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by Grace4Ayla on January 5, 2013

Our sister site, Grace Wilson Astrology, is on temporary hiatus due to technical difficulties. You can still read there, but I can’t make any new posts for the time being.

In the meantime, to keep you posted, it is being reported that Trista Reynolds met with MSP investigators on Thursday. MSP spokesperson Steve McCausland would not get into specifics regarding this meeting, but said that the status of the investigation was shared with her.

It has been fairly quiet on the blogs since the turning of the new year. I have seen some questioning of why Trista wasn’t pulled over immediately the day Ayla was reported missing, and why Fortier’s car was never impounded and searched.

The only answer that comes to my mind is: why would they? Justin DiPietro went out of his way not to implicate Trista in Ayla’s alleged abduction. He was so sure Trista didn’t have Ayla that he never even bothered to call the mother of the child himself. However, according to new information released by Trista, he did call someone that morning. Derek Tudela. I wonder if he thought Ayla toddled over there all by herself for another play-date?

Why would LE choose to leak this particular piece of information to Trista Reynolds? Why would she need to know who Justin DiPietro did or did not call before 911? Is that part of their game-playing with her?

Also, why did Trista wait until now to release this information? Was it to spite Justin, Derek, or the police? Inquiring minds would very much like to know.

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