How Low Will Jeff and Trista Go?

by Grace4Ayla on February 17, 2013

In the past few days, Trista Reynolds and Jeff Hanson have released several statements containing damaging information against Justin DiPietro and Derek Tudela which has caused quite a stir online.

Will even more incendiary information be released by Jeff Hanson and Trista Reynolds?

According to Jeff, you betcha!

Answers4Ayla says:
February 12, 2013 at 3:45 pm

“Thank you Dee for you sentiments. My thoughts on the DiPietro’s may surprise you (as well as a lot of other people), but I have been biding my time for an upcoming post.”

Exactly where is this upcoming post going to be made, I wonder? In his very own words, didn’t Jeff just “part ways” with U4A only a few days ago? He must have already run out of floors to sweep and TP to change, I guess.

This most recent, clumsy and desperate attempt to put pressure on the DiPietros (and now the Tudelas) is just the beginning, I fear, and many of you may be wondering to yourselves:

Just how low will Jeff and Trista go?

Well, I’ll tell you, but be warned that it isn’t what anyone wants to hear.

Dirty Little Secrets

According to a local source with connections to both the Linnell and Tudela families, Justin Linnell’s real father is Quinton Hardy, a man who comes from a whole family of sexual predators. My source further indicated that, even though little Gabby has only supervised visitation with her own father, she does have regular visits, sometimes overnight, with her paternal grandfather. Quinton Hardy has also visited the DiPietro household on at least one occasion.

Bob Vear, a well-known Waterville pedophile, made Ayla Reynolds his grandchild on Facebook as of Dec. 16, 2011 (first noticed on Dec. 17, 2011). Did Bob Vear know Ayla before her disappearance? (I don’t “do” a lot of FaceBook, although I have an account. I have been told that you can backdate posts on the new timeline, but only a computer expert could tell definitively when it was actually posted.) It was also Bob Vear, along with Justin DiPietro who communicated daily with Angela Harry before she came out with her disastrous TLLOM bedtime story about the morning Ayla went missing. Why would Justin need Bob’s input? Was he there the night Ayla disappeared?

How do I know this? Well, Peter Hyatt established that the author of Angela Harry’s story and the first public statement made by Justin DiPietro were one and the same. Bob Vear has publicly declared that he helped author that public statment and Justin has not denied it. Why was Bob Vear given access to a Tudela family member for the purpose of these important tasks so early in the disappearance? This clearly shows a connection between the Tudela’s and Bob Vear.

Both are so, very, very close to the families, naturally. Angela Harry was the first person Derek could think of to point Justin to call every day, while he was so “emotionally incapable” of interviewing. I suppose Lance put Justin in touch with Bob Vear too, why else would Justin ask him to prepare the first statement he gave police? It’s all there on the RIU forum.

Then there is Heidi Tudela who, despite having a child care center IN HER HOME, invited the DiPietros to stay with open arms. Not even a second thought.

This seems to tie a whole lot of pedophilia and sexual deviance to the people in poor little Ayla’s life, doesn’t it? Was there perhaps some kind of pedophilia crime ring involving the day care children at the Tudelas as well?

Think McMartin Preschool. Prepare yourselves, people. This could get really ugly.

Say It Ain’t So

I believe that Jeff Hanson and Trista Reynolds will do nothing short of destroying everyone associated with Justin DiPietro until she gets her revenge. Even if that means going to jail herself. If my theories are correct, and Trista is guilty of conspiracy to commit murder for profit, I wonder if she would even balk at perjury? If she is innocent, why doesn’t she trust the system instead of lying on blogs?

Cindy Anthony lied to get Casey off. Is Jeff helping Trista lie to see Justin caught? Trista could say that she was getting suspicious of the physical abuse, and to prevent her from finding out about the sexual abuse, he killed Ayla and hid her body. She can claim she had no knowledge of the life insurance policy, it would be just her word against his, wouldn’t it?

However, I believe Justin has proof of Trista’s involvement via Derek’s testimony. Trista also has proof of Derek’s involvement, which is why she is accusing him of helping Justin dispose of Ayla’s body. Either way, Derek has already proven himself willing to lie for Justin DiPietro. His whole family has gone above and beyond for the whole DiPietro family.  Heidi moved her daycare and Darrell’s business has significantly suffered. But a rumor like this, true or not, could completely destroy what is left of their dynasty. The McMartin’s were exonerated, but the family was never the same. Is Derek willing to let his parents walk down that same road? The ones who REALLY love him? Time will tell….

Now that DiPietro Attorney Stephen Bourget is throwing around the phrase “not necessarily blood,” Trista has gone into another emotional tailspin. Justin is possibly trying to convince Trista that perhaps vomit may have been found, because surely the family lawyer wouldn’t leak this information if they had been told it was tissue or bone or brain matter, now would he? If Trista still thinks there is a possibility that Ayla died of an accident (like an overdose) and her body is still out there somewhere, she might keep her mouth shut. It is a bold move on DiPietro’s part. So what does she do?

Sticks & Stones…

Trista Reynolds is now trying to convince Justin DiPietro, using blogs and the media once again, that she has evidence against him regarding the real reason for Ayla’s death.

Why does Trista want Justin to believe these lies? She wants a parlay. ‘You keep your mouth shut, and I will keep mine shut.’ Fat chance of that happening. Justin’s reaction in the next few days will be very telling.

If he continues to keep Ayla’s body from her, or refuses to tell her what she wants to know, I’m almost afraid to find out how low Trista and Jeff will go. One thing is certain however, neither the DiPietros or the Tudelas will be happy about it.

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