood there doesn’t prove anything. It doesn’t prove what happened.” – Remember, this statement was made January 24, 2014. How could they have shown the same evidence to Trista Reynolds convincing her of “irrefutable proof” that Ayla is deceased back in January 2013, if the blood doesn’t prove anything?
  • When talking about the case -“Lose it in court, and (you’ll) lose your job.” Here, the investigator is clearly stating they do not have enough evidence to convict Justin DiPietro.
  • Ashley told the officer that she speaks with Jeff Hanson “every day.” Did Jeff Hanson know in advance that Ashley would be speaking with the investigator? Was it his idea that she record the conversation?

So, what does this most recent interview mean for the investigation into Ayla Reynolds’ disappearance? Simply put, I think it means that police have little, if any, cold, hard facts to go on. If LE are still investigating who was in and out of the DiPietro household at this stage of the game, they seem to be lagging far behind. Does this mean the DiPietros & Co. can now relax and take this as a sign that the nightmare is behind them? I hardly think so, and I’ll tell you why.

The Wild Card

Trista Reynolds is getting desperate. Trista Reynolds is also quite well-known for telling lies. Great big whoppers. From ball pits to sand pits, Trista Reynolds has no problem with distorting facts in order to achieve her goals. In the first months of the investigation, the DiPietros & Co. even started a website entitled “Just Stop The Lies” as a means to curb her dangerous mouth. They did not succeed however, and now have gone silent on the blog, yet strange stories continue to surround this case.

Only a few weeks ago, Heather Garczynski sent out an urgent request on her Facebook page (Truth and Justice for Ayla Reynolds) urging people to contact police with details of Ayla’s whereabouts. The story of how she came to be in possession of this all-important information is an interesting tale to say the least.

The story is, according to Miss Garczynski, that a member of online hacktivist group Anonymous was recently recruited to spy on the DiPietros. This Anonymous female spy, despite having the fortitude and courage to come up with a clever cover story and infiltrate enemy lines, was apparently extremely upset by the information that she over-heard. The spy decided to contact Miss Garczynski because she knew that Heather had done some “work” on Ayla’s case. (I guess organizing a 35 member protest, of which at least 5 were only children counts as work.) The spy then told Heather she had overheard the exact location of Ayla Reynolds’ body, but didn’t feel that law enforcement would believe her story, even though Heather herself deemed her a “reliable” informant. The spy requested that Heather find at least 30 other “anonymous” sources to call police with the tip, with specific instructions not to reveal where they got the information.

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 10.03.24 PM

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 10.04.42 PM

I find so much about this tip to be disturbing, I don’t even know where to begin! First off, the informant claimed to have overheard the information from “someone involved.” Since the tip was about the location of Ayla’s body, that considerably narrows down the list. If she had truly overheard this conversation, why not give police the date, time and location it took place? Surely, her cell phone pings, along with the pings of the “someone involved” would substantiate her story, right? Why would she also need 30 other uninvolved persons to call in the same tip? How would that make her story more legitimate to police?

It wouldn’t. But it would be a very effective way to inject false information into a case via other people, while hiding the true identity of the original source of that false information. In the Heather Elvis case, two men were arrested for simply posting lies on Facebook. I wonder what the penalty might be for actually calling police with a false tip?

What would be the reason for calling in a false tip, anyway? The first and most obvious reason would be to cast suspicion back on the DiPietros. The second reason would be to make law enforcement look foolish. Another search of the DiPietro house after 2 years would not only make the DiPietros look even more guilty in the public eye, but it would make all the investigators look incompetent to boot.

Now who, I ask you, would stand to benefit from both of those outcomes? The only person who comes to mind is Trista Reynolds.

It seems things have returned to a Mexican standoff. No matter how hard Trista Reynolds and Jeff Hanson try to push prosecutors and police, there simply isn’t enough evidence to arrest or convict anyone in the disappearance or murder of Ayla Reynolds. The DiPietros have already realized this, which is why they continue the “Trista did it” charade. Soon, Trista herself will realize that the only information she can release that will culminate in Justin’s arrest and finally reveal the location of her daughter’s body, is to admit her involvement in the conspiracy to murder Ayla for life insurance profits.

Although this confession would certainly implicate her in a very serious crime, if Trista Reynolds plays it smart, she could get a reduced sentence and possibly be out of prison in time to see the rest of her children grow up.

That is, if Courtney Roberts doesn’t beat her to the punch. How about it, Courtney? Are you as smart as your sister when comes to being an informant for the State? Are you smooth enough to negotiate the same treatment and commendations she received, such as choosing when and where you go to court, when you begin your sentence, and even choosing a prison close to your family?

Or are you going to be the one left holding the bag? As I said before, Trista Reynolds is getting desperate. No time like the present.

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