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by Grace4Ayla on August 24, 2012

We all have our own thoughts and opinions about what happened to Ayla Bell Reynolds, even if it is simply that we don’t know. I have heard three main theories in this mystery to date: 1) Justin DiPietro killed her 2) Trista Reynolds kidnapped her, and my personal fave, 3) SODDI. (Some other dude did it.)

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr. in Sherlock Holmes.

All kidding and speculation aside, I would like to once again present my theory of what happened to Ayla Reynolds on Dec. 16, 2011. Feel free to REFUTE me with facts, not opinion or negatives (‘just because you can’t prove that he didn’t doesn’t mean he did’ – this kind of thinking.) My theories are based on fact. That the stars seem to support the facts, is only further proof of astrology.

As I have stated previously, I believe Justin is a sociopath. I believe he is always looking for an opportunity to “con for pleasure or profit.” A little like Eddie Haskell, for those of you as old as I am (retirement age). Trista is a bi-polar alcoholic mess whom he got pregnant because he can’t control his impulses.

When his little indiscretion became a living, breathing, in-his-face problem, he decided to take care of it, and get even with a few people in the meantime.

He abused Ayla, and got away with it. He even broke her arm, and the doctors believed his bullshit story. Of course he always had a female at his side, corroborating his side of things. Phoebe at the ER, Trista at the specialist appointment. One big happy, loving family, right Justin?

He convinced Trista to sell Ayla. This is why Trista is lying so desperately in the media right now. She does not want to go to jail for trafficking. Even if she thought Ayla was going to a loving, adoptive couple, selling your child for cash is a big no-no. She couldn’t get Ayla back, and she knew it. Justin convinced her it would be better for everyone in the long run.

Justin purchases a life insurance policy. On Dec. 15, he tells Trista that Ayla will be leaving the next night. He may have even brought her along, to say goodbye to her mother. Feeling wracked with guilt, she files for custody and makes plans to head to Waterville to get her little girl.

Meanwhile, Justin has staged his little accident at home, but something went wrong. Horribly wrong. Now Justin has a body, a life insurance policy, an angry mother and a psycho baby mama breathing down his neck. What to do?

He hides Ayla in the garage. When everyone starts arriving home, he tells them Ayla is asleep, or out, and they believe him. Or they know better than to question him. I think he may have told Phoebe, and she opted to be out of the house for him, so they could set Ayla up in her bedroom. The police were quoted as saying “in a room she did not normally sleep in.” I believe they said that for a reason. The only reasonably “accessible” window was Phoebe’s.

When everyone went to sleep, Justin took care of Ayla. He possibly arranged for someone to come pick him up. This is why neighbors heard cars coming and going, one possibly “unfamiliar.” He came back home, waited until he heard Li and Gabby stirring around, and then called 911.

Every thing that has happened since has just been damage control. Too late they realize they are dealing with a dangerous psychopath who would no doubt take everyone down with him. This is what they are afraid of, and this is also something the stars predict.

I believe it is impossible that a stranger took Ayla Reynolds.

I believe it is impossible that Trista Reynolds took Ayla Reynolds, either alone or with help.

I believe it is impossible that Ayla Reynolds survived her blood loss.

So, here is the challenge.  Prove me wrong.  Show me one piece of evidence that refutes any of my above statements. Two other blogs ( and ( have graciously donated two blog posts for just such hypothesis and conjecture.

December 16, 2011 2:55 p.m.



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