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by Grace4Ayla on January 19, 2013

In early June of 2012, Jeff Hanson merged his original blog, Answers For Ayla, with another blog run by former Justin DiPietro associate, Tori Gifford. While both blogs discussed the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds, long-time readers will recall that it was Answers for Ayla that was responsible for dealing with the fall-out of Jeff’s original website, which had released such damning evidence against Justin DiPietro as the blood evidence, the life-insurance policy and other rumors. Since the blog merger, Hanson has stayed true to form, using his new “United” blog to further muddy the waters and line his pockets.

This was most notably seen after co-blogger Tori Gifford suddenly left the blog on September 14, 2012 citing a nasty email from Trista Reynolds as the cause for her departure.

Let’s take a look at this email and see who is really behind United For Ayla, and just how united are they?

United For Ayla? Or United against Justin DiPietro?

First, let’s take a look at what Tori Gifford claims happened.

A few days before I lost my wifi connection at home, I received a pretty nasty email from Trista Reynolds. After 6 or more months of writing about her daughter’s case and keeping Ayla’s name out there even at times putting my own family in danger to do so, I was pretty upset that the first time she reached out to me was to verbally accost me. I am not going to get into what her issue was but it was not about Ayla and it was completely baseless. I chose not to engage her and left it at that. Trista informed me that she did not want me having anything to do with her daughter’s case or the blog, unfortunately for Trista, this is not her blog and she has never been apart of this blog and before I even agreed to the merger I made sure I would not have to ask her permission on what to write or have to coddle her. I was assured I would not have to and have since been reassured that is still the case. It isn’t fair to blame Trista however for my absence because she isn’t the reason I stopped participating in all things related to Ayla.

  • She starts out with an explanation so, since, before indicates a need to explain, indicating deception. We know deception and Mrs. Gifford are not strangers.
  • She next tells us she received a pretty nasty email. This is extra emphasis indicating sensitivity. She was pretty upset, another sensitivity indicator.
  • She states this is the first time Trista reached out which is minimizing language, a nasty email where you are “verbally accosted” is not reaching out.

We know, however, that Tori and Trista had collaborated at least once before on the disastrous text message posts in which Tori tried to claim that Trista was working for police to draw information out of Justin DiPietro, so this can’t be the first time she has reached out.

Statement analysis tells us to be on guard for anything stated in the negative as being extra sensitive.

  • When Tori tells us that Trista’s issue was not about Ayla, you can bet dollars to doughnuts it WAS about Ayla, as we shall soon see.
  • She also claims it was completely baseless, with deception indicated.

Her next negative statements are:

  • this is not her blog, she has never been apart of the blog
  • before she even agreed – so she admits to agreeing, she made sure she would not have to ask Trista’s permission or coddle her.

That seems like a strange question to ask her co-blogger before a merger of two blogs about Trista Reynolds missing child. She would never have to ask Trista’s permission for anything? What rights does Jeff Hanson have to Ayla Reynolds? None. The only two people with rights to Ayla are Justin DiPietro and Trista Reynolds. No one can say diddly squat about their daughter without their permission. Why was Tori allowed to do so before the merger? Why are so many people, myself included, allowed to do so now? I have released the exact same text messages another blogger received a cease and desist order demanding they be removed, yet I haven’t heard a thing. Not even when I use the term Ayla’s law. Trista is strangely silent about that. Of course, I could always claim I had permission through Jeff just like Tori did, but we see where that got Tori, off the blog.

She finishes with more negative statements.

  • it isn’t fair to blame Trista – which means that she does
  • she isn’t the reason she stopped participating in all things Ayla – so she is the reason.

Statement Analysis: Trista Reynolds Email to Tori Gifford

Here is the email exchange between Trista and Tori as sent to me via facebook.

Trista: Hello Tori so i got a question. Did you give someone person to start a tweeter account for Ayla????

Tori: Not for Ayla, for the blog United For Ayla
I told Megan she could start a twitter account to post updates for blog posts

Trista: that still for Ayla and I do not appreciate you going and giving permission to someone to do something for my DAUGHTER when it was not run by me
you are not her mother

Tori: The name of the twitter account is United for Ayla not Ayla Reynolds

Trista: It does not matter it is still about Ayla and it was never run by me and just because you teamed up with Jeff on the web page dose not give you the right or permission to say yes to things like that until I am consulted about it

Tori: Trista no offense but I was asked to team up with Jeff. I did so and have spent numerous hours online not only writing to keep Ayla’s name out there so people don’t forget your daughter. I have been harassed, my children have been put in danger, I don’t do this for money and I was never told I had to ask for your permission before I made any decisions. Jeff told me that I would be in charge of the blog. The twitter account only lists blog updates which allows more people to see the blog and hence more people to get Ayla’s name out there.

Trista: Okay well I never asked for you to be apart of this and I really dont want you to be apart of the blog I dont want you having any information about MY DAUGHTER and you may not get money out of it but you do ask for money if I remember correctly you asked for money for your electricity bill.

Trista starts out first asking Tori if she gave someone permission to start a Twitter account for Ayla. We see Tori answer her question.

  • Trista responds with that which is distancing herself from what comes after.
  • (is) still for Ayla – so even while distancing herself from things that are still for Ayla she is reaming Tori out for doing something not run by me. She doesn’t want anything to do with it, but she doesn’t want anyone else to either?

Her next statement is also in the negative.

  • She tells Tori she is not Ayla’s mother, instead of pointing out that she herself is Ayla’s mother, making this a sensitive topic for Ms. Trista Reynolds. Why isn’t she proud that she is Ayla’s mother?

Tori’s response? Tori sticks to to subject. Trista reacts by then putting Tori in her place. We can clearly see who is behind everything Ayla. At this point Tori has had enough; yet despite pointing out all she has done for Trista’s daughter, Trista continues to let Tori know that she is the power behind all things Ayla. Trista then finishes by reminding Tori of some of her more unattractive behavior.

So Many Questions

From this brief but telling exchange we can clearly see that Trista Reynolds is the one in control of the information about Ayla Reynolds seen online.

This begs the following questions:

  • How did she find out about the amount of the blood?
  • How did she find out about the life insurance policy?
  • How does she know Justin called Derek before he called 911? Was she there?
  • Where is Trista Reynolds now?

What the Public Wants to Know

I borrowed this comment from another blog, but since the blogger and I are friends, I’m sure he won’t mind. If he does, he knows how to reach me.

Looking At The Facts 1/18/13, 7:53 AM

Thank you Obscure. I have been saying this from the first time SA put out a piece on Ayla. I would love to see Peter pull Trista’s words apart.

This has always got to me.
On January 18 Trista says: “The police have told me I can tell people whatever I want about the investigation, but that they won’t back me up with it,” Reynolds said.

Then that same week when it comes down to talking with Peter this happens: * Blogtalk Radio cancelled a scheduled interview with the tot’s mother Trista Reynolds Sunday after Reynolds delineated areas she would not address, citing the advice of law enforcement. The Peter Hyatt show had planned to provide Trista Reynolds with advance questions, but upon learning of the subject-matter restrictions, canceled, noting synchronicity between the intended questions and the restricted areas. Those areas included Justin DiPietro, his girlfriend Courtney Roberts, family, and Ayla’s bruising and broken arm.

So my question is which is it? Can she say whatever she wants or Can she not talk about certain things, or was she just afraid Peter would use her words and prove her to be a liar?

How about it, Trista? It’s not just me asking anymore.

What Really Happened to Ayla Reynolds?

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