Statement Analysis® – Missing Toddler’s Mother pleads for information

by Grace4Ayla on July 4, 2012

But does she really?  With only one day left to claim the $30,000 reward for information leading to the recovery or discovery of Ayla Bell Reynolds, Trista Reynolds made several statements to the media. Let’s take a look at her words.  Remember, in Statement Analysis we don’t interpret what we think she meant, only what she says.  If she can’t say it, we can’t say it for her.  “I want information” is not the same thing as “I’d like to know some information, sure, if there is some to be had.” This is an example, not something Trista has said.

Let’s begin. The statement analysis will be in parenthesis, and personal comments in italics.


I want people to know that Ayla is still missing and would, (missing pronoun, who would? If she doesn’t say she would, we can’t either).

like, you know (this could be an attempt to persuade or a personal idiosyncrasy in speech).

just come out and say, (another missing pronoun, who does who want to just come out and say? could she be any vaguer? shouldn’t she be talking directly to those with information?  ask yourself what you would say?)

and say something. (This absolutely blows my mind.  She doesn’t want them to share what they might know, or tell where Ayla is, she just wants them to say something.)

Don’t, don’t be scared, (repetition can indicate deception)

just find it really deep down in your hearts (just is minimizing, if it were just that easy why would they need to find it deep in their hearts? deep is describing and an attempt to persuade, remember the easiest and shortest way to say something is the most honest. also the plural hearts shows she feels more than one person may know something. so now it seems Trista is starting to make sense, and we expect the rest of the sentence to say something like “find it in their hearts to report what they know”, but what does she say next?)

that like, (not will be, a given, a definite, but like?) as of tomorrow, there is no more reward for her.

Excuse me, but wtf?  She wants them to do what?  Look in their hearts and find what?  Compassion for Ayla?  Strength to come forward? Courage to do what is right? She wants them to find “it” in their hearts, and what is it? THERE IS NO MORE REWARD FOR “HER”.

Ok, now maybe she will tie it all together.  What does she say next?  Remember, order is important, so first Ayla is still missing and second, there is no more reward for her.

You know, and like (what do we know, like what?) time is running out (for what? she already told us there was no more reward.) the clock is ticking. (What is the clock ticking for, Trista? If she can’t tell us, we can’t infer.)

So lets add this to our list, Trista wants us to know that 1) Ayla is still missing 2)There is no more reward for her 3) Time is running out and 4) The clock is ticking.

Just, you know (the way she uses the word “just”, like it would be so easy, so casual, like Nike, just do it, do what? Why does she assume we know what she wants us to just do?)  even doing it anonymously, (even shows more minimizing.  she is talking about the tip that could bring home her baby. she can’t even say those words however, boiling her plea down to “doing it” instead of “reporting” “telling” “sharing”.  again ask yourself, what would you be saying if you had a chance to speak directly via the camera to the person who has information about your missing daughter?) say something for Ayla, just let her come home. (Again, this is ridiculously vague.  It is as if she is trying to think of what she should say, instead of what is naturally from her heart.  Which makes sense if she really doesn’t want anyone giving information out. Let her come home?  What does that even mean? Are they going to untie her and let her find her way? People choose their words for a reason. These are very passive words.)

Now, if it were me, I would say something like:

The reward ends tomorrow, but my little Ayla is still missing. Please, if anybody knows anything they think might even be remotely useful, call it in!  If you are frightened, you can call anonymously. Don’t do it for the reward, do it because it is the right thing to do for Ayla! Please, look deep down in your heart and call the police with what you know. Bring Ayla home. Do it now.  Please.

But that’s just me.

Let’s get back to what Trista is saying.

Just, (I hate that word) give a lead, give a tip, do whatever you can, (here Trista is acknowledging that someone might be restrained in what they can do, but why? why wouldn’t she want them to do “everything” they can? again, logically this should end with a plea for information, but what does Trista say?) but that reward is gone.

Why does she keep pointing this out? As of this taping, the reward wasn’t expired for one more day. Why is that so important to her to point out in the past tense?  Does that even make sense with the topic at hand? I thought she was pleading for information?

Then there, it’s like, (here we see her editing herself.  what could she have started to say? then there is no reason to come forward?) then there is no hope for someone to come out, because there’s no money.  (First, “someone” is intentionally hiding identity, she should have said “anyone”. Second, those in hiding come out, those with information come forward.  Finally, that is the third time she has mentioned the reward in the past tense, even though it hadn’t expired yet.)

So just, (just who? just what? who is she talking to?) please, please, please, just say something. (Vagueness again.  Tell us what you want Trista. Not once have you asked anyone to give you information to bring Ayla home.  You have only asked them to “say something”, do it “anonymously” and “let her come home”.) 

Just come out and say something, please.  Just please.  (Vague again.)

Ok, so maybe Ms. Trista was caught off-guard and hadn’t thought it all out.  Let’s look at another interview and see if it’s any better.

Here she is asked if she believes there is someone out there that knows something.

You know what I mean, like, I do. (If shortest and direct is best, this is a good example of overkill.) I believe there is somebody out there that knows something, (can we be any vaguer?  why can’t she just say, someone who knows where Ayla is.  is it that hard? why does she distance herself from the information by calling it “something”?) and if they are scared to talk, do it anonymously. (Do what? Again she cannot come out and actually say it.  Here Trista, I will say if for you, ‘turn the information in anonymously’.  I will even teach you how to say it.) You know what I mean?  (No, actually I have no clue.)

Like, you don’t gotta say your name. Just think of Ayla. (And do what? Is she finally going to tell us?) Think if, you know, what if you’re a parent and you do know something. (I find this an interesting sentence.  She wants the person, who does know something, to think what if they are a parent. What would that accomplish?)  What if it was your child? How would you feel? You would want someone to speak up for your child. (I will give you this one, Trista.  But is this how you feel?) You know, like, its – Ayla’s my child and I want someone to speak up for her. If they can. (Well, first she stops and starts, was she going to say “it’s my child”? but remembered to say Ayla’s name?  Then she does say she wants someone to speak up for Ayla, but she qualifies it:  If they can.)

Now I’m sorry, but if my 20 month old daughter were missing in these circumstances I would not want, but demand that whoever knows anything about it better tell all they know.  The only reason they could possibly give me for “they can’t” is because they are dead. But Trista says, in effect, I want you to, if you can.  If you can’t, well, that’s all right too.

What were Trista’s parting words to possibly speak to someone with information?

Just the little bit of thing (this was mumbled and unclear) but time really is running out right now. (The just is still minimizing, it sounded like she was mumbling, but the last thing Trista says? Not bring Ayla home, but “time is running out right now”.)

Unbelievable, but there you have it folks.


(Statement Analysis® is a registered trademark of Mark McClish.)

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