The Reynolds Family

What Really Happened to Ayla Bell Reynolds?

The maternal family of Ayla Reynolds have made several statements to the press since her disappearance on December 16th, 2011. They are also responsible for several Ayla websites and blogs. During the course of this investigation, much of the information provided by the Reynolds family has been either retracted, amended or edited, in complete contradiction with their original statements.

Justice For Ayla wants to know why.

Why do they care?

by Grace4Ayla on October 27, 2013

I began blogging about Ayla Bell Reynolds a few months after she disappeared. Since then, I’ve had a very strange and disturbing part to play in both the blogging world and behind the scenes. I’ve had some bizarre experiences, that at the time seemed too “crazy” to share publicly. Reflecting upon these experiences now, I […]

The Lying Game

by Grace4Ayla on October 25, 2013

Trista Reynolds has repeatedly changed her stories about many of the situations surrounding the disappearance of her daughter, Ayla Bell Reynolds. One such story concerns the details of how Justin DiPietro ended up with custody of Ayla, and alleges DHHS misconduct. It is my theory and fervent belief that Trista Reynolds willingly allowed Justin DiPietro […]

One of the more puzzling aspects in the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds has been the extensive involvement of the Tudela family, including Darrell Tudela, Heidi Tudela and their son, Derek. Not only did Derek sell Justin DiPietro the oh so suspicious life insurance policy against Ayla (see also: Investigating the LIP), but his family […]

The Case for Ayla or Justice Denied?

by Grace4Ayla on September 27, 2013

As reported in my previous post, Jeff Hanson and Trista Reynolds have indeed released the shocking investigative details of Trista’s meeting with Maine State Police held on January 3rd, 2013. According to Hanson’s blog post, this meeting largely focused upon the blood evidence found by investigators in the case of Trista’s missing daughter, Ayla Bell […]

Since Ayla Reynolds disappeared from her father’s home on Dec. 17, 2011, I have had plenty of practice analyzing the statements of Ayla’s mother, Trista Reynolds. I am always struck by how vague and uncommitted her words seem to be, especially concerning her daughter. For this article, I decided to do a comparison between Trista […]