Trista’s Letter to the Editor

by Grace4Ayla on May 16, 2014

Trista Reynolds, mother of missing toddler Ayla Bell Reynolds, recently submitted a letter to the editor of a Maine news publication. In the letter (dated March 24th, 2014), Trista Reynolds calls for District Attorney Meaghan Maloney to begin the prosecution of Justin DiPietro before the statutes of limitations on child endangerment charges runs out.

Better than nothing?

In January of 2013, investigators from Maine State Police first sat down with Trista Reynolds and reviewed the evidence they had collected in Ayla’s disappearance. Through subsequent media interviews, Trista revealed some of this specific information concerning what they found; She even described Justin DiPietro’s bedroom as a “murder scene.” Not long after her revelation, there was a courtroom melee/press conference with Trista Reynolds and Justin’s mother, Phoebe DiPietro, followed by a screaming match outside the courthouse, and a finale that saw Trista chasing Justin down the streets of Portland.

Yet, despite her claims of the horrific blood evidence and Ayla’s unbearable suffering, Trista Reynolds wants us to believe via her letter that she feels child endangerment charges would be sufficient to punish Justin DiPietro for what he did (or did not do) to Ayla. The charges described in her letter carry a punishment of only one to five years in prison. If the District Attorney opts for the Class C version, (which is smart because it has a six year statute of limitation), she will still need an indictment from the grand jury to press charges. Trista Reynolds will be unable to sway a grand jury with interviews, signature petitions or letters to the editor.

The most interesting line of Trista’s letter is, “You don’t need a body to prosecute this crime; there is enough blood evidence to prove this crime was committed.

Who decided that, I wonder? Trista? Her witnesses Alex and Melissa Fazzi? Her family “spokesperson” Jeff Hanson?

If Justin DiPietro is prosecuted for this lesser crime, and Ayla’s body is later found, even if they find direct evidence of murder by Justin’s hand, they could not prosecute him for it. It seems at this point, Trista Reynolds doesn’t care.

What gives?

The only thing that makes sense, at least to me, is that Maine State Police and/or A.A.G. Stokes do not have enough evidence to get an indictment for the scenario they believe happened. The grand jury has met many times since December 2011, and no indictments have ever been handed down, even though rumors suggest otherwise. In this day and time, with all the forensics and computers, it is hard for me to believe that there isn’t enough evidence, as Trista points out, to at least get an indictment on a Class D charge. I do believe they have more evidence, and, like some commentators, I believe someone is talking. The prosecutors are not worried about any statutes running out.

You know what is running out of time, though? Trista’s threat to sue DHHS for “The Taking of Ayla Reynolds.” Anyone else wonder why she’s not focused on that?

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