The River Items

by Grace4Ayla on August 14, 2012

With no new official developments in the case of Ayla Bell Reynolds’ disappearance, many people online are questioning statements made on Jeff Hanson’s blog regarding the items found by Maine State Police near the dam in the Kennebec River. As we revealed in an earlier post, Jeff has claimed that MSP told Tristra Reynolds that these items belonged to Ayla and that they indicate she is no longer alive.

After leaking Jeff’s ill-timed email, and watching his subsequent evasive tactics and failure to actually answer any of the important questions raised, it was clear that more needed to be done. As a public figure who willingly chose to spread this information about the river items to his friends, I believe Mr. Hanson owes the public some real answers for Ayla, don’t you agree? So, using the name ‘ananumus’, I asked Jeff Hanson point blank – What was in the river and why does it mean Ayla is dead?

His reply?

“ananumus, Every other week MSP has told Trista that they would show her photos of the items found in the damn for her to identify… And that has not happened to date.. After recent draining and searches of the Kennebunk river, these items apparently did belong to Ayla and whatever DNA was on them is cause for their case.. so they are guarding the items for that purpose..”

Jeff’s logic severely fails him in his response to me. Not to mention his rather telling statement analysis, but more on that later.

Why would LE need Trista to identify items found in the river if “testing” has proven these items to belong to Ayla AND indicate that she is deceased? Jeff states “to date” indicating the bi-weekly calls are continuing currently. Does this mean Trista is calling MSP demanding to see the items? Or is MSP calling Trista to dangle the carrot in front of her nose only to refuse time after time? I highly doubt it is the latter. I have to ask the question: Why does Trista want to see them?

Why does Jeff deliberately mislead his readers with the statement “After recent draining and searches of the Kennebunk river, these items apparently did belong to…”. What does one have to do with the other? On the first search they found two items they sent for testing. On the second search they found several items which were subsequently found not to belong to Ayla and the third search found nothing. So the only way that MSP could know for sure that the items “belong” to Ayla is by either visual identification (green pajamas) or by DNA testing.  Considering the press was stating “items of interest” the very next day, I am assuming they had some kind of of visual identification, and in fact, some speculation was made, but nothing that matched the items Ayla Reynolds supposedly went missing with.

I find it interesting that Jeff refers to “pictures” and then uses the word “apparently” in the same paragraph. I ask again, why does Trista want to see these items?

When Ayla went missing, she was only wearing pajamas, a diaper, her cast, the ace bandage and her sling. What could MSP have found that could possibly be identified as Ayla’s but needed to be tested first, which indicated death, and that they would refuse to show Trista? I shudder to think.

I am concerned with all the changing stories coming from the Reynolds camp.  First Trista asked Justin to take Ayla, but now Justin kidnapped Ayla.

Justin was keeping Ayla until Trista could get on her feet turned into Justin wouldn’t let Trista see Ayla.

“I had appointments all morning…” became crying at Becca Hanson’s house an hour before the news conference.

Now, items found in the river that prove Ayla is dead are morphing into items belonging to Ayla “with whatever DNA is on them is cause for their case”.  Whatever that is supposed to mean.

Why can’t Trista and Jeff simply tell us what MSP said about the river items?

Why is it so important to Trista that Ayla be proven dead? It almost appears as if she is “concocting” evidence against Justin.  First she was lying to protect him, now is she lying to convict him?  What gives?



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