DiPietro 911 Call Transcripts Released

by Grace4Ayla on February 7, 2014

Transcripts of the 911 calls Justin DiPietro made to report that his twenty month old daughter, Ayla Reynolds, was missing from his mother’s home were released on February 3, 2014. Looking these over, the first thing I notice is that there are two transcripts- one with what I assume is the main 911 communications center (ECS), and the other with Waterville Communications Center (WCC) once the call had been properly routed.

911 Call-Transcript #1

911 Call-Transcript #2

It also appears that Justin DiPietro’s phone disconnected during the call and he called back, but it is unclear if that happened once or twice. Either way, the end of the phone call contains no information that couldn’t have been played for Ayla’s mother, Trista Reynolds, yet early in the investigation she claimed that only two calls were played for her, and she was prevented from hearing a third. Why the unnecessary deception regarding these calls?

In fact, they barely contain any information at all. I am struck by how calm and tight-lipped Justin seems throughout the conversation. He gives no more information than absolutely necessary, and makes no attempt to ask for help for either Ayla or himself.

Questions & Conclusions

Does the release of the 911 calls either help or hurt the investigation? In my opinion they do not, nor do they shed any light on what really happened to Ayla Reynolds or where she may be at this time. The answer to that mystery still remains with whomever it is that knows, and is still refusing to share that information with law enforcement.

Courtney Roberts, when are you going to come forward? The world is waiting.

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