Rolling the Dice

by Grace4Ayla on August 21, 2013

As reported in my previous post, Trista Reynolds has announced her intention to release information regarding the physical evidence shown to her by Maine State Police on Jan. 3, 2013. Jeff Hanson, speaking on Trista’s behalf, stated that she intends to reveal the information on two separate blogs on September 24, 2013, following with a press conference the next day.

My questions are these: Will the release of this information actually achieve their stated goal of “Bringing Ayla Home?” Is Trista taking a calculated risk, or is she cashing it all in to let the chips fall where they may?

The House Always Wins

Our Goal in Releasing this Information
We are seeking justice, administered in an orderly and legal fashion by the court
system. We believe that Justin’s arrest on charges related to Ayla’s disappearance
may lead to his disclosing whatever happened to Ayla and where her remains are.
That is our primary goal, to bring our Ayla home.
Our secondary goal is holding Justin to account for his actions in a legal
proceeding where he will have fair opportunity to present his side of the story
before an impartial decision-maker, be it a judge or jury. Honoring Ayla’s memory
requires no less.

Personally, I don’t see how releasing this information puts any more pressure on the ultimate decision-makers than they currently face. Either the Grand Jury felt there was enough for an indictment in Ayla’s case, or it didn’t. Releasing the information publicly is not going to change their minds, and will have no effect on the courts.

Reynolds is asking that members of the public urge the Maine attorney general’s office to “press for prosecution” of DiPietro.

“We base our decisions about filing charges on the evidence,” Deputy Attorney General William Stokes said Wednesday.

The attorney general’s office prosecutes all cases in which the medical examiner finds that an individual’s cause of death was homicide.
Bangor Daily News – 8/21/2013

This statement tells me there may be enough evidence to prove death, and perhaps murder, but not enough to determine the perpetrator. With three possible perpetrators (or more), it would be a very hard sell to a jury.

However, the Attorney General could re-approach the Grand Jury with lesser charges to receive an indictment for Justin, or possibly all three occupants of the house. We saw how well that worked with Misty Croslin, Tommy Croslin, and Ronald Cummings, the three responsible for the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings. They are all in prison on unrelated drug charges. To date, none of the three have breathed a word about what happened to Haleigh.

But I’m not worried about what the Attorney Generals office may or may not do. If I were Trista, I would be very worried about what Justin DiPietro might do about it.

Playing For Keeps

It appears to me that Trista Reynolds is gambling on Justin DiPietro’s loyalty to his family, his now ex-girlfriend, and his best friend. If arrested, will Justin keep his mouth shut and take the fall for all of them? I believe he already told us our answer long ago:

“the truth is the truth and when the case is solved, it will be out there.”

This was clearly a threat to all involved. Whatever “it” is, Justin expects to be protected. Judging from his words, he obviously has “it,” – it being the truth that others don’t want “out there.” Trista may suspect that putting Justin in jail will put the kind of pressure on him he needs to start spilling his guts. However, I predict that no amount of jail time will give Trista what she really wants; Justin will not give up the location of Ayla.

Justin DiPietro knows that if his baby is ever found, the terrible secret of what really happened to her will be revealed, and it will not be pretty. I shudder to think what that poor innocent child endured those last few terrible days with her father.

Be careful what you ask for Trista!

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