Tainting the Jury Pool

by Grace4Ayla on August 5, 2013

Recently on the United4Ayla blog, Jeff Hanson (speaking on behalf of Trista Reynolds) revealed his immediate intention to release the so-called “unequivocal” evidence which proves the murder and death of Ayla Bell Reynolds. For many months, Jeff and Trista have asserted that Maine State Police originally showed this evidence to Trista on January 3rd, 2013. Trista’s new boyfriend, Alex Fazzi, and Alex’s mother were also allegedly in attendance at this revelatory meeting.

A Dangerous Game

Jeff Hanson first dropped the bombshell in a comment on his site on July 16, 2013:

Answers For Ayla
July 16, 2013 at 8:19 PM

Dee; I don’t think Justin’s arrest proves anything in Ayla’s case (except maybe his alleged response to his arrest), but even you can agree that an opportunity has opened up for LE.

As far as your last question.. I still have reasonable doubtnot because of the amount of Ayla’s blood found in his room, but because MSP has not arrested him for it.

We will let the public decide by releasing the “unequivocal evidence”.. before the summer is out..

Unsurprisingly, this shocking announcement promptly incited such concerned replies as:

July 16, 2013 at 10:23 PM

Answers For Ayla,
You ask me a serious question before, now I’d like to ask a couple of you.

Are you no longer concerned about jeopardizing the case?
I thought MSP ask that Trista not reveal the details concerning the “unequivocal evidence”, so as not to jeopardize the case? (or has that changed)
What about the NDA?
Have you grown weary because of MSP inaction?

And what was Jeff’s response? You guessed it! More lies, vagueness and evasive language.

Answers For Ayla
July 17, 2013 at 7:53 AM

Anon 10:23; Your assumptions are correct.

mckeekitty; I’m not trying to be cryptic, we have told you all along that more than a cup of Ayla’s blood was found in Justin’s basement. We will only be telling you where and how now. As soon as Trista is back on her feet (she is due next week), We will release the findings for her.. to the blogs and to the press. The Maine State Police, the Governor of Maine and the Attorney General will be directly aware of this release and intent to do so. All in the hopes of justice for Ayla.. We are done waiting.

A Brief Analysis of Jeff’s statements

First, notice how Jeff doesn’t say which assumptions, if any, are correct. Instead he only says “your” assumptions are correct. Not much help there, Jeff. Also note that he gets Trista’s due date incorrect. At first he says she is due to have her new child next week, but later gives the due date as the 15th of August. Boy, Jeff sure is up on the facts, isn’t he?

Next, Jeff says he isn’t trying to be cryptic. Statement analysis tells us that anything stated in the negative is doubly important, and using the word “trying” is indicative that the subject either knows he is failing, or isn’t really “trying.” This could indicate deception in the statement. He goes on to say that Maine State Police, the Governor of Maine (like he cares?) and the Attorney General “will be” directly aware of the release, but Jeff does NOT say that he, or any of his cohorts, will be informing them directly. And that’s not cryptic, no. Not at all.

Say, What Gives?

So what is Jeff Hanson and Trista Reynolds’ real reason for making this announcement?

Answers For Ayla
July 17, 2013 at 1:14 PM

Anon 12:02; Exactly, We are hoping that MSP will release the blood evidence, but ultimately Ayla is Trista’s daughter and I will release it when she is ready to deal with the onslaught and aftermath of press that will follow.We are not alone in this information. There are other people within these blogs who have been told the whole story and to their credit they have not released any of it.

As for me, let me be perfectly clear, I do not have any secret knowledge or insights into Ayla’s case, for the most part, I have only been the messenger. There are others within these blogs (J4A and U4A) that know more than I do about the case for Ayla.

I’m still trying to make sense of the senselessness and I am not here to appease anyone. Admittedly, I have been sidetracked in the past, but answers for Ayla has always been the goal, and if I have offended anyone in the process.. well, tough titty.. (not sure if that’s just a Mainer’s saying or not).

Anyway, we will take the case for Ayla to the public. ..when Trista is ready. That’s all I have to say.

Sorry, not all of that was directed at you Anon 12:02

Are Trista and Jeff seriously attempting to strong-arm the Maine State Police? What exactly do they hope to accomplish? An anonymous commenter asked this same question. Here is Jeff’s reply:

Answers For Ayla
July 30, 2013 at 8:03 PM

Anon 6:24; We hope to bring Ayla home..

Well, that clears it right up!

That leads us to the next question. Have Jeff and Trista really thought this through?

July 30, 2013
Dana B; I appreciate the vote of confidence (and the insightful post), but the truth is that It is difficult to predict the outcome of making said “unequivocal evidence” public. As such, I cannot put your concerns to rest, but I can tell you this:

The Dipietro’s were shown this evidence in November (notice the lawyer’s response): http://www.onlinesentinel.com/news/Communication-improving-between-Aylas-father-and-police.html How much of this evidence was shown remains in question, but Trista was told that MSP showed them everything. ..and frankly, after reading the lawyers response, that is not possible, unless he is severely downplaying the evidence for the press.

A major concern in releasing this information to the public is not with the evidence itself, but with the tainted jury it would help to create. However, I’m told there are plenty of people who know nothing about this case that could fill a jury box. Just because we live with the case for Ayla every day does not mean that everyone else does (hard to believe I know).

The Maine State Police’s lead detective on Ayla’s case; Sergeant Jeff Love now has foreknowledge of this intent to post from discerning Justice for Ayla and United for Ayla’s previous comments and has spoken with Trista. In addition, Trista has received counsel from several involved parties and has based her decision on all the information that was available to her. Once again, Ayla will always be Trista’s daughter and the choice was hers to make.

Trista has veered from the public eye since she saw the state’s evidence of her daughter’s blood throughout the Dipietro’s home,http://www.onlinesentinel.com/news/investigators-meet-with-trista-reynolds_2013-01-04.html, but fully intends to hold a press conference soon after this information is made public. It’s her call and soon as she is well enough to make it (as most of you know she is due 8/15) she will set the date. That’s all were waiting for ..and I’m waiting too…

Best Laid Plans…

It seems Jeff and Trista have narrowed it all down to one major concern: JURY POOL TAINTING.

Note the telling language. Jeff admits that releasing this evidence will help taint a jury pool. He then goes on to say that he is “told” there are plenty of people that “know nothing” about the case to replace those tainted by the release.

My question is this: Why would Trista Reynolds risk tainting a jury pool against Justin DiPietro, the man she claims murdered her child, unless she thought she would be prosecuted for the same charges as him?

Why indeed.

Even Desiree Young, mother of Kyron Horman, respects law enforcement enough to drop her multi-million dollar lawsuit against the primary suspect in her son’s disappearance, Terri Horman. Ms. Young said the suit could potentially interfere with the investigation, and this is something she is not willing to do.

Now that’s how a mother of a missing child acts. Trista Reynolds should take notes.

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