Imperfect Justice: Ayla Reynolds and Bianca Jones

by Grace4Ayla on August 26, 2012

Missing toddlers Ayla Reynolds (Left) and Bianca Jones (Right)

Ayla Reynolds (Left) – Last seen: 12/16/2011 Waterville, ME
Bianca Jones (Right) – Last seen: 12/2/2011 Detroit, MI

The similarities in the cases of Ayla Bell Reynolds and Bianca Jones are striking. Both are young females, last seen by their dads, reportedly taken by kidnappers, and have yet to be seen again.

On Dec. 2, 2011, two year-old Bianca Jones was stolen off the streets of Detroit by carjackers. On December 17, 2011, twenty month-old Ayla Reynolds mysteriously vanished from her crib in the dead of night.

Or at least, that’s what their fathers would have you believe.


In both cases law enforcement has stated that they do not believe the fathers’ stories. Detroit Police reported that D’Andre Lane failed a polygraph. Maine State Police decline to confirm Justin DiPietro’s claim that he passed his.

During a search of D’Andre Lane’s home, HRD (human remains detection) canines hit on Bianca’s closet. A ‘troubling’ amount of Ayla Reynolds’ blood was found along with others on the floor of Justin DiPietro’s basement bedroom.

D’Andre Lane’s seven year old daughter has testified that her father spanked her for wetting herself and placed her wet panties roughly in her mouth. He admitted to spanking Bianca “repeatedly” the night before she was allegedly kidnapped. Trista Reynolds has reported Ayla was returning from visits with Justin DiPietro injured, and has provided Ayla’s medical records as proof of this claim. Justin DiPietro admitted to breaking Ayla’s left arm in November by “falling” on her. He did not take Ayla for medical treatment until the following day.

In these facts, we can see the all too familiar pattern of escalating abuse, the lack of corroborating evidence to support the fathers’ statements about their daughters, and very little forensic evidence.


However, one aspect between these two cases is both notably and frustratingly different: law enforcement and prosecutors’ decisions about how to proceed with their case.

Maine State Police have opted for:

  1. Confirming very little information in the media.
  2. Discontinuing the reward.
  3. Continuing to look for Ayla.

Detroit Police have opted for:

  1. Releasing D’Andre Lane’s polygraph test results.
  2.  Arresting D’Andre Lane after only three months of searching for Bianca.
  3.  Going forward with asking for trial (which was granted) WITH NO BODY AND NO FORENSIC EVIDENCE.

I mean, come on! They had more in Casey Anthony’s case and she walked! Is that stopping the Detroit Police or prosecutors? No, it isn’t.

D’Andre Lane was last seen around 8 am that morning. He was only out of touch for approximately one hour and forty-five minutes before he called 911. He was in a crowded city, in broad daylight, possibly on foot, and he managed to hide her body so well she hasn’t been found.

Justin DiPietro slept through the entire night he claims kidnappers came and took Ayla from her home in the quiet town of Waterville, just a stone’s throw from the Messalonskee Stream and minutes from the Kennebec River, where incidentally, items have been found that may be related to Ayla and are still being tested.

D’Andre Lane changed his story several times to his family members and friends after failing his polygraph. When asked by the press, Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee said he was aware of conflicting stories and criminal convictions, but warned everyone not to lose sight of the objective. D’Andre was later arrested.

Phoebe DiPietro, Justin’s mother, claimed in her January 7, 2012 interview that she heard nothing the night Ayla died, only to retract her statement and admit she wasn’t even there. Justin DiPietro reported to the media that he “smoked” his polygraph on January 14, 2012. Maine State Police said they didn’t know why Justin would say he “smoked” his test, as they would not characterize the results in that manner. They declined to say whether or not DiPietro passed, they would only say he knows how he did.

On January 19, a “family friend” posted an account of what happened the night of Ayla’s disappearance on the internet. Shortly after, certain key facts were “clarified” (read: completely changed) by the blog’s author.


Why haven’t Maine State Police arrested Justin DiPietro?

Waterville Police brought the prosecutors in early, just as Detroit Police did. Detroit has no forensic evidence, no witnesses and no body. Maine State Police have witnesses that have failed polygraphs and blood evidence that doesn’t match the explanation offered by the DiPietro family.

What is wrong with this picture?

Dec. 16, 2011, 2:55 p.m.

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