Deborah Bradley, Jeremy Irwin, and Justin DiPietro

by Grace4Ayla on September 30, 2012

This post will be a very short rant about these parents, whose precious daughters Ayla Bell Reynolds and Lisa Renee Irwin, disappeared from their cribs in the middle of the night while they lay mere feet away, sleeping soundly.

Missing in the Night

Baby Lisa went missing in early October 2011, from her crib in St. Louis, MO. There were reported sightings of a man carrying an unclothed baby around the area, and burned baby clothes matching the description of what she was last seen wearing, were found in a burning dumpster. To me, this definitely points to a stranger abduction, perhaps stealing the baby, taking off the clothes to disguise her and taking her away. Yet, from the get go, the police focused in on the parents for several reasons. The most telling to me was the H.R.D. dog hit on Debbie Bradley’s bedroom.

In Ayla’s case, police have consistently stated that there is no evidence of an abduction. No reports of men carrying babies with casts in the middle of the night, no strange phone calls from phones that don’t work and were subsequently stolen. What they have is blood in the basement, and mysterious items recovered from the Kennebec River.

Both cases seem stalled. Both cases have one major thing in common: the parents or the people in the homes are not telling all they know.

The police are not accusing them of lying, but of withholding information critical to the investigation of the disappearance of their daughters.


Why would parents or family members do this? The only reason I can think of is they have something to hide. The information they are withholding would directly incriminate them, so they cannot reveal it to police.

We have heard Justin state he has “no idea” who took Ayla or why. Yet, his close friends and family members state he may have some ideas of who did (Heidi Tudela on Jan. 16th comment.) Even Phoebe insinuated that he might know with her “kicking down doors” statement. Whose doors was she referring to, if Justin has no idea? If he has an idea, has he shared this with law enforcement, and if so, why is he claiming on national TV to have no idea?

So, here we have two sets of parents, whose daughters went missing in the middle of the night, while one parent slept soundly in the same home, and whose other parent was away. They are both accused of withholding information and both have had forensic evidence found which points to foul play.

The Plot Thickens…

And lest we forget, the cases also have a very curious connection.

Barbara Yates Cummings.

She is not only the great-aunt of Justin DiPietro, but the cousin of Dane Greathouse, a witness in the Baby Lisa case. He is the person who answered the phone call from Debbie Bradley’s “non-working” stolen cellphone at 11:57PM the night Lisa vanished. Some reports were that he disappeared for a while after he was questioned in October, although this has not been proven. He was arrested in February for allegedly stabbing someone and now sits in jail. I wonder where he was in December? Visiting relatives in Maine?

How unfortunate for Barbara to be related to two people involved in two separate missing child cases! I mean, what are the odds?



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