Statement Analysis® – More Texts Between Trista and Justin

by Grace4Ayla on February 1, 2013

Here is an analysis of the texts released in July, 2012, this time by an associate of Trista Reynolds. They were not released in order, but the sent messages were listed first, then Justin’s replies were listed after. The timestamps were off, because the only showed the date the associated received them from Trista’s phone, so I have eliminated them here. We have only Trista’s word and the references in the texts to guide us as to time. I have reconstructed them in an order I felt makes the most sense. Enjoy!

Truth or Lies?

First off let me preface this by saying that this was presented on Jeff Hanson, Trista Reynolds and Tori Gifford’s United blog, under the guise that Trista was working with police in order to get information on what happened to Ayla Reynolds. We can detect deception immediately because they use the word “with”, and statement analysis tell us the word shows distance. Trista is not working for the police. The texts are a staged attempt to make her look innocent in the conspiracy to kill Ayla for the insurance money, and to put pressure on Justin DiPietro to release the body so they can collect the life insurance policy as originally planned.

Trista: Hey its Trista so we are going on to five months you
ready yet to tell me where or what happened to Ayla? i am so tired of not
knowing if my Daughter is okay

The first question backs up her assertion that she is fishing for information. The order tells us what information is important. First she wants us to know when she is placing this text, then she wants to know where, and then alternately what happened to Ayla. This further confirms my suspicions that Justin DiPietro still has the body of Ayla Reynolds hidden, and Trista is desperate for him to release her and get on with the plan. Deception detected.

Trista: And not one person can give me hope that she is
still alive even with all the evidence. I just want to hold her again look into
her blue eyes see her beautiful
Trista: Smile kiss her soft cheeks wake up to her jumping in
her crib reaching her hands out yelling mommy mommy with a big smile on her
face. I want to feel her touch

Sentences starting with and often indicate missing information. Statements in the negative are doubly important. Note she uses the words “even with” all the evidence. The five month mark of Ayla’s disappearance was May 17th, 2012, shortly after items relating to Ayla were found in the Kennebec River near Justin’s home. She reports in her June 4 phone interview that she had some dark days.

She says she just wants to hold her, just is minimizing, then she drops the pronouns when she talks about looking at or seeing Ayla,and the rest of her diatribe. Trista did not want to do any of those things, especially the seeing part, except for possibly the last thing, but it was more about Trista’s comfort than Ayla’s, in my opinion. Being the daughter of sociopath, this is very familiar to me. It is all about them. Hug me. Love me. She only owns what Ayla gives her, her touch.

Trista: Ayla didn’t deserve what happened to her. She was so amazing sweet funny out going a very well behaved child. i really want to know where she is i want her
Trista: Home with me where she belongs. What bothers me the most is i trusted you to take good care of her and you let her and me down. I just don’t understand what
Trista: Ayla did for this to happen. i swear if i never went to rehab or fought with you to be in her life she would still be here with me right now.

I think we are starting to see some honesty coming out of Trista now. She doesn’t “really” want to know where Ayla is, she “wants” her. To me this means she wants the body found so they can continue their plans. She is now starting to admit that she knows Justin abused Ayla, and this is why he couldn’t release the body. She trusted Justin to stick to the plan and take care of their “pot of gold” until “the right time”, but Justin has delayed that time. She then places blame on the victim, asking Justin what Ayla did to deserve the beating, but I believe she knows exactly why.

I believe that Trista was planning to double cross Justin by filing the papers she did the day before the “accident.” She couldn’t keep her big mouth shut, and Justin found out Friday. He killed Ayla in a rage – if he wasn’t going to get the money, no one would. He hid her body. Later that night, Trista showed up looking for Ayla and Justin told her she couldn’t have her. Jeff, Justin and Trista then concocted the kidnapping scheme with everyone agreeing to their parts. Justin was to keep the body hidden until it was decomposed enough to be released. His first attempt were the items in the river, but true to Justin’s nature, he screwed up again. I think at this point he became more frightened that they would still be able to tell cause of death, so he only released small traces of her.

Trista: What am i suppose to think when all of the evidence
points to the worst. Not one person including you can give me that little bit
of hope that my baby girl is
Trista: Alive and alright and coming home to me . The pain i
feel everyday is unbearable.

I believe this text is most likely totally contrived. It doesn’t even sound like Trista.

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