Tick Tick Tick

by Grace4Ayla on August 30, 2017

On September 21, 2017, a hearing will be held to declare missing Ayla Bell Reynolds dead. Even though there is no chance for a wrongful death suit to be successful, as I predicted, Trista Reynolds is going ahead with declaring her daughter dead, thus starting the 6-year toll for filing such a suit.

It’s getting close! What will be revealed at the hearing?

Why is she doing this? What could be the ramifications?

What’s the deal, Ron Popeil?


As I reported in this post, attorney Bigos excused himself from Ayla’s case citing lack of evidence and inability to “access insurance coverage”. So why is Trista continuing with declaring Ayla dead? As my loyal readers may remember, I predicted that a wrongful death suit was not Trista’s goal, but the life insurance policy was. But what will happen if Ayla is declared deceased and she files a claim with State Farm?

Even with all the uproar about the life insurance policy, we have not heard anything from State Farm, and rightfully so. Until a claim is made on a policy, there is literally nothing State Farm can do. But once a claim is asserted, they can, and will, investigate every aspect thoroughly before making a decision on payment. I highly doubt that any of their findings will become public, but I am certain any new information they may obtain will be shared with law enforcement.

Meanwhile, the clock will start ticking, marking off the time left for a wrongful death suit to be filed. Not that Trista ever had any intention of doing so. Even if she won, there wouldn’t be any money for her for a very, very long time, if ever, as the defendants could easily file bankruptcy after the appeals run out. Trista’s best bet is the life insurance payout, but just like the decision to hand Ayla over to Justin, this one will bite her in the backside for sure.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…


In other news, it looks like Trista’s old fiance Ray Fortier may be out of prison soon, his scheduled release date is September 1, 2017. I wonder they will rekindle their relationship? Nah, probably not, since Trista was dating her third baby daddy while claiming to be engaged to Ray. And I hear Lance DiPietro is planning to move to California…think he wants a room in Justin’s half-million dollar home near Los Angeles? Time will tell!

And now for something completely different…


On a personal note, I would like to discuss doxxing on the internet. I have been working on another case, and as I get closer to the truth, attacks have come again. Mostly about my pseudonym, Grace Wilson. Many writers and authors choose to write under a different name. My reasons are not about hiding my identity but protecting those I love. As some of you may know, I and my kids were sexually assaulted in 2012, just before I began this blog. I have no shame in what happened to me, but doxxing me and outing the name of my kids is not only unfair and cruel, but potentially dangerous to them, as our rapist, due to our failing criminal system, is already out on probation. Besides, it is their truth to tell, when they are ready, and not some rabid family supporter whose only goal is to try and humiliate me into silence. Well, I will not be silenced, not about Ayla, not about Deorr, and not about the truth. So if you feel tempted, or see someone else online doxxing me, just remember, my kids are just as innocent as Ayla and Deorr, and just like your family or loved ones. Hate on me all you want, research my real name, there are no secrets to reveal, unless having bad credit is a scandal, but leave my kids out of it by not releasing my real name. It’s the decent thing to do.

To all my readers, thank you for your support, it means the world to me. As you can plainly see, I make no money off this site, there are no ads to annoy you, I pay for everything out of my own pocket. This blog is to reveal the truth and to voice my opinions, as is my right.

Finally, please lift Houston and Texas up in your prayers, and donate if you can. They are going to need us for a very long time.



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