The Lying Game

by Grace4Ayla on October 25, 2013

Trista Reynolds has repeatedly changed her stories about many of the situations surrounding the disappearance of her daughter, Ayla Bell Reynolds. One such story concerns the details of how Justin DiPietro ended up with custody of Ayla, and alleges DHHS misconduct.

It is my theory and fervent belief that Trista Reynolds willingly allowed Justin DiPietro to take Ayla to Waterville for the purpose of killing the child “accidentally,” so that they could then collect on the $25,000 life insurance policy. New information has been recently revealed which bolsters my theory and shows Trista Reynolds and her spokesman, Jeff Hanson, for the liars they are.

Another Week, Another New Story Lie

Last week on the blogs, Jeff Hanson revealed that Trista had recently been taken to court by DHHS.

Answers For Ayla October 15, 2013 at 12:17 PM

Just to clarify, It was in September of this year that DHHS took Trista to court. The State had to provide discovery, as such, all prior information regarding Trista and Raymond (and subsequently Ayla) was introduced.

Why? Little Raymond had a suffered a scape on the right side of his face from falling off his three wheeled trike and DHHS would not accept the truth. I suspect that it had to do with the false Facebook claims that Alex was abusive to Raymond, but anyone who has ever seen how he is with the kids, would know how preposterous that is.

Alex is a really nice guy who is very mature for his age and works whatever hours he can get at minimum wage to help provide for his kids. Little Raymond calls him dad and Alex calls Raymond his son, both in deeds and in verbiage.

So, basically their story is: The State of Maine DHHS, while investigating Facebook claims about alleged abuse, visited Trista and saw that Raymond had a scrape on his face. DHHS employees refused to “accept the truth” about how it got there, and they then went to the extreme of taking Trista to court to remove the child from her custody.

Gee, that seems like pretty bold behavior for an institution that Trista Reynolds has repeatedly accused of violating her and Ayla’s rights, as well as breaking several laws. I would think that DHHS would instead move very carefully before taking any actions against someone who could sue them, and perhaps even land some of them in prison.

Either way, this travesty of justice does have a silver lining: the DHHS files against Trista Reynolds.

Jeff initially released this selection on a new blog entitled, Asking For Ayla Reynolds:

Excerpt form DHHS logs:

Date/Time: 11 /14/11 5:09PM
Referent information: Jessica Reynolds, Maternal Aunt. 

Family/Caregiver Information: Father- Justin Dipietro
Child: Ayla Reynolds (age 18 months old)
They reside at 29 Violette Lane or A venue in Waterville
Out of home parents: Mother- Trista Reynolds

Presenting problem: Referent is calling with concerns regarding her 18 month old niece Ayla. 

Referent notes that Ayla was placed with the father Justin by DHHS about a month ago. Referent notes that on Friday they received a call from Justin and he was freaking out and saying that Ayla had fallen onto her arm up the steps and her arm was really swollen.

Referent notes that on Saturday Justin’s mother took Ayla to the ER for medical treatment and they determined that she had a broken arm. 

Referent notes that Trista then took Ayla to her regular primary care physician at Maine Medical Center Pediatrics. XXX-XXXX is the phone number for the on-call medical staff. They referred Ayla on for medical treatment at Maine Orthopedics; Dr. XXXX saw the child and stated that he felt that the injuries were not consistent with the description of how the father said they occurred. Dr. XXXX reported that this was an uncommon break in a 19 month old child.

Lie #1

The first sentence gives us the first lie. According to Jeff and Trista’s original timeline, Ayla was temporarily left in Jessica’s care when Trista entered rehab. Then, at the family team meeting, it was agreed that Justin DiPietro would return Ayla to Trista in three days’ time. When he failed to do so, Trista “relented” and agreed to let Justin keep their child while she “got on her feet.”

Why then, would Jessica report on November 14, 2011 that Ayla Reynolds was “placed with the father Justin by DHHS”? I would expect her to describe the situation much differently, especially if she were scared and concerned for Ayla’s safety. Wouldn’t she have explained how she fought against Justin taking Ayla, how she demanded a team meeting, and how Justin violated his agreement and kept Ayla against Trista’s wishes? Wouldn’t this be valuable information for her to provide, to explain the gravity of the situation?

I also notice that Jessica didn’t bother to mention the other times Justin supposedly hurt Ayla. Or the deplorable living conditions at the DiPietro house in Waterville. Why wouldn’t she mention these things to Child Protective Services? Was she really concerned with Ayla’s welfare or did she have another motive in mind?

Lie #2

According to Jeff and Trista’s timeline:

November 12th 2011 – Justin calls Trista and says that they (he and his mom) were getting ready to take Ayla to The Emergency Room. When asked why, Justin told Trista that he was coming home from shopping the day before and had “fallen up the stairs” on Ayla while carrying her and a bag of groceries. Later it was reported that Ayla’s Left Forearm was broken and had been put into a splint and ace bandage.

November 14th, 2011 approx.10am: Justin picked Trista up at Jessica’s in Lewiston and drove her and Ayla to an Orthopedic Doctor in Portland. After the examination Trista asked Justin if Ayla could spend the night with her and was told she was not allowed to have her. When asked why Justin replied,” Because I’m not going to have you telling me what to do”

According to Jessica’s statements in the DHHS files, on November 14th, Trista Reynolds took Ayla to her primary care physician who then referred her to Maine Orthopedics. Now, I realize that Maine is a small state with a lower than average population, but it is hard for me to believe that Trista could manage to get an appointment early enough with her PCP on a Monday morning that he was then able to get an 11:00 am appointment for Ayla to see an orthopedic specialist the same day! What about the Emergency Room documents that clearly show the referral to Maine Orthopedics was made during the ER visit? Are we really supposed to believe that Trista somehow got Justin to agree to let her take Ayla to the Primary Care Physician on Monday as well, only for him then get a second referral to the exact same bone specialist the very same day?

Trista Reynolds would have us all believe that she went to these doctor appointments and listened to Justin DiPietro tell the same sketchy story about how Ayla’s arm was broken that he told her on Friday (according to Jessica, but Saturday, according to Trista’s own timeline), again on Monday to the specialist. Trista then wants us to think, dear readers, that the bone specialist argued with Justin DiPietro about the injuries, stating that he “felt that the injuries were not consistent with the description of how the father said they occurred” and, “that this was an uncommon break in a 19 month old child.”

Yet only a few weeks after Ayla was reported missing, Trista Reynolds told the world on national television that she left Ayla Reynolds in the care of Justin DiPietro because she felt her daughter was safe and well cared for. What is wrong with this picture?

[UPDATE: Jeff Hanson has now come up with yet more lies, saying that Jessica was incorrect when she stated that Trista took Ayla to her PCP. Jeff claims Trista merely ‘contacted’ the Primary Physician. This makes even less sense. Why would Trista need to call her PCP when Ayla already had an appointment for the bone specialist? What could the doctor have said or done over the phone that would make any difference? How could Jessica have turned a phone call into a visit? Unless Jessica herself admits that she misspoke, I call B.S.! ]

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

It boggles the mind how Trista Reynolds could lie with such a straight face. When Justin DiPietro published his rebuttal to her insinuations that Ayla’s broken arm was no accident, Trista never publicly refuted his version of this doctor’s visit. She also obtained the records and notes of the appointment, but has never offered verifiable proof that the specialist ever said this, nor that he ever made a report to Child Protective Services. Surely he would have done so, if he thought the father was lying, right?

To me, it seems apparent that Trista wanted to provoke Jessica into calling DHHS, so she made up the story of the bone specialist’s suspicions. Yet even after this, Trista did nothing to get Ayla away from Justin, and even attended another appointment. And, don’t forget, that when law enforcement reviewed the doctor’s notes, Ayla’s broken arm was concluded to be purely accidental. Why would police say this if it could be seen that that the doctor doubted Justin’s story and had reported it to CPS?

If Jessica reported this suspicion on November 14, 2011 and the orthopedic specialist reported the same thing shortly thereafter (or if CPS contacted him), surely they would have acted more quickly to reunite Ayla with her mother. And, more importantly, if both the aunt and the doctor had really reported a suspicious break (where was Trista’s report?) and CPS did nothing, and the child disappeared one month later, wouldn’t that be a great reason to sue DHHS? Yet, Trista has not done this.

Big Press for Small Favors?

Instead, the Reynolds/Hanson clan is hard at work getting questionable journalists to publish their lies, the newest of these articles being “The Taking of Ayla” by Terrilyn Simpson. (Apparently Ms. Simpson has some issues with fact checking, as it shows in this recent story about her.)

Ms. Simpson’s premise is that Karen Small overstepped her power at CPS and ignored the rules, insinuating that this is why Trista Reynolds is considering suing DHHS. The article completely fails on so many levels, but I am sure that this hapless journalist wasn’t given complete or truthful information to begin with, so it’s hardly her fault.

But, what the piece lacks in integrity, it makes up for with a gold mine of quotes directly from Karen Small. Ms. Simpson’s attempt at reporting only helps prove my theory once again. Trista Reynolds agreed to give Ayla to Justin DiPietro. When Trista told her sister Jessica, they fought. Jessica called the police. The police contacted CPS. CPS showed up and demanded that Trista go immediately to detox. Justin DiPietro was then called (with Trista and a CPS worker as witnesses), and he agreed to leave Ayla with Jessica for the weekend. October 17, 2011 was a Monday, so it seems to me that Justin kept his end of the bargain. So, why did Jessica need to be called by Karen Small and told to release Ayla into Justin’s care when she was already expecting him? She even had time to buy the Daddy’s Princess pajamas, as I recall.

October 17th, 2011, 3pm – DHHS case worker and supervisor for child protection services (CPS), called Jessica demanding that she turn Ayla over Justin. When Jessica asked,” Why now?” she was told that, “he’s the father and he has the right to take her” and went on to say that “dad trumps the aunt – any day”. Jessica refused to give Ayla to Justin.

We know that Justin DiPietro arrived at the Lewiston Police Department at 6:06 pm that day. Ms. Simpson indicates in her article that Karen Small gave in to Phoebe DiPietro’s demands as one of her last acts of the day, after she had spoken with Jessica. Why would Karen Small be calling Jessica to make demands if she had no jurisdiction, which is what Karen continually reports throughout all of her interactions with both families that day? How could she have the authority? Ms. Simpson shows us this over and over, and yet asks us to believe that Ms. Small then lied to the police about her jurisdiction so that Justin could get custody?

I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe that. It makes no sense whatsoever. Justin DiPietro knew exactly where Jessica lived, he didn’t need CPS to give him the address. I believe when Justin called to arrange to pick up Ayla, Jessica refused. This prompted Phoebe DiPietro’s call to Karen Small. Phoebe knew that Trista and Justin had made arrangements for Ayla to stay with him in Waterville, which she clearly explained to Karen. Karen responded correctly. She stated that the decision for the children to go with Jessica for the weekend was not made by the Department. She also acknowledged that the plan was for Jessica to keep Ayla just for the weekend, and that Justin DiPietro was ok with that. This proves that Justin DiPietro was clearly within his rights to request Jessica return Ayla to him on Monday.

Lie #3

In Ms. Simpson’s version of what happened on October 17, 2011, she mentions that Phoebe DiPietro told Ms. Small that Justin had agreed to move to Waterville with Ayla, and he would then file for custody. Yet Trista Reynolds tells us a completely different story. She claims that she relented after being stonewalled by DHHS, and agreed to allow Justin to keep Ayla “while she got on her feet,” provided that he move with Ayla to his mother’s house in Waterville.

I always wondered why DHHS would elect to “stonewall” Trista Reynolds after supposedly threatening Justin DiPietro with “dire consequences” if he failed to return Ayla, and now I know. DHHS told Trista that she was trying to involve DHHS in a custody dispute, and she needed to handle it herself. I believe that is exactly what Karen Small told Lewiston Police that fateful night. Not that she had given custody to Justin, but that it was a civil matter and DHHS had no jurisdiction over Ayla.

Phoebe DiPietro may have used her connections to involve Karen Small in this matter, but not in the way Ms. Simpson suggests. Karen did agree to contact Jessica and the police and explained that Ayla had not been placed with Jessica by DHHS, and therefore they had no jurisdiction. Karen didn’t realize that Trista and the DiPietros had ulterior motives at the time, and perhaps now she regrets giving the assistance.

Nonetheless, to watch Jeff Hanson and Trista Reynolds victimize and outright slander this woman in their twisted obsession to paint Justin DiPietro in the worst possible light is utterly revolting. Karen Small did not, in any way, reveal Jessica’s address to Phoebe DiPietro; she gave it to the police. It is obvious from the police report that officers accompanied the DiPietros to facilitate an exchange. Police knew that Jessica was not granted custody by DHHS, and since Trista Reynolds wasn’t there either, they had no choice but to allow Justin DiPietro to retrieve his daughter.

The same was true at the family team meeting. Even with the doctors and the lawyer, and despite Jessica’s reports to Karen Small of Ayla’s abuse, DHHS could do nothing because Justin and Trista already had an agreement in place. Justin DiPietro was free to keep Ayla until Trista Reynolds returned from detox. At that time, it was up to the parents. If Justin and Trista couldn’t agree on custody, it was a civil matter, and not the department’s problem.

Too Little, Too Late

At some point, Trista Reynolds began to have second thoughts about the murderous deal she had made with Justin DiPietro. Trista then clumsily attempted to use her sister and her doctors to provoke CPS into intervening for Ayla, in hopes of both rescuing Ayla and keeping her own part in the devious plot hidden, but it didn’t work. I have tried very hard to empathize with Trista Reynolds, to find some compassion for her situation, but I can’t. Trista handed Ayla over to Justin to be killed, and that is not only the sad, hard truth, but also the only theory that makes any sense in light of Trista’s countless lies.

In the end, Trista Reynolds couldn’t face Justin DiPietro and tell him that she had changed her mind, because she didn’t want to risk anyone else finding out what she had agreed to in the first place. If she angered him too much, Justin might turn on her. CPS was moving too slowly. Trista began to threaten Justin that she would kidnap Ayla. On December 15th, Trista filed for custody. This was the final straw. Justin DiPietro knew then that he wasn’t going to get what he wanted – to be rid of Ayla, to get away from Trista, to be free of child support payments and to gain a hefty sum of cash. If Justin couldn’t get his way, Trista wouldn’t get hers. Let Trista Reynolds screw up his big plan? Not on Ayla’s life.

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