Law Enforcement and the Media

by Grace4Ayla on June 16, 2015

As an astrologer as well as a true crime buff, I follow many other disappearances. This blog is focused on Ayla Bell Reynolds, a missing 22 month old toddler from Waterville, ME. Another case I have followed closely is that of the McStay family, who disappeared from their home in San Diego, CA, on Feb 4, 2010.

Chase Merritt, an employee of Joseph McStay, was arrested for suspicion of murder and had a preliminary hearing today. There was enough evidence found for probable cause and he was held over for trial. The arraignment will be on June 24, 2015, where Mr. Merritt will enter a plea.

The evidence released today was compelling, but there was also something else very shocking about what was learned today. I can’t reveal my source, but I found out today that not only was a great amount of the evidence withheld from the family, they were downright lied to and possibly misled. Right up til the arrest.

From following this case, I believe that may have been because the family supported Mr. Merritt and law enforcement couldn’t afford to tip him off as to what they knew, and when. Not surprisingly, from pings, cell phone calls, and other records (and this is only including minor DNA evidence), they had Mr. Merritt in their sites from the beginning.  There was very little pointing to Merritt as a suspect in the media before the bodies were found.

In Ayla’s case, just as in the McStay’s case, law enforcement has said very little. Most of the public information known today is due to the maternal family releasing information they claim has been shared with them by law enforcement.

Perhaps they better consult the McStay’s family members and ask them how that worked out? Trusting law enforcement that is.

Just saying.

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