Did She or Didn’t She? Another Look at Trista’s Lies

by Grace4Ayla on May 1, 2013

Over the course of the investigation into the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds, there have been many unanswered questions. The most sensitive and important questions in this case have been directed to the missing child’s mother, Trista Reynolds. From the first days of the case, people have questioned Trista’s account of the final weeks of Ayla’s life, only to be told obvious lies and half-truths by the supposed grieving mother.

Inquiring minds still seek to know the truth: Did Trista Reynolds ever see Ayla again after leaving rehab? If so, when? Trista has contradicted herself on this topic repeatedly, showing great sensitivity and a desire to deceive. Did Trista Reynolds have her own cell phone at the time of Ayla’s disappearance? The answer to this has never been made satisfactorily clear. And Trista’s alibi for the night in question, what is it? We know where she was when Ayla was reported missing, but where was she that Friday during the day and night?

Mama, Said What?

I believe Trista leaked some truth in her earliest interviews about her visits with Ayla.

December 29, 2011

On NBC’s “Today Show” on Thursday morning, Trista Reynolds, Ayla’s mother, told host Matt Lauer she was worried the girl wasn’t safe in the care of her father, Justin DiPietro.

“He would never let me see her,” she told Lauer. “I would call to talk to her, and he’d get mad about it. If I did see her and I noticed something on her like a bruise or something, instead of acting in a calm manner, he would lash out about it or go into defense.”

We can see Trista’s verbs are all in future tense, so she is not relying on memory. Her second sentence even uses the qualifier “if.” Did Trista see or speak with Ayla at all during her stay with Justin DiPietro?

January 12, 2012

The last time Trista saw her daughter was when she decided to check into a hospital to fight substance addiction. She said Ayla’s sad eyes when she walked out of the room is an image she just can’t escape.

“I had to do it,” said Trista. “I knew I had a problem. I knew it was getting out of control.” Asked about her recovery, Trista embraced her son and said “Mommy’s doing good, isn’t she?”

Trista said she called Ayla daily from the hospital and that DiPietro sometimes resisted letting her talk to the girl. Trista’s last conversation with Ayla was on Dec. 8, nine days before DiPietro reported her missing. After that, she said, DiPietro always had a reason not to put Ayla on the phone, such as she was sleeping or busy playing.

Despite Trista’s frustration with that, she said she didn’t sense that anything was wrong. She said she still isn’t convinced DiPietro contributed to Ayla’s disappearance, though she said she has a lot of questions for him that he won’t answer.

“I don’t think he would hurt her,” said Trista. “Whenever I saw them together he seemed like he cared a lot about her. I had to give him a chance. He’s her biological father.”

We see Trista speaking in the past tense about her drug problem, yet she clearly avoids answering the question about her sobriety now (then). She claimed to have not “sensed” anything was wrong, even though she had previously reported that she had seen bruises, and had even gone as far as to file paperwork with the courts to get Ayla back from Justin. Why did she file paperwork if she didn’t sense anything was wrong? Did she lie in the earlier report about sensing danger or is she lying here when she says she doesn’t suspect Justin?

Her next words give her away. She uses the future tense to tell us what she doesn’t think, namely that Justin “would hurt her,” (Not that he didn’t hurt her, mind you.). Trista says “whenever I saw them together,” yet she just admitted she never saw them together after Justin took custody of Ayla. Deception detected. It would seem that Trista wants the public to assume that she is basing her perception of how Ayla was being treated in Justin’s custody by how Justin was with her on his visitations, which is curious, because Trista also previously reported that Ayla came home injured from all of those visits. Does this mean Trista thinks that Justin was injuring Ayla during those visits because he “seemed like he cared a lot about her”?

Trista mentions calling Ayla “everyday, from the hospital.” According to Trista’s own timeline, this would have been during Ayla’s stay with Jessica Reynolds for the first five days, and with Justin the next five. She does not say she called her everyday after she left. Is this because she had access to a phone at the hospital, but had to rely on borrowed phones once she got out? One can only speculate.

What About the Phone?

Trista seemed to have a phone on December 15, 2011 when she filed for Parental Rights. She had a cell phone on her when she made the trip to Machiasport with Robert Fortier, because it kept going off but she slept through it. Her father, Ron Reynolds, finally had to call Robert to wake Trista.

What phones did Trista have access to, and during what times? Surely investigators could track down the numbers and find out how many times Trista tried to contact Justin before Ayla disappeared. Justin certainly provided proof to LE about the contacts they had afterwards.

The same phones could also verify Trista’s alibi for the evening of December 16th and the early morning hours of the 17th. We know she was picked up in Portland by Robert Fortier around 9 am Saturday morning for the time frame to be right. Robert Fortier’s cell phone pings could confirm the exact time.

What I Think

I think Trista did not see Ayla after Justin took custody and has therefore been lying to the public since the very beginning. I don’t think she even attempted to visit Ayla until she received an email stating Courtney and Justin were abusing Ayla. Trista went to Waterville to verify Ayla was living there and was met at the door by Phoebe (brandishing a gun, perhaps?). When Trista demanded to see Ayla, Phoebe let her know she was having her house “watched.” Depending on which version you believe, Trista either entered the home and was given a tour, or was not allowed past the front porch. Trista was apparently satisfied after the encounter, because she left without Ayla.

Trista continued to contact Justin DiPietro with demands to see or talk to her daughter and was met with lies and resistance. On December 15th, 2011, she filed paperwork to begin the process of regaining custody of Ayla. I believe she may have planned to meet Justin on Friday morning at the doctors visit, and when he didn’t show, she called and had words with him. She may have even threatened to come and “get” Ayla. She must have made it clear to him that any previous agreement was off. Whatever it is she said, it sent Justin into a rage.

Justin DiPietro couldn’t let Trista Reynolds have Ayla back in her condition, and now he knew he couldn’t cash in on the life insurance policy either. At this point, Ayla was nothing but a liability. Justin killed Ayla, then possibly tried to permanently dispose of or carefully hid her body. Wherever Justin was when he was “christmas shopping” with Ayla, is likely where she is buried. Perhaps under rocks, with a distinctive tree nearby.

This may seem peaceful enough to the monster who put her there, and indeed, she is in no more pain, but Ayla’s spilled blood cries out for justice. The truth cries out to be heard.

The one person who sent Ayla away, is the one person who could bring her home.

It’s time to tell the truth, Trista.

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