Exclusive: Dinner at Bob Vear’s, Dec. 25, 2012

by Grace4Ayla on July 23, 2012

Over the past few days, many people have been questioning the nature of Bob Vear’s involvement with the website run by Jeff Hanson, Tori Gifford and Trista Reynolds. Bob has been actively commenting on their website and may even be publishing a guest post in the near future.

I was going to wait to reveal this particular email until he actually wrote his guest post, but because of the uproar, that may not ever happen.

So, without further ado, I give to you: Bob Vear’s version of his dinner with Lance DiPietro, complete with photos!

I would like to once again make it known that I cannot confirm or deny the validity of these emails. They were forwarded to me by Tori Gifford, and it is she who claims these are the words of Bob Vear.

However, if this is an authentic email from Bob to Tori, I would like to point out that Bob is a liar. In fact, he can’t even keep his story straight from email to email. In this email he tells Tori he didn’t see Lance the rest of that week, but in his second email he says he saw Lance all that week for “beer” and a “shoulder.”




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