Exclusive: MSP Confirms Blood Amount in Ayla Reynolds Case?

by The Light Bearer on July 15, 2012

According to statements by Trista Reynolds, Maine State Police have been providing her with details about their investigative findings, including the amount of Ayla Bell Reynolds’ blood found in Justin Dipietro’s basement bedroom and the relevance of items recovered from the Kennebec river. In recent days, there has been much heated discussion online about the blood evidence, and of claims that the police may be selectively sharing information with the Reynolds family. Concerned citizens want to know how it is possible that police could be revealing such information to the Reynolds, allowing them to leak it on their blogs, and yet never confirming for the public that this information is correct.

The following email was sent on the afternoon of May 31st, minutes before the news conference. The message shows Jeff Hanson, self-proclaimed spokesperson for the Reynolds family, detailing information given to him by Trista Reynolds about the blood evidence and river items.

Email from Answers For Ayla
Thursday, May 31, 2012 at 11:18AM MST/1:18PM EST

Ayla Bell Reynolds has been missing for 213 days. Justice For Ayla wants answers now.

1) Is this true?

Did MSP give Trista Reynolds this information on the morning of May 31st? The email states ‘because of the amount of blood’ and the ‘items found in the dam’ police believe Ayla Reynolds to be dead. If this is true, then it is proof that law enforcement are both giving the Reynolds family information about their case and have confirmed, to Trista at least, that there was a significant amount of blood found in Justin’s home. This author makes no claims as to the accuracy of content found in this email, nor will I speculate as to whether or not I believe in the accuracy at this time. The fact simply remains that, for whatever reason, on May 31st, Jeff Hanson sent this email to several of his contacts minutes before the news conference began. What reason could he possibly have to lie to his supporters on this particular day of all days? Which brings me to our next question:

2) Why hasn’t anyone else come forward with this information until now?

This email was sent to at least twelve people, as evidenced by the header information. Some of these people have conveniently faded into obscurity in recent weeks, but others remain loyal commentators on Jeff Hanson and Tori Gifford’s blogs. Despite having received this message however, these commentators continue to question the validity of the blood information and whether or not law enforcement will ever confirm. If this email is to be believed, then it has definitely been confirmed. So why do they continue to question? Furthermore, why are Tori and Jeff allowing this when they obviously have the answers?

3) If Trista was given this information on May 31st, why didn’t she confront Justin about it in her text messages?

The recently leaked text messages between Trista Reynolds and Justin DiPietro must be looked at with fresh eyes in light of this email. Tori Gifford, who is one of the twelve email recipients, has claimed on her blog that Trista Reynolds, ‘upon recommendation and guidance of the MSP,’ has been texting Justin DiPietro in an attempt to get further information about Ayla’s disappearance. In the very same blog post where she leaked these texts, Tori Gifford also claimed that Trista told her the text messages were ‘over the course of the month.’

Hey its Trista so we are going on to five months you ready yet to tell me where or what happened to Ayla? i am so tired of not
knowing if my Daughter is okay And not one person can give me hope that she is still alive even with all the evidence.

Trista herself references the five month mark, clearly showing this text to be sent sometime around mid-May, long before she could have known what the evidence was. This suggests that these messages may cover a time span longer than the month Trista has claimed. How long has Trista been working with LE?

What am i suppose to think when all of the evidence points to the worst. Not one person including you can give me that little bit of hope that my baby girl is Alive and alright and coming home to me

Was this message sent after May 31st? If so, and Trista had full knowledge of the evidence, why doesn’t she question him about it? Why is she leading him to believe that she doesn’t know the truth when police have evidently told her otherwise? Why won’t Tori Gifford, Jeff Hanson or Trista Reynolds reveal the actual dates that these alleged text messages were exchanged? Do they really expect us to believe that Maine State Police are giving Trista ‘recommendations and guidance’ to engage in text conversations with Justin DiPietro only to leak the valuable evidence weeks later on a blog? This does not add up.

In some of the messages, it is obvious that Trista is trying to provoke a reaction from Justin.

Today is farther’s day and the one little girl you should be spending it with is our daughter and you can’t because you and your girlfriend and sister murdered Her. Hope your thinking of her today and what you did to her. you don’t deserve to be recognized as a farther because you are a poor excuse for a farther. You know i still have the very first farthers day card Ayla and i bought for you two years ago. Your a joke Justin i hate you.

This was supposedly sent on Father’s Day, June 17th, 2012. Again, if Trista Reynolds was told about the amount of blood and the relevance of the river items on May 31st, why didn’t she use that information in these text messages? Trista doesn’t seem to be pulling any punches, so why the restraint? Is it because, as the email states, that police had ‘confided‘ with Trista and therefore Justin and Company were not given the same information on May 31st?

4) What was the purpose of sending this email and what does it tell us?

Was this email sent because Jeff and Trista were expecting Justin DiPietro to be arrested? It is timestamped just before the 1:30pm news conference began and its contents positively confirm that law enforcement did speak to Trista Reynolds on the phone that morning, as well as what they revealed to her.  Jeff tells us that the police were confiding in Trista. Is this why she denied having spoken to police that morning and got caught in a lie? Did Trista mistakenly believe that the police wanted her to keep quiet about everything, including the fact of their making any call?

Finally, if Jeff Hanson was told this information by Trista Reynolds, and law enforcement was really confiding in her and withholding information from Justin DiPietro, why in the world would Jeff send this damning email to twelve different people before the news conference even began? Why would Trista allow him to send it? The police either asked Trista Reynolds to keep the information secret or they wanted her to leak it immediately. Which one is it?

The world is waiting to find out.





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