The Reynolds Family

What Really Happened to Ayla Bell Reynolds?

The maternal family of Ayla Reynolds have made several statements to the press since her disappearance on December 16th, 2011. They are also responsible for several Ayla websites and blogs. During the course of this investigation, much of the information provided by the Reynolds family has been either retracted, amended or edited, in complete contradiction with their original statements.

Justice For Ayla wants to know why.

Ayla Reynolds Declared Dead

by Grace4Ayla on September 27, 2017

Today Ayla Bell Reynolds, who was reported missing from her grandmother’s home on December 17, 2011, was declared dead by a probate judge in Cumberland County, Maine. Ayla’s mother, Trista Reynolds, filed to have her declared dead on April 12 of this year, and a hearing was held last Thursday where Trista and lead investigator […]

Exclusive: Ayla Reynolds to be Declared Dead

by Grace4Ayla on May 27, 2017

Hold on to your hats, folks! On May 17, 2017, after more than five long years of waiting and wondering, the family asked the state of Maine to officially declare Ayla Bell Reynolds deceased since December 16, 2011.

Lawsuits of the Rich and Famous

by Grace4Ayla on August 29, 2016

Almost sounds like a reality show, doesn’t it? I am speaking of the latest tactic by Trista Reynolds, mother of missing toddler Ayla Bell Reynolds, to elicit some kind of response or reaction from Ayla’s father, Justin DiPietro. They have announced they are going to pursue a civil wrongful death action against him, his mother […]

Time For the Hard Questions

by Grace4Ayla on December 23, 2014

With the three year anniversary of Ayla Reynolds disappearance come and gone, recent interviews and blog postings have shed new light on the missing toddler’s terrible fate. Jeff Hanson, maternal family spokesperson, has even brought his blog United For Ayla back from retirement, with a new post that boasts many guarded references to impending legal […]

Abduction Fear Text Messages Revisited

by Grace4Ayla on May 29, 2014

Early on in the mysterious case of Ayla Bell Reynolds, both sides of the missing child’s family published text messages on their respective blogs. These of course, are the infamous “abduction fear” text messages that were allegedly sent between Alya’s mother, Trista Reynolds, and her father, Justin DiPietro in the weeks before Ayla disappeared. The […]