Long Walks and Starry Nights

by Grace4Ayla on June 29, 2017

In December of 2011, Ayla Bell Reynolds was reported missing by her father, Justin DiPietro. On September 21, 2017, Trista Reynolds, Ayla’s mother, will be in court in Portland, ME to have Ayla declared legally dead.

Since I plan to be in the area I decided I would also drive down to Waterville and take a look around.

One of my passions is hiking and I found this spot in Augusta that has some great hilly trails in it, is anyone familiar with this place?

Here is a Google Earth pic of the area. It is off Bond Brook Road, right next to the airport. Lot’s of trees for shade, but also lots of rocky trails, is that right? Hit me up in the comments if you have any info!

This seems to be a pretty area…

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M August 6, 2017 at 9:20 pm

Well if the Court put Baby Ayla in Her Mother s hands this wouldn’t of happen. I do belive the Father on there side killed this sweet Baby. His Mother should know better too let them all go too jail let them sit there & think about it . But I’m not a Judge I let God do that for me. But I do rember this sweet Baby Gril in deed when I saw her on Nancy Grace. I love all Babys Children even the ones that where killed.


Teresa August 23, 2017 at 8:05 pm

This may sound quite strange and I don’t blame the skepticism that people might feel regarding what I believe is not only possible, but probable.

While I haven’t read all of the available details about Ayla’s case, red flags and loud sirens are going off in my head from what little I have learned.

I have to agree that both the mother and father know what happened to her. Ayla’s situation sounds too familiar in similarities to other high profile cases of very young missing girls. Hayleigh Cummings went missing down in Florida quite a few years ago. CNN’S Nancy Grace camera crews and reporters descended on the house and America had nightly “bombshell” news shoveled down their throats with “new” info. There is quite a bit of disturbing information that suggests this little girl was not murdered, as the media kept convincing us was the case. Sexually explicit pictures of the girls abused genitals existed after her disappearance and a CPS worker, named Bonnie Warner, admits in an audio recording to having received these pics and even says she had never turned the pics over to her supervisor. writeintoaction.com has this audio file available on the website, as well as other damping evidence that suggests the American Public was duped into believing this girl was killed, when evidence (and pics) indicated she was alive. An illusion was created in order to disguise a more revolting truth about what is going on in society. The police dept, CPS, and even some media were either complicit in a coverup or played an active role in this girls disappearance.

There is an ugly truth that exists in our country. Judges, politicians, law enforcement, high ranking church leaders engage in despicable deeds behind closed doors. These highly respected individuals in our communities (all the way to highest levels in our government) are practicing Luciferians. They engage in child rape, torture, sacrifice, blood drinking, and cannibalism. Children are procured thru multiple avenues. Most are actually born into it thru their bloodlines, others are specifically breeder for their intended purpose and handed over like any other commodity or goods. Some are kept alive and used over the years as a trafficked sex slave as elite “play toys”, forced pornography, and CIA trauma based mind control slaves. Others are used for immediate disposal for snuff films, ritual sacrifices etc.

CPS demanding that Jessica, Ayla’s aunt, turn the child over to the father sounds as if there could’ve been a pre-arranged date for Ayla to go “missing”. Children are bought and sold in underground networks disguised as government officials all over our country. Another red flag is the DA’s office refusal to press any sort of charges against any of the parties involved, even if for negligence. Not one of those adults were held accountable for this child’s life on any capacity. The presence of blood could’ve occurred while attempting to subdue, drug, or otherwise restrain…or even from a beating/rape that took place prior to the child being transported to her pend8ng captors. The amount of blood or even the presence of blood can’t be taken as a fact, as this is info that was provided by law enforcement, which easily could’ve been fabricated to create an illusion. Police can create enough suspicion to give the public a scenario to fill their imaginations, while still leaving just enough legal doubt that prevents an arrest. The insurance policy just a few short weeks prior indicates there was advance knowledge that at the minimum, an appearance of a death was expected. Now this Justin guy….even the garden variety idiot would realize how suspicious it would be for a death to occur so quickly afterwards. He must have felt absolutely confident that he was not going to be taken to trial over the girls disappearance.

Think of all the technology that exists in solving crimes. How could he risk casting suspicion on him by detectives or law enforcement by taking out an insurance policy on his intended murder victim. It’ll be the first fact investigators would discover!!

The prego-not prego girlfriend makes me wonder if the baby wasn’t sold or sacrificed right away (needed quick cash? is active member of coven which requested baby at birth?? Idk…)

There are other details I could point out, but I’m sure this scenario is already difficult to wrap one’s mind around. Trust me, I understand, as it is a difficult reality to accept. Having learned what I have learned regarding coverups and intentional media deception, and false trails laid by law enforcement involving cases of children who go missing in the middle of the night is why this case caught ,you attention.

I would suggest going to writeintoaction.com and review archived articles and audio files from an investigative journalist who found himself caught in the middle of discovering the truth about Hayleigh Cummings disappearance and how he became a targeted individual by staff of Nancy Grace Show (threats are on audio files and can be listened to) thru phone harassment, death threats, filing false police reports claiming he had the victim in his house etc….

Obviously, I have no way to prove my suspicions. I’m merely sharing my thoughts on what I’ve learned.


Teresa August 24, 2017 at 6:05 am

Sorry, there was so much I was trying to spill out, that I left out some points. What I suspect may have happened is that Ayla was bought/sold into child sex trafficking. In other cases there have been similar patterns. CPS, Police, Prosecutors, Judges, Advocacy support organizations for missing children, the media, and family members on both sides have significant histories of playing a direct role in cases of missing/abducted children for purposes of trafficking to elite pedophile rings. I’ve only been studying this wickedness for about 5 yrs new, but it has been intense research…nonstop. It is very complicated and takes time to process the information. Last October, when Wikileaks published John Podesta’s emails, citizen journalists, and researchers like me noticed odd use of language which turned out to be code language the FBI listed on their website as being terms used in pedophile world’s. Hence more people became aware of the parasitic evil that is happening under our noses, by people who are placed in positions of various levels of authority and trust. The social media has been referring to the recent discoveries as pizzagate and pedogate.

Sadly, the part that sticks out most is having too many things not making sense. As one of the posts said, the mom was accusatory yet supportive at same time. The police say there’s all this blood but not enough to prove she’s dead. The confusion relating to different accounts as to why Justin had Ayla. The fact that there is a debate as to what the custodial arrangements were is incredible! These are classic signs of a psychological false flag so to speak…If it sounds awful it’s because it is. It is possible that the police, CPS, the parents, various family members (not all!), gf’s and bf’s know exactly what happened to Ayla, but the camera’s have to roll, the stage is set. I just read your post about the governor’s memo btw..?.


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