Summertime Blues

by Grace4Ayla on June 1, 2015

Greetings everyone from us here at Justice For Ayla. Summer is now upon us, with June 17th marking three and half years since Ayla Bell Reynolds went missing from her bed in Waterville, ME.

While her parents make their summer plans with their respective families, Ayla waits.

While Courtney has “the time of her life”, Ayla waits.

As you read these words, Ayla waits.

So what is up with those surrounding the disappearance of Ayla?  Trista is working at Five Guys Burger and Fries, in Portland, ME and is busy lobbying for the Cold Case Fund. She is living at home with her father and Frankie Maines. No word on whether she has reunited with Anthony.

Jeff is likewise lobbying and using his blog to help bring a cold case squad to Maine. Does he think he will be able to con them better than he did MSP?

No word on Justin DiPietro. Best way to get information on him is to check the court records to see if he has either: a) been arrested again or b) put another kid up for adoption. He and Trista are tied now. Which one will pop out another one first? (My bet is on Trista)

Courtney Roberts, however, is all over Facebook.

Wine Night

Wasn’t it a Friday night when Ayla went missing? Could it be that Jeff and Trista actually leaked some truth when they said Justin left the house that night at 8:00 pm for wine?

While Courtney drinks her wine, Ayla waits.

How long must Ayla wait?

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