Plan B

by Grace4Ayla on June 25, 2012

I don’t believe that Trista Reynolds and Justin DiPietro thought up the plan to kill Ayla Bell Reynolds for the insurance money all by themselves. I think they turned to trusted friends for help. In Justin’s case, it was Derek Tudela, his best friend from childhood.

Did Justin turn to Courtney Roberts, his “long-term” girlfriend as well? Since she has remained almost silent, even though police have accused her of lying and her sister was incarcerated, I believe that she is in on the plot as well.

Trista turned to Jeff Hanson. I have no idea why. It is rumored that Jeff didn’t have much to do with Trista and the babies before Ayla went missing.

In light of the recent development that Trista was with her father-in-law (who, coincidentally, lives three miles away from the Violette Avenue house) the morning Ayla was reported missing, he may be in on the plot, or in possession of pertinent information about what happened on the night of Dec. 16th as well.

I believe that Justin was chosen to “do the deed” because 1) he already had Ayla and 2) since the doctor bought the broken arm story, there would be no former abuse reports to DHHS or CPS to alert investigators of the “accident”.

If Trista had a pre-arranged visit with Ray in Machiasport, it would make sense for her to be picked up the night before. Trista very well could have been in Waterville that night.

Where was Jeff Hanson? He didn’t become involved until shortly after Ayla went missing. Was his alibi thoroughly checked by MSP? Will his cell phone pings back up that claim?

If the plan was to kill Ayla “accidentally” for the insurance proceeds, and this was botched by Justin and Co., I’d imagine Jeff and Trista would be extremely upset. In addition to their foiled profiteering, they would all face police scrutiny by reporting a kidnapping, instead of just Justin.

The first Internet move was made by Angela Harry. The information was obviously coming from the DiPietros.

The Reynolds followed suit with The next website to go up was Tori Gifford’s Justice For Ayla blog.

Facebook pages were full of name calling and rumor mongering. Things started getting ugly between the Reynolds and the DiPietros – understandably so.

Another blog appeared – Just Stop The Lies. This blog focused its attacks on the other websites and blogs, as well as the Reynolds family. The tactics of the blog were ruthless and disgusting. From putting up personal information about bloggers and involved family members to blatant threats, the blog owner seemed to have no morals or loyalties, although it eventually evolved into a pro-DiPietro site.

Jeff Hanson volleyed back and created Answers for Ayla. Strangely, in a mainstream news media article, he mentions the evil blog along with Justice For Ayla.

Meanwhile, Justice For Ayla struggled to keep Ayla’s name and cause the forefront of their focus while dealing with JSTL’s crazy antics, which included spamming the blog with filthy comments and stealing commenters’ Blogger profile names to spam on other websites.

Things were getting crazier when an anonymous blogger came onto the scene with the supposed answer to our prayers. In a matter of weeks, she succeeded in taking the heat off the other websites and outing the JSTL blogger as Charla Pawlata-Anderson, an internet crazy from Harker Heights, TX.

This fit right in with claims by Obscure (who was Seeking Truth at that time) that she lived in Killeen TX, although these claims were “cleansed” off the blog later.

There was one problem: the information was completely bogus. The IP address that I was tracking was indeed being routed through Harker Heights – but it originated from Maine. Portland, to be exact.

The school website pointed to in the Just Start The Lies post was a dummy website.

Little things add up.

Meanwhile, Angela Harry and Heidi Tudela take their websites underground. They begin “fundraising” for awareness, finally settling on billboards. Billboards are usually donated for short periods of time by the advertising agencies, usually when they don’t have a paying customer, sort of a PSA type thing.

How much money did they need to raise? The claim is it all came out of their members pockets – but, uh, if it’s free, why did they need to donate? How many of these billboards were donated, and how many paid for? If I were “donating”, especially out-of-pocket with no IRS deduction, I would want to know these things.

Jeff and Trista wanted to know these things as well. I believe that Jeff and Trista are stymied in their pursuit of financial gain by their pre-meditated involvement in Ayla’s death.

They can’t raise too much of a fuss because if Justin is arrested, he’ll take them down with him. Justin has the upper hand because the police are focused on him rather than Trista or Jeff.

Jeff and Trista could be making money Anthony and Bradley / Irwin style by appearing on Dr. Phil, etc., but they are not. What is stopping them? Who is stopping them?

Who really tipped police off about Brianna’s drugs?

Who was Justin asking for immunity for?

Finally, does anyone know what type of vehicle Jeff Hanson drove in December 2011? For a neighbor to have “heard” an unfamiliar vehicle makes me think it was a louder type of engine than they are used to. Perhaps a work truck of some type? Big diesel engine?

Why are they trying to raise 5,000 signatures and personal information for two petitions that are vague, misleading, and designed to fail? The governor’s petition already has, yet they are still collecting “signatures”.

The time has come for Trista to tell what she knows. She needs to come forward and explain how Ayla ended up in that house on that night when she had ample opportunity to rescue her, with or without DHHS’s help or approval.

Trista has the answers Justin refuses to give. It is time for her to talk.

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