Exclusive: Trista Reynolds Immunization Lies?

by Grace4Ayla on July 10, 2012

According to her own timeline, Trista Reynolds claims that Justin DiPietro allegedly missed 4 doctor’s appointments with Ayla Bell Reynolds during his brief custody of her. Three were for immunizations, and one was for her broken arm.

Trista also claimed that Ayla’s pulled leg muscle showed up just after a visit with her father (see Image 1).

Ayla Dr. Visit #1

Image 1 – Doctor Report 10/05/2011


Image 2 – 2012 CDC Immunizations


Ayla was 18 months old at the time of this visit. What immunizations are required at this age? According to the CDC, none.

For Trista to ask for Ayla’s flu shot, and for neither the doctor nor the nurse to bring up any missing immunizations, tells us one thing: Ayla was up to date on all her shots.

How can I be sure? I refused to immunize my kids due to religious reasons. It was brought up each and every doctor visit, too. They would ask me and note that I refused. They do not approve of ANY children going without immunizations.

It is highly unlikely that any physician or medical professional would give a flu shot to a child who was missing immunizations. They would have given those first, and then rescheduled the flu shot.


I believe this is proof that Trista is lying about Justin missing these appointments. The immunization schedule clearly shows no further immunizations are needed after 18 months except the flu shot, which Trista had already gotten for Ayla!

Naturally, I invite Trista Reynolds to prove me wrong by providing a certified copy of Ayla’s immunization record to a reputable news source.

How about it, Trista?

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