Long Walks and Starry Nights

by Grace4Ayla on June 29, 2017

In December of 2011, Ayla Bell Reynolds was reported missing by her father, Justin DiPietro. On September 21, 2017, Trista Reynolds, Ayla’s mother, will be in court in Portland, ME to have Ayla declared legally dead.

Since I plan to be in the area I decided I would also drive down to Waterville and take a look around.

One of my passions is hiking and I found this spot in Augusta that has some great hilly trails in it, is anyone familiar with this place?

Here is a Google Earth pic of the area. It is off Bond Brook Road, right next to the airport. Lot’s of trees for shade, but also lots of rocky trails, is that right? Hit me up in the comments if you have any info!

This seems to be a pretty area…

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M August 6, 2017 at 9:20 pm

Well if the Court put Baby Ayla in Her Mother s hands this wouldn’t of happen. I do belive the Father on there side killed this sweet Baby. His Mother should know better too let them all go too jail let them sit there & think about it . But I’m not a Judge I let God do that for me. But I do rember this sweet Baby Gril in deed when I saw her on Nancy Grace. I love all Babys Children even the ones that where killed.


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