Exclusive: Tori Gifford’s Credibility Questioned?

by Grace4Ayla on July 20, 2012

On Tori Gifford’s blog she states: ” The only person who possibly could have their credibility looked at is Trista.”

This was in regards to the email I leaked in the previous post.

Tori Gifford, I beg to differ.

People come to you in confidence and believe that you won’t reveal personal, private information about them on your blog.  But what do you do with all that information?

McKeeKitty herself tells us this: “Here is my problem. I take confidential information VERY seriously…perhaps too seriously. Tori herself has confided in me via email about sensitive matters in this case that are not to be discussed her, and she need not EVER worry. I have many flaws, but loyalty is not one of them.”

This is proof that Tori reveals information to her readers.  Who else does she reveal private, sensitive information to?

Other bloggers.  Why, even in the email Tori points out that she was asked not to give out names, yet she still does.

Tori lies, and Tori cannot be trusted.  I would say that her credibility can and should be questioned.  Is anything she writes on that blog the truth?

Tori’s Forwarded Email to Grace



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