Justin’s Predicament

by Grace4Ayla on October 11, 2013

Trying to make sense of the new information being leaked by Jeff Hanson and Trista Reynolds in the disappearance of Ayla Reynolds has me thinking a lot about Justin DiPietro. The recent dropping of charges in his assault case has me baffled, for instance. Did Portland district attorneys really feel they didn’t have enough evidence without Courtney Roberts’ testimony? Even despite the fact that a police officer witnessed the assault taking place? Very strange.

Even more intriguing however, was the news of Justin DiPietro’s court appointed attorney, Gerald Conley. Can you believe that one?

Back to the Blood

Let’s go back to the blood evidence. First, we were told that Ayla’s blood was found (along with the blood of others) in Justin DiPietro’s basement bedroom. Some of this blood was visible, some was not. We were led to believe, by Jeff Hanson and Trista Reynolds, that the amount was “more than a cupful.” There were also rumors that some of the blood had been cleaned up. Heidi Tudela told us there were only “3-4 drops” found. Trista Reynolds also revealed via her blogs that her own menstrual blood was found on the sheet on Justin’s bed. This is the very same sheet that she now claims contains a fist-sized stain of Ayla’s blood on it. Trista also claims that law enforcement showed her photographs of bloodstains not only in several locations in Justin’s bedroom, but in the living room and Ayla’s bedroom, as well. Trista purports to have only seen two luminol pictures of Justin’s bedroom, yet she never mentions or intimates that any of the blood was cleaned up.

This, of course, begs the question: Did Justin know about the blood?

Why would Justin DiPietro murder Ayla Bell Reynolds, hide her body, and call 911 before cleaning up any of the blood? Why was Trista’s blood in Justin’s basement as well? Why did Justin tell Trista in their conversation at the balloon vigil, “Don’t worry about that” and announce to the media, ” If there was something there, I don’t think I’d be standing here with you right now.” Why, if Ayla was so valuable to him that he took out a $25,000 life insurance policy on her, would Justin hide her body, and call police to a bloody crime scene?

Puzzle Pieces

Let’s consider another angle. Perhaps Justin didn’t know about all the blood in the house. If Justin, as was his habit, merely dumped Ayla off with Phoebe and Elisha, and spent most of his time in Portland with Courtney and her son, he may not have even been present when any of this abuse occurred. I suspect that Justin DiPietro may not have been home when Ayla broke her arm, and was only summoned home when it was apparent she would need medical attention. We know that Justin was in Portland late Wednesday night and into early Thursday morning of that fateful week, and he did not have Ayla with him. He was apparently back in Portland Thursday night (if he ever left), retrieving the bed he would have needed to bring to Waterville to prepare for Courtney’s visit on Friday night. Thursday is the day Trista Reynolds filed paperwork to regain custody of Ayla.

Police may not be able to tell the age of a blood stain exactly, but they certainly can tell the difference between fresh blood and dried blood. Jeff Hanson’s article, A Case For Ayla, makes absolutely no mention whether or not the blood was fresh or dried. Wouldn’t that be an important detail to help inform the public? If that blood was fresh, and no clean up occurred, then I believe the district attorney’s office would have enough to indict the three in the house and bring them to trial, if only to find out the location of Ayla’s remains.

No, dear readers, it seems our friends at Maine State Police are thinking the same thing I’m thinking. Ayla Reynolds may have lost her life on December 16th, 2011 but the blood evidence was deposited in the house earlier. Justin DiPietro had no idea when he set his little “kidnapping” plot in motion, that Ayla’s blood was all over the house. When he last left Ayla with his mother she was fine, yet when he came home, his greatest financial asset had become his biggest liability, and there was nothing he could do about it. Justin couldn’t give her back to Trista in her condition (and be forced to pay 17 more years of child support), and he could no longer stage a convincing accident and claim the life insurance. So, Justin did the only thing he knew to do to try and save his family.

Who was responsible for the abuse of Ayla?

Did anyone else notice how furious Phoebe DiPietro was when Trista Reynolds recently confronted her at Justin’s court appearance? Phoebe was so angry her whole body shook and she practically growled the words that came from her mouth. What might have happened if there had been no cameras, and they weren’t in public? Justin and Lance learned violence from somewhere, and it probably wasn’t from abusive step-parents – Ms. DiPietro has never been married. According to Trista, she also packs a gun.

Trista Reynolds claims to have visited Waterville twice after she left rehab. The first time was November 3, 2011. The last time was November 21, 2011, after Ayla’s second bone specialist appointment. We also know that Ayla was in Waterville for Halloween. Exactly when did Trista suggest Waterville as a safe alternative to Portland for Ayla? Before or after her arm was broken there? Trista may have thought Justin was abusing Ayla, or perhaps Courtney, when she suggested that Ayla be taken to Waterville. Heck, it may have even been a ploy to get Justin away from Courtney. Trista didn’t realize she was sending her daughter into a living hell.

Looking at Lawyers

This brings us back to Jerry Conley. Jerry worked as an Assistant Attorney General from 1980-1982 representing the State of Maine in prosecuting child abuse cases. He then went on to become a Maine State Representative for four years, and then a Senator for four more. Why is Jerry Conley doing public defender work for Justin DiPietro?

At Justin’s hearing, it was announced that he had accepted a plea deal, wherein the state would drop the assault charges against him provided he plead guilty to violating the conditions of his release, which he did. This means that the District Attorney, along with Jerry Conley, had a meeting, alone, with Justin DiPietro.

Perhaps they offered him this deal along with one for another case? One that came with a deadline, or perhaps an ultimatum? I’m not sure what kind of deal that would be, however. A chance for parole after a lengthy prison sentence? Segregation so he isn’t killed in general population? He certainly won’t be able to delay his entry date until after a family holiday, like Briana Roberts did.

A deal with Justin DiPietro to get to Phoebe DiPietro, Derek Tudela, Courtney Roberts and/or Trista Reynolds? That would certainly be worth considering.

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