Differing Timelines

by Grace4Ayla on March 14, 2013

From the earliest days of Ayla Bell Reynolds’ disappearance there have been several timelines released detailing the last months of her young life. Justice For Ayla would like to know why all of these timelines, given by those involved in the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds, are so different? All have been “revised,” “clarified,” and “retracted.”

Let’s take a look at the many discrepancies, shall we?

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

The first discrepancy I noted was Phoebe DiPietro’s faux-pas made on January 7, 2012 on the Today Show where she claimed to be home that fateful night only to reveal later she had not been home, and had lied on national television.

The next lie came from the Reynold’s camp. Trista Reynolds stated in a newspaper interview on January 12, 2012 that she hadn’t seen Ayla since the day she left for rehab, and had only had telephone conversations with Ayla up until Dec. 8, 2011. Trista then completely contradicted this statement when she revealed on her own website that she had visited with Ayla on at least three different occasions before her disappearance.

On January 18, 2012 we were given the infamous version of events by Angela Harry, which amounted to little more than a puff piece on Courtney Roberts. First, Angela claimed that Courtney had found Ayla missing, only to change it later to Elisha who discovered the empty bed and notified Courtney who then “rushed down the stairs” she had just leisurely come up to inform Justin that Ayla was missing.

Another area of confusion needing to be cleared up were the events surrounding Ayla’s broken arm. The story of a rainy night in early November turned into mid-November and both versions claimed a 24-hour delay in getting medical attention for Ayla. Justin DiPietro couldn’t remember how he broke her arm, and Trista Reynolds didn’t remember attending both doctor visits where no abuse was found or reported.

Stories detailing the amount and timing of phone calls to 911 have multiplied and changed as well. It went from three calls to 911, (two were hangups by Justin DiPietro), to a call to Phoebe beforehand, and now a call to Derek before that! So were there three calls that morning? Or five?

Playing Games

Another date in question is the night of the poker party. We know that Derek Tudela and Justin DiPietro were in Portland picking up Justin’s possessions on the night of Dec. 14/15, 2011, or Wednesday night, if Obscure is to be believed. Did they finish up a poker party early and decide to go move furniture? I highly doubt so. Friday morning Justin couldn’t take Ayla to her final doctor appointment due to a “hangover.” This sounds more like the result of a late night poker party to me. However, Derek Tudela supporters claim that he says he attended a poker party two nights before Ayla went missing, and she seemed “fine.” There was no mention of furniture being moved.

Where was Justin DiPietro on that Thursday night when he drank so much he was hungover the next day, if they didn’t drink in Phoebe’s house?  Who watched Ayla while Justin was drinking? Why did Justin feel the need to go out Friday night for wine if he had drank to excess the night before? How much wine did Justin buy, and how much did he consume? Did Courtney and Elisha partake of this wine tasting that was “not a party”?

In order to understand Ayla’s fate, it is clear that we need a complete timeline of the movements of ALL parties involved from October 12, 2011 to December 17, 2011. My partners and I have attempted to put one together, but with the constantly changing stories it’s a bit like catching farts in the wind, and the lies smell just as bad.

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