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by Grace4Ayla on January 15, 2013

Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 1.08.13 PMSince May of 2012, Trista Reynolds, mother of missing toddler Ayla Bell Reynolds has been complaining that law enforcement officials have not been sharing important information with her; specifically, that they have not shown her the items found in the sluiceway of the Kennebec River in late April of that same year. But is this the truth? Just as with many other topics related to her daughter’s demise, her words about the river items have been quite contradictory at times, begging the question why are the items such a sensitive topic?

As recently as January 3, 2013, Trista met with Maine State Police to be given an update on the progress of the case. Did they finally show her the river items? Unfortunately, we cannot say for certain. Strangely, Trista Reynolds refused all interviews after the meeting.

Using statement analysis, let’s take a look back at all of Trista’s words regarding the river findings, and see if we can glean any new information. As MSP spokesperson Steve McCausland said, one family is talking, the other isn’t. Let’s see what they’re really saying…

To See or Not To See

The river items were first found on April 25, 2012, during a routine maintenance operation in which the water levels of the dam are periodically lowered for cleaning. These items were immediately sent out to a lab for testing where they remained for several months. A few weeks after these items were found, MSP conducted another search in the same area where more items were recovered on May 10. On May 12, Trista claimed LE told her that they would show her the items to see if she could identify them, yet on May 19, the report became that she was told (not shown), that the newest items were not related to the case and the older items were still being tested. Then, eleven days later, on May 31, Trista claimed she was told by MSP that the river items do appear to confirm that Ayla is dead and were a contributing factor in their decision to declare her “likely deceased.” She told this to her stepfather, Jeff Hanson, who immediately leaked the information via email to some of his online followers. You can read about the leak here.

Statement Analysis: Trista Reynolds’ May 17th AP Interview

On May 17, 2012 in an article released by the Associated Press Trista Reynolds had this to say:

“It’s so hard to stay positive.We wake up every morning and there’s a possibility that she’s out there, there’s a possibility that she’s coming home to me. Every morning I wake up and say, ‘Please let today be the day. Please let me have some answers.’”

She seems to be focused on herself. If Ayla were out there alive, shouldn’t she be thinking about her?

  • Instead, Trista states coming home to me, which doesn’t indicate whether she feels Ayla is possibly still alive, only that Ayla is still possibly ‘out there.’

Shouldn’t she be worried about what Ayla is going through? What Ayla is wondering about why she isn’t at home?

  • She then prays that today be the day, but for what? For Ayla to be found alive? No, just for Trista herself to have answers.
  • Trista changes from we to me and I during this statement, which does not reflect a change of reality, nor is she speaking for others. This is a sign of possible deception.

What could she be deceiving us about with this plea?

“There’s a lot of frustration. There’s a lot of anger. There’s a lot of sadness. There’s a lot of hurt,” said Reynolds, who said she’s having difficulty sleeping and eating.

Unfortunately we don’t have the question this was the answer to, but the article was previously referring to Trista waiting for more information about the river items found in April.

  • There’s a lot of – She is not owning the frustration, anger, sadness or hurt with her words, but she apparently does own the not sleeping and eating, which although signs of grief, are also signs of guilt and fear, two emotions she does not name.

I would think the biggest feeling Trista could have at this point would be fear. After all, her daughter is missing, blood was found, a life insurance policy was bought and now items that could be related to her are being tested. I would be petrified that they were going to say Ayla might be deceased, which is exactly what police did say a few days later.

Finally, she ends the interview with this tidbit:

“I really love Ayla. I’m begging and I’m pleading and I’m praying to whoever knows something, to please come forward.”

  • Why does this mother feel the need to tell us she really loves Ayla? Does she not feel this is obvious to us?
  • Again, she is extremely vague as to what information she wants. She just wants whoever knows something to come forward.

What she could have said is ‘I am begging and pleading to anyone who knows anything that might help,’ but she doesn’t. She reiterates this vague desire in her June 29, 2012 interview regarding the expiring reward.

It seems as though Trista Reynolds is trying to think of what a mother in her supposed shoes would say, but she doesn’t own the feelings with her statements.

Further Developments

By September 17, 2012, we were told that most of the evidence had been processed, yet McCausland still would not reveal any information about the river items.

Then, at the December 14, 2012 press conference, we found out that MSP had met with Justin, Phoebe and Elisha DiPietro in October for a “frank” discussion about the evidence and the status of the case. This seemed to send Trista into a frenzy. She immediately started giving interviews, vilifying Justin DiPietro and decrying the actions of investigators.

“They’ve been doing this for six months,” she said of the delays. “Six months ago, when all this stuff came up in the river, they told me they wanted to sit down and show things to me, and they still haven’t done it. Now they’re playing games with me.”

“For a year I’ve been waiting and I’ve been patient. I’ve done everything they’ve asked.”

  • stuff – shows Trista is now minimizing the river evidence, which she had previously cited as one of the main reasons LE felt Ayla was deceased, as simply stuff.
  • told – tells us that her relationship with police was as strained then, as it is now.

On January 3, 2013, Trista had her own update meeting with MSP. She has refused interviews since that time. There have been no revelations on her blog either. What could this mean?

Putting It All Together

Although I hadn’t intended to bring astrology onto this blog, since my other website is being over-hauled, I will say that Trista’s planetary transits on that day show she may have received very bad news.

If we view this bad news through the same three lenses defined in this earlier post, we will see yet again that only my theory of collaboration between Trista and Justin makes sense. To recap, the possible theories are:

  • Theory #1: Trista kidnapped Ayla and is hiding her, and wants everyone to think she is dead.
  • If this premise were true, the bad news would have been that they now do not believe that Ayla is dead, and they are starting to suspect her. I would expect her to immediately go on the defensive, giving out even more information about the crime, just as she was doing before the meeting. Yet now she is silent.

  • Theory #2: Justin DiPietro killed Ayla and hid her body.
  • If this were the case, the bad news could have been that although they believe Ayla is dead, they do not have enough evidence to convict anyone. If I were the parent of a missing child being told this, it would both devastate and enrage me, so again Trista’s silence makes this unlikely. Also, police stated VERY clearly on December 14, 2012 that they were not giving up, so it is far too early for this kind of news.

  • Theory #3: Some Other Dude Did It – A stranger abducted Ayla and is keeping her hidden.
  • This theory is completely implausible at this point, as police have stated several times that no abduction took place.

  • Theory #4: Trista and Justin were in on the plot together, but something happened (filing for custody?) that enraged him and he accidentally killed Ayla with abuse, and could not call 911. Like a lot of parents in that position, he hid the body, lied to Trista, and has basically been hiding ever since.
  • I believe that on January 3, MSP told Trista that they didn’t have enough evidence for Murder One, but they planned to prosecute Justin anyway. If my theory is correct, this would be enough to send Trista spiraling. She knows that if they charge Justin with anything, he is going to spill his guts.

It should also be noted that Trista has two Facebook accounts, one is public, the other private. Her public page hasn’t been updated since December; She disabled her private one. This is very disturbing news to me. If she were truly innocent, wouldn’t she want to keep her page open so she can spread awareness about Ayla? What if someone wanted to give her a tip?

Why is Trista Reynolds in hiding all of a sudden? And why was Ray Fortier, Trista’s incarcerated former fiance, brought to the Cumberland County Sheriffs office on June 6, Aug 2 and Dec 4 of 2012? The first and last meetings were by an order from a judge, but during the August visit he was being held for another agency. Which agency could that be, I wonder. MSP? FBI?

Something is about to spill. Stay tuned!

(Statement Analysis® is a registered trademark of Mark McClish.)

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