Lost in Lies: A Look at Billie Dunn and Trista Reynolds

by Grace4Ayla on December 10, 2012

Mothers of Missing Children:
Trista Reynolds and Billie Jean Dunn

As I write this, it has been nearly one full year since Ayla Bell Reynolds went missing from her father’s residence in Waterville, ME. Police have announced there will be a press conference on Friday, December 14, 2012 to update the public about the status of the case, but have already indicated there are no new developments.

Justice for Ayla seems slow-going so far, and it would appear that all the public can do is wait and hope that something will break the case soon. In the meantime, I’d like to continue my exploration of Trista Reynolds’ possible involvement in the disappearance of her daughter by taking a look at another less than honest mother: Billie Dunn.

What is the difference between Billie Dunn and Trista Reynolds?

One could list many ways in which these two unfortunate women are different, but the single most interesting answer to me is this:

Peter Hyatt’s opinion.

Recently on his blog, statement analyst Peter Hyatt released a scathing analysis of Billie Dunn’s words, revealing that she had changed her story over the internet about the events that took place the day her 13 year-old daughter Hailey Dunn disappeared. In the days following that post, Peter published several new articles about the Ayla Reynolds case as well, all of which focused solely on the guilt and deception of Ayla’s father, Justin DiPietro, despite the many public lies Trista Reynolds has been caught in, both in mainstream media and on the internet. In fact, Peter went so far as to rally behind Trista and condemned the public for attacking “an innocent.”

Two mothers who have both lied in the media and repeatedly changed their stories. One is reviled, while the other is revered.


Say, what gives?

Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that I am neither “Anti-Trista” nor “Pro-Justin.” I am Pro-Truth. I admit that I have made negative personal remarks in the past in regards to both of Ayla’s parents and have made my apologies for that, but I now strive to be as impersonal as possible when discussing my theories. My theories are not meant as attacks, they merely express what I believe all the clues are showing us. It is my belief that both parents had a hand in Ayla’s ultimate demise. I would not call Trista a liar if she did not lie. But lying is exactly what she does. A lot.

Early on in the case, Peter Hyatt himself noted Trista’s sensitivity to certain concepts and detected deception in some of her words, but  he has since stopped giving thorough analyses of the mother’s statements, especially the ones that seem to contradict each other. Mr. Hyatt’s position seems to be that since Ayla could only have been physically killed by Justin DiPietro, Trista, despite her repeated lies, must be completely innocent of any wrongdoing. Unbelievable! (To read my theory on Trista’s involvement, click here!)

Lie No. 1

Trista Reynolds’ first lie has changed numerous times.

She first claimed that she and Justin had “no relationship outside of co-parenting.” Why does that make it sound like a business deal? Then they were acquaintances, then just “mutual friends.” That changed suddenly to they were having a secret love affair, telling each other everything, only to again change to “no contact,” and “he won’t tell me anything.” And finally, it came around to “we’ve come a long way with each other” and “it was great having him at my side.”

I’m sorry, but I have lost count of the changes in that story! And that was just in the first few months of the investigation!

Lie No. 2 …and 3 and 4 and…

Trista’s second lie has been amended repeatedly as well. Ayla went from being “taken care of, he would help me out…” to “he decided to take Ayla,” which led to “he didn’t return her per DHHS agreement” and then, to “I thought she was safe and well taken care of.” Again, all in the space of a few months.

Need even more proof of deception? How about Ayla’s broken arm? Trista has run the gamut from “he would never hurt her” to “she came back injured every time” more times than I care to count. She claims not to have been aware of the inconsistencies in Justin’s story until after Ayla’s disappearance, even though she had attended two separate doctor visits, one of which Justin claims the doctor said, “I don’t know what they told you but it’s not as bad as it looks.” Trista must have heard Justin tell the same story over and over again, to the doctors, the nurses, the techs, the social workers, and even her own family (surely they asked at the last visit?)

Bloody Excuses

Further damaging to Miss Reynolds’ credibility is the fact that every damning piece of evidence leaked in this case has come from the Reynolds camp. However, I believe only one of those details came directly from police and that was only because they had no choice. I think LE had to reveal to Trista that Ayla’s blood was found on Justin DiPietro’s floor because her blood was found there also. Police needed to know why. I do not believe they revealed to Trista the amount. The “cupful” remark may have been overheard by Jeff Hanson at the police station, or perhaps Trista leaked the information to Jeff and he assumed it came from police, but either way, the fact remains the police did not confirm or deny the amount, although they vehemently denied claiming Ayla was deceased to the media at that time. They were certainly claiming otherwise behind the scenes, as Heidi Tudela herself revealed that police were telling Justin that Ayla was dead as early as January 16, 2012. This logically leads me to the belief that what they were “telling” Justin, they were “telling” Trista in the exact same manner, but Trista felt comfortable enough to leak the information to the world.

The rest of the “facts” – the life insurance policy, the missed doctors appointments, the abuse claims, Phoebe’s gun, information about the 911 calls, (and now apparently about who Justin called beforehand?) – it all came from Trista Reynolds herself. How did Trista have this information if it didn’t come from Police? How indeed!

Trista the Helper

She is even bold enough to lie both publicly and privately about her “involvement” with the police. On May 31st, 2012 she lied on television and said she had not been told of the news conference’s content until she watched it, yet during the news conference the police stated they had spoken with her earlier that morning. She quickly attempted to cover with “they asked me not to say anything until after the news conference,” yet, she clearly revealed the conversation to Jeff Hanson who sent this email fifteen minutes before the conference began!

According to Peter Hyatt, the wording in the email “MSP told Trista” indicates a strained relationship. Yet in July, Trista claimed on her blog that she was working “with” police as she revealed even further damaging text messages between her and Justin during some of the times they supposedly “weren’t speaking.” Again, using Peter’s own principles, the “with” is indicative of tension.

If Trista was working with police in June, why was she giving interviews stating the police weren’t telling her anything? If they are using her as an informant, what information do they think she can gain from Justin, who she has been repeatedly both demonizing and bolstering in the media? Why would they even need Trista? With today’s technology and a court order, I don’t think MSP would have any problem getting ALL of Justin DiPietro’s communications both before and after Ayla’s disappearance.

A Closing Note…

To end this piece, I would like to remind Peter Hyatt of a few of his own axioms.

  • LD+WD+QD=Duck Poo.
  • Not every liar is a murderer, but every murderer is a liar.
  • Even in the lies, the truth is revealed.
  • “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” – Matthew 7:16

Billie Jean Dunn and Trista Reynolds are mothers of missing children and they are also proven liars. Yet, even now, a deception expert claims one to be a monster, and deems the other an angel. Is it because he’s from Maine? Does he have a soft spot for young alcoholics? It is a mystery to me.

Peter Hyatt once said if he were wrong about Billie Dunn being involved in the disappearance and murder of Hailey Dunn, he would apologize and quit blogging. Although I don’t have near the amount of Statement Analysis credibility that he does, I would match my public reputation against his any day.

If I am wrong about Trista’s involvement in the disappearance and murder of Ayla Bell Reynolds, I will publicly apologize, stop blogging, and expect to be sued.

How about it Peter? Care to put your reputation on the line for your “home girl” Trista?

The bottom line is simply this: Trista Reynolds is a liar. She has lied to the media several times and therefore cannot be accurately described as “an innocent.” If she really wants to help find Ayla, why does she keep changing the story? If she has nothing to hide, why the obvious discrepancies in her version of events?

Trista has lied repeatedly and those lies DO NOT help Ayla. For reasons unknown, Peter Hyatt refuses to acknowledge the extent of Trista’s deception and attempts to vilify anyone who dares question her words and actions, shutting down any chance for a fair and honest discussion of the facts.

It may be true that Trista Reynolds did not spill Ayla’s blood, but her continued need to control the flow of information and deceive the public should not be overlooked. No stone should be left unturned in the investigation of a missing child, no matter how unpleasant it may be for the families involved.

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