Justin DiPietro Lies

by Grace4Ayla on October 8, 2012

Maine State Police have consistently reported to the media that Justin DiPietro and others in his inner circle are withholding information related to the disappearance of his daughter Ayla Bell Reynolds.

Justin DiPietro has also lied to the media. This has been covered numerous times before, but it bears repeating.

A man of no ideas?

Justin has stated that he has “no idea” who took Ayla or what happened to her. Yet, his closest friend and staunchest supporter, Heidi Tudela, wrote on Jan. 16, that the reason Justin “may” have failed the lie detector test was because “he does have some ideas.” Then the answer to that question should have been yes, and any other answer would have been a lie.

Do you know where your daughter is? Yes or No?

Oh yeah, he said ‘smoked’ the lie detector test, too. Then why is Heidi making excuses for him?

In Justin’s defense, Ayla’s mother, Trista Reynolds, didn’t pass her test either. I guess those yes and no questions are simply too hard for those two.

Good, Bad and Everything

Justin’s biggest lie is that “nothing bad ever happened” to Ayla in his home. That was as much a blatant lie as Phoebe DiPietro’s  retracted claim that she was in the home the night Ayla went missing. Justin fell on Ayla breaking her arm. Ayla was hurt enough to bleed in his bedroom. Those are, without a doubt, very bad things to a tiny toddler in a new place, and perhaps not coming from a stable beginning. Maybe these things are not a big deal to Justin, considering the bloody sheet rumor, but I try to look at it from Ayla’s perspective. Actually, I can do better. I suffered a broken bone before I was two. Yes, I think I know exactly how Ayla felt.

Why don’t you try that Selena Johnson? Think of it from little Ayla’s point of view.

Justin said on television  that he didn’t want his daughter to grow up thinking he didn’t do everything he could for her.

Yet Justin makes limited public appearances and statements. Supporters claim he works ‘behind the scenes‘ instead of giving investigators the information they need to find Ayla and bring her home. Maybe if he did, he could pass that polygraph.

Was that a lie too, Justin? Ayla wants to know. She’s still waiting for you to do EVERYTHING you can.

As a side note: A little statement analysis on Steve McCausland’s statements about the recent search. I note he says they were looking for Ayla, not evidence, nor following a tip. What disturbs me is that they keep going to the same places, over and over. What are they looking for? This case reminds me of Zahra Baker, and it may not have a very happy ending.

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