Statement and Behavioral Analysis-Trista Reynolds text messages to Justin DiPietro

by Grace4Ayla on November 20, 2012

Now that we have taken a look at Trista Reynolds’ and Justin DiPietro’s public statements, let’s change gears and review some of the oh so private messages the two supposedly shared, shall we?

Here is a review of the infamous Justin/Trista text messages released by an anonymous public blogger that were allegedly sent between Trista Reynolds and Justin DiPietro during the months of January and February 2012. We do not have Justin DiPietro’s side of the conversation, so this is not a proper analysis, yet I found some very interesting nuggets I wanted to share.

First off we should note that January 16, 2012 is the same day this interview was released. She starts off claiming “doubt” about whether or not Justin is telling the truth, although it was pretty much revealed that he had failed his polygraph test.

 She said she exchanged a few text messages with DiPietro while her son Raymond was hospitalized recently with an illness but that he stopped responding more than a week ago.

I guess the article got his attention, eh? The article goes on to say:

“Justin thought that a lot,” said Reynolds. “He always thought that I would be the one to take her. I always wondered why he was so scared about that. Now that people are bringing it to my attention, I’m going back and saying, wait a minute. I never went to get her because I thought she was OK and well cared for.”

But did she? She said on Nancy Grace on Dec. 19, 2011 that she filed for custody because she was worried about Ayla’s well being and she says the same thing on her own timeline, the broken arm and his refusal to let her speak with her daughter being the reasons she cited.

I emphasized Trista’s words “I would be the one to take her” because I believe that she did show up that night looking for Ayla after she didn’t receive a phone call saying Ayla was dead. Justin told her what happened, but he had already hid the body. A fight ensued, but Trista was too late.

With that being said, on to the text messages!

January 16

 Trista: U know just as well as i do if i was clean and not using I wouldn’t have had to go to rehab and ask u to take ayla.

Here Trista clearly states she asked Justin to take Ayla. When would she have had time to do this? She went to detox the day after her altercation with Jessica, so we can assume she called him from there. It took him five days to get to Lewiston to pick up Ayla, and he felt he needed a police escort. Phoebe accompanied him, but she stayed in the car.

Note: Trista uses the words “clean” and “using” which indicates drugs, although media reports have always claimed alcohol. She also proves she asked Justin to take Ayla, instead of her public claims (which show deception*) that Justin  “kidnapped” Ayla from her through DHHS as she was currently reporting.

Trista: You being w courtney and having ayla being the family that i want us to give ayla weather it ment us just getting together to take ayla out or really being a family. Its all ive wanted since i was 15 to have children and start a family. Why do u think i rushed into w ray i thought ayla and I were missing

What is Trista explaining here to Justin? It sounds to me like she is explaining why she is upset. I realize she is texting, so I am leery of reading too much into tense, but, she clearly states “want” as opposed to “wanted” and “being” and “having.” If she knew Ayla was dead, I would expect this to be past tense. Trista found out about the blood on Jan. 28. Why is this text truncated? What did she think her and Ayla were missing?

January 17

Trista: Are you going to the vigil. I want to go but I don’t got a ride. I’m so mad I want to be there for our daughter.
Trista: Seeing u cry just broke my heart. I know you love ayla and I can’t wait for her to be returned to us.

so mad” – extra words.

“our daughter” is generally the language of step or co-parenting, or when there are other parental figures, even if unmarried. Trista had sole custody of Ayla for 18 months, while Justin only had her for two.

“just broke” – just is minimizing. Trista is not being sincere.

Trista: Someday when I see u face to face ill tell u but texting half a book about my life to explain would take hours. U may not believe but i am sorry for putt[ing] hatred toward u

“You may not believe (me)” – because she has lied to him in the past.

“but” – behold the underlying truth – “I am sorry”

What did Justin ask Trista to explain to him? It sounds like it was a very interesting question. What is she apologizing to him for? It seems to be about her and her families statements to the media about Justin’s treatment of Ayla. That is a pretty strong word “hatred.” In what other ways did she “put hatred toward” Justin? Does she believe his story at this point? She seems to. More importantly, why isn’t Justin demanding to know where Ayla is? None of these texts seem to indicate that he is even mad at her at this point.

January 18

Trista: We both are dealing with this and sometimes I wish we could just cry together. No one understands how we are feeling or what we are dealing

Trista: And justin when i say we i mean ayla u and me

I find these texts very interesting. Here Trista blatantly says they are going through the same thing and that could only happen if they were in on the plot together. Up until now Trista was publicly proclaiming she felt Justin had something to do with Ayla’s disappearance.

Justin announced on January 14, 2012 that he had taken his polygraph early on in the investigation, although he refused to say what police told him the results were. I would be willing to guess the police asked Justin some difficult questions.

On the day before this text, Heidi Tudela had this to say about Justin’s polygraph:

“It is not that black and white the police know that. Shame on them. They would not “show” him the results. I would have wanted to see the results myself. And they only explained parts of it. Secondly you do not pass or fail a polygraph It is evaluated one question at a time. So each question can be evaluated. For example Justin was asked “did you have any knowledge of Ayla’s disappearance” He said “No” He may have been thinking in the back of his mind well except for I think I know who may have taken her. Which he does have some thoughts on that… So then the police can say Justin the way you answered a question on Ayla was “questionable” that is all they have to tell him unfortunately. But no one knows that or understands. So again I would want to see the actual results but they would not show him those on that Justin is absolutely correct. And Katie is also correct they can tell him anything they want in an investigation like this and have I have seen them do it. It is like watching a tv show!! We understand why they have to do it and so does Justin but the fact is they are still doing it so hard to believe what they say! They even came to him and told him Ayla was dead very sad. And of course it was not true. So there’s so much more that I wish people understood.”
-Heidi Tudela – January 17 at 7:07pm

Trista’s text was sent to Justin on the same day that she took her polygraph. What is the “this” Trista refers to as them both dealing with, that would include her, Ayla and Justin? It sounds good at first glance, but something seems wrong. The second text may have been added to include Ayla, because Trista knew one day they would be read. If they had both taken polygraphs, and been asked hard questions, and failed, how could Ayla share in that feeling? By the way, how did Heidi Tudela “see” the police tell Justin “anything they want” in an investigation “like this”? Clearly she could not have been allowed in the interrogation room with Justin and she excludes Ayla’s disappearance, so has Justin been questioned in another investigation in which Heidi was allowed to attend? Remember, she has known Justin since he was a child.

Trista: Im ready to go on a murdering spree

Whoa!  Now this doesn’t sound like the mother of a missing child who has no idea who stole her baby, and believes everything Justin has told her thus far! Who would she murder? Why would she feel like this after visiting with the police all afternoon?

Trista: I dont know I just told my step dad ayla was the only one in the room so i dont know. Justin i cant control what ppl write and he controls thd site im talking to him

I am not exactly sure what this text is about, although I do remember some talk early on about it being unusual for Ayla to be sleeping upstairs alone when she usually slept downstairs with Justin. Which makes no sense at all if you figure in there was no bed there until Dec. 15, when Justin claims in his texts to Trista that he went to retrieve it “after she went to bed.” Does this mean he left a 20-month old child alone in a basement to sleep? Isn’t the window in the basement broken and covered with plastic? Wouldn’t that be cold for poor Ayla?

But more importantly, what “site” is Trista talking about? If she is talking about, I don’t remember much controversy during the first few weeks. I do recall it being mentioned on the Angela Harry website about Ayla being the only one in the room, is that what Trista is talking about here? Is it a coincidence that this is the same week Angela Harry’s website went up?  (And her story down?)

January 19

Trista: My step dad has a timeline of ayla he wants you to see and have a copy of it.

By the next day we see Trista still communicating about the website and the timeline. Why did Jeff and Trista want Justin to have a copy of the timeline where she accuses him of illegally snatching Ayla away from Jessica, as well as the abuse of Ayla on his visits with her prior? Before it was released? Does this make any sense at all?

Trista: He would love to. U got an email? If not he said he would make you one and put it on ay’s page.

Love? Are you kidding me? Jeff is now providing Justin an email at For the man they think murdered Ayla? What did Justin ask Jeff to do that he just “loved” doing for him? Creating another website perhaps? Remember, this is the same week Angela Harry’s website went up.

 Trista: Jeff is nothing like my family hes a smart intellegent man

This shows us why Trista turned to Jeff in her hour of need.

January 20

Trista: Where u trying to make courtney ays mom? From what ive read she spent every weekend w u and ayla. Justin that girl saw ayla more then me and im her mother that hurts

Apparently Trista has read the Angela Harry website and is now confronting Justin with the details.

Trista: Im not mad just really hurt. But i guess i know what it must felt like for you when ray was always w her and not u. Im sorry u didnt get to meet her when she first came into the word im truly sorry justin

This text confuses me because of later texts where Trista speaks about her and Ayla buying Justin his first Father’s Day card, which would have been when Ayla was 2 months old. I understand he wasn’t there at her birth, but clearly he was aware of her when she was tiny.

Trista: Like no one can replace u. I do feel like I owe courtney a thank u for being there for our daughter. U tell me theres no reason to be jealous and there is alot to be jealous about.

Did Justin tell Trista she ought to thank Courtney? Unbelievable. For sleeping with her boyfriend and saddling her with his unwanted kid, and she is caught up in the ungodly kidnapping mess? I think Trista owes Courtney something more like an apology.

Trista: Im having a serious break down and u know whats funny my family tell me it not there problem. Nice huh? U r lucky to have a family that is there for u and supports u

Here we see the real truth behind the Reynolds/Hanson family. Using Trista but never there for her when she needs them. Terribly sad. Perhaps if they had supported her more before Ayla’s disappearance this could have all been averted? We will never know.

Trista: I don’t have a doctor so some therapist want u to be hospitalized befor they will treat and i dont want to go into a mental hospital the media would eat that shit up and i cant leave ray my lil man needs me. Its ok. I know I need to get bk on my meds but I don’t want to go inpatient I cant leave lilman I haven’t had any of them since October. Im hoping community counseling has openings they r a walk in clinic

Here Trista gives us insight into her mental illness.

Trista: I love how pple have nothing better to do w themselfs that they have to talk shit. Justin u believe me right?

Missing information here, but it seems like Justin has accused her of lying about him.

Trista: Justin I didn’t right it I don’t want to fight I asked for some things to be changed why do I get the blame for my family and their actions

This makes sense, it appears they are discussing a timeline of sorts. Again, note the timing. She had just released the timeline on this day. What things could she already be talking about changing?

Trista: I didn’t take ayla justin and I don’t know who did I can’t believe you think I would do that to our daughter. I left her with u because you could provide for her give her a stable living environment i told you all this i wanted her with you.

Finally, we see Justin confront Trista about taking Ayla. This is interesting in light of Heidi Tudela’s earlier statement that the police had told Justin Ayla was dead. I would be interested to know what the “that” is Trista refers to. Is “that” kidnapping Ayla, or selling her? Trista obviously doesn’t have her, so what else could Justin be accusing her of?

Trista: U take them as lies and I have told the media Justin and im not agaisnt u or ur family I will not speak for my family but ive neuer been agaisnt u guys.

Here we see Justin again accuse Trista of lying. I wonder if this is about the abuse they allege in the timeline?

January 23

Trista: I wanted to talk to u about my interview. I told bryan I painted the negative pic of you in the beginning . that u are a wonderful person a wonderful dad and I take full blame for you not knowing about ayla.

January 24

Trista: U r on nancy grace.
Trista: They r talking about our polygraphs
Trista: Im ready to kill

I re-read the transcript for this show and I can’t figure out what made Trista so mad. The show states several times that Trista felt Ayla was alive and well at this time. What could possibly have Trista this riled up?

February 2

Trista: Justin stop getting mad, I didn’t hear just from nancy grace. Msp has told me that themselfs what would u do if this was the other way around and you were on the outside like me I believe you justin I know you wouldn’t hurt ayla

Here we see Justin confronting Trista, and it seems to be about him hurting Ayla. This is in direct contradiction with several news interviews and right after the blood information was released. Why does she still believe Justin never hurt Ayla? She also says MSP “told” her, which indicates tension. Most interesting of all, Trista introduces the phrase ‘on the outside’ indicating that she views herself as somehow outside of these events. Yet previously she says no one but Justin knows what she is going through. Being on the “outside” somehow infers that there is an “inside.” Who is on the inside? Apparently Trista knows, because she knows she is on the “outside.”

February 3

Trista: Hey hunnie. I didn’t hang up on you. Ronnies phone ran out of talking minutes. Don’t know whats left for texting ill stay in contact as much as I can

Again, we see Trista keeping in touch with Justin.

February 6

Trista: Yeah but why are they saying they know for sure it warmt an abduction and it came from inside your house? I’ll defend you all the way and I’ll keep doing. You are A good dad justin and I know you loved Ayla.

What is the it? Is she referring to the blood? Who is they, the police? The media? Note the past tense “loved” Ayla. Trista is slipping up on her tenses.

Trista: Oh and have you heard anymore from bob

Trista is speaking of Bob Vear, the self-admitted pedophile friend of Justin’s family who helped organize the vigil where Trista confronted Justin with the blood evidence. Use of the word “anymore” indicates there were previous contacts, yet Justin claims he didn’t know Bob Vear.

Trista: I didnt think you did or would Justin and im sorry for asking dont even know why i did. And i truly dont believe you would ever do something to our daughter.

Trista: Justin I hear you hunnie. And you know when i noticed something i came to you but i dont want to think they would do something but maybe they would for us Because thats my family and they thought by telling you that you would stay away but you didnt

This is a very interesting text. What did Trista “notice” that she went to Justin for answers about? This is concerning to me because it appears as if she asked Justin if he had done “something” to Ayla, right after she asks about Bob Vear. Did she know at that point he was a pedophile?

She doesn’t want to think her family would do what? What does “for us” mean? What did they tell Justin to make him “stay away” that didn’t work? Was this before or after Ayla disappeared?

Trista: To fight beautse you know my family has always hated seeing us get along and being parent to Ayla together

This seems to be another explanation of why her family might “do” something “for” Justin and Trista to make Justin stay away, “something” that would cause them to “fight.” Her statement “my family has always hated seeing us get along and being parent” makes no sense. Justin had five visitations with Ayla and none of them included Trista. Trista claims that she and Justin were having an illicit affair which was during Justin and her “alone” time. Why does that remind me of Debbie Bradley’s “adult time?”

Trista: Aylas bday is in 2 months and I dont want us missing that especially since u didnt get to be with us last year. So I give u permission to put up on aylas website that you or I do not agree with any events by bob for ayla. You know i wish i could turn to your family for support but i bet i wouldnt get it

Here is a prime example of things that make absolutely no sense unless you view them with the premise of complicity in mind. Justin has never posted or commented on any website that I am aware of, yet here is Trista giving him permission to post on Jeff’s website about Ayla’s events. Could this mean Justin is indeed helping out with the blogs in secret? Perhaps he has his own “Ayla” website?

Trista: Why do you think i said i know they wouldnt. Justim i never ment for your family to hate me or not like me thats the last thing i wanted. As long as i know I got you i con turn to thats all that matters you got to admitt we have come along way with one another

Why would Trista ever think it was possible for Justin’s family to support her?  I can only speculate that she thought they might if Ayla came home. This must still be in the time frame of when Justin and Trista “told each other everything” that she refers to in her June 4, 2012 telephone interview with Chelsea Hoffman.

 Trista: Justin its crazy shit thats all. Lance alright? And weather you saw it or not i know lance wouldnt just fucking hit someone so he prob had a good reason

Here we see Trista asking Justin about the Justin Linnell assault and defending her reasoning for doing so. She was apparently a “close” friend of Lance’s.

February 10


Here is a perfect example of a red herring. Obviously if Trista received such an email she would have notified LE immediately, and the email would have been traced back to the originator and that person interviewed and investigated.  I would assume if the e-mail had validity Justin would be at least charged with suspected child abuse at this point. Also, if the email (and this text) were real, it would seem that Trista was finally done with Justin’s lies, and started putting two and two together, but no, subsequent texts show she is back on the kool-aid.

So what is the purpose of this text? If the plan was for Justin to murder Ayla for the life insurance money, I believe he would need to “dehumanize” her first. I believe this message is a plant to make Trista look bad. Because the rest of the texts were real, she couldn’t dispute just one. I believe this was a way for Justin to control Trista. At this point, she needs Ayla’s body for the life insurance payout, but Justin needs her to remain hidden a little longer, so his abuse isn’t so obvious. Or maybe he has changed his mind and doesn’t want to go to prison and has hidden Ayla from everyone?

February 20

Trista: Justin the life insurance was not explained very well and you did say you were looking into terminating cs. Look heres the truth my family is saying we are releasing this weather i want it to be or not justin they put in my head you did this and hunnie you dont help with making yourself look like a monster when u aren’t out there begging and pleading and msp have a lot to do with it and i have told everyone u are not a monster

I am not sure if this text is dated properly, because the life insurance policy information was released by Trista on February 14, six days earlier, yet here she is using present tense.  Using the wrong tense can indicate deception, if the date is right. Another indication of deception is the phrase “look, here’s the truth” meaning here comes the lie.

February 23

Trista: Can I have back all of aylas things that you may have especially her new clothes I had just bought for her I know msp took a lot for evident. do you think you could do that? I had a dream she came home and it seemed so real.

In late April and early May items pertaining to Ayla Reynolds were found in the Kennebec River in Waterville. I expect that LE would have taken everything of Ayla’s for DNA testing, but we know from Phoebe’s Morning Sentinel interview picture that her toys and things were still in the home when the family returned.

All in all, there is so much unexplained in these texts. I believe these texts show complicity not only between Justin and Trista, but between Jeff and Justin and the blogs as well.

My next post will be on the statement analysis of Trista’s June 4, 2012 phone interview.

Stay tuned folks, we are just getting started!

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