Time For the Hard Questions

by Grace4Ayla on December 23, 2014

With the three year anniversary of Ayla Reynolds disappearance come and gone, recent interviews and blog postings have shed new light on the missing toddler’s terrible fate. Jeff Hanson, maternal family spokesperson, has even brought his blog United For Ayla back from retirement, with a new post that boasts many guarded references to impending legal actions against those involved.

Yet today, far too many important questions surrounding the who, what, when, where and why of this puzzling mystery have never been answered, and in my opinion, have been suspiciously avoided, not only by the mostly silent DiPietro clan, but by the Reynolds family as well. I believe these questions should be brought to light and answered once and for all. Since Trista Reynolds, Ayla’s mother, has seemed to have no problem leaking evidence online without so much as a thought to the consequences it might have on Ayla’s legal case, she should find it more than easy to tell us the truth about all the issues surrounding the “Taking of Ayla Reynolds,” right?

Trista’s Trip to Rehab

Let’s go back all the way to the beginning. First, we were told that a fight between Trista and Jessica Reynolds was the catalyst that caused CPS (child protective services)/DHHS to become involved in the welfare of Ayla and Ray Reynolds. After an initial police response, CPS came to the home the next day and allegedly told Trista to go to rehab, leaving Ayla and Ray in Jessica’s care. Absolutely no record of this alleged incident is on file with the Lewiston Police Department for any of the dates surrounding Trista’s entry into rehabilitation. So…

1) Where did this altercation take place?
2) What were Trista and her sister Jessica fighting about?
3) What circumstances did the police find that prompted them to call CPS, which apparently was so dire they showed up the very next day issuing their rehab ultimatum?
4) Why was CPS involved in Ray’s welfare? The excuse of his medical illness doesn’t pass my straight face test. They don’t open a CPS file for ill kids unless the infirmities are the result of being born drug addicted.
5) How did Jessica pass a background check when she had just recently lost her own children (presumably to CPS), and how was this background check accomplished in less than 24 hours, since Trista supposedly entered rehab that very day?
6) How and why did Jessica lose her kids in the first place?
7) If Becca Hanson, Trista and Jessica’s mother, and Jessica Reynolds were considered competent to take care of Ayla and Ray, why weren’t they allowed to take Jessica’s kids as well? I believe this is relevant, if Trista and Jeff expect us to believe that Ayla was safe in Trista, Jessica, and Becca Hanson’s care, before and during Trista’s rehab stint.

Team Family Meeting

And what of the so-called “team family meeting”?

1) Why was this meeting held in Portland, if the initial report was made* in Lewiston, and Jessica Reynolds was the one who demanded the meeting?
2) If Jessica told the responding police officer that “Justin beat Ayla,” and told him to “watch Ayla’s reaction,” how did she know these things? Note: After Ayla’s disappearance Jessica told news media that she had never seen Justin interact with Ayla.
3) If Ayla did have such a violent and noticeable reaction to Justin’s presence, why wasn’t the police officer present at the CPS meeting?
4) Who were the doctors present, and what did they testify to?
5) If Justin was ordered to return Ayla, and threatened with “dire consequences” if he did not do so, why was this not brought up in “The Taking of Ayla Reynolds” as yet another example of the flagrant violation of Trista and Ayla’s rights?

*supposedly made by the officer who responded to the altercation

Ayla’s Broken Arm

This brings us to Ayla’s broken arm. We were told in “The Taking of Ayla” that Jessica Reynolds called CPS on November 14, 2011, after Ayla’s first orthopedic specialist appointment. She told CPS that the doctor “saw the child and stated that he felt that the injuries were not consistent with the description of how the father said they occurred. (The doctor) reported that this was an uncommon break in a 19-month-old child.”

1) How did Jessica Reynolds get this information if not from Trista Reynolds?
2) And, if Trista had direct information that Justin DiPietro was lying when he gave this interview, why didn’t she scream it from the rooftops then and demand her child be removed from his care?
3) Why did Trista instead claim that she thought Ayla was “well cared for”?
4) Why did Trista seem to be covering for Justin, yet accusatory at the same time?
5) What did Trista really tell investigators about the broken arm?
6) Why was the doctor’s referral to CPS not pointed out in “The Taking of Ayla” if he really said what Jessica Reynolds claimed?
7) If the doctor had reported the break suspicious, how could law enforcement later claim it wasn’t?

The Life Insurance Policy

And then there’s that pesky life insurance policy…

1) What did Trista Reynolds know about the life insurance policy?
2) Why would police tell Trista of its existence when Justin DiPietro obviously wasn’t going to make a claim, since there was no body?
3) Who were listed as the beneficiaries on the policy? Justin? Trista? Phoebe?
4) Why did Jeff Hanson and Trista Reynolds think the life insurance policy was important enough to release to the public?
5) When exactly did Trista give Ayla’s social security number to Justin DiPietro, and why did she give two differing accounts of this story?
6) When did Justin supposedly try to claim Ayla on his taxes?

Recent Calls & Abduction Fear Texts

Recently, Trista Reynolds has claimed that Justin DiPietro threatened her, saying she would “never see Ayla again.”

1) When and where did this threat take place? Text message, phone call, or in-person?
2) Was the threat before or after Justin threatened to sue for custody? Was it after Trista had filed for Parental Rights and Responsibilities?
3) What of the “abduction fear” texts? Trista told us that DiPietro sent her a text message in the days before Ayla disappeared saying that he was worried someone might take the little girl. Reynolds said that’s a sentiment she has heard from DiPietro numerous times, including long before Ayla went missing. She said she took those statements to mean that he feared she or one of her family members would show up one day to take custody of Ayla.

“Justin thought that a lot,” said Reynolds. “He always thought that I would be the one to take her. I always wondered why he was so scared about that. Now that people are bringing it to my attention, I’m going back and saying, wait a minute. I never went to get her because I thought she was OK and well cared for.”

Yet Katie Hitchens, friend of Justin DiPietro and Courtney Roberts reports that Justin was the one receiving the texts which threatened Ayla would be taken, and claimed they were coming from Jessica Reynolds’ phone number, a phone Trista Reynolds was said to have borrowed in the days before Ayla’s disappearance.

Obscure & Just Stop the Lies Blog

This leads us back to our old friend Obscure.

1) If Obscure was really Charla Pawlata-Anderson, an “unconnected and uninvolved blogger,” as Jeff Hanson claims, where did she get the “Bombshell Texts” that Jeff himself stated were being looked into by law enforcement?
2) How could Obscure have the authority to confirm that there was no trip made to Portland by Derek Tudela, Justin’s best friend, alibi, and erstwhile life insurance salesman, on December 16, 2011 if she wasn’t a direct mouthpiece for either Derek, Justin DiPietro or law enforcement? And, if so, wouldn’t that make her connected to the case?
3) Where did she get her information?
4) And, if Jeff Hanson was so unfriendly and antagonistic to this blogger, why would she share private information with him that I had given to her about my mother’s passing? Were they in communication? What else did they discuss?
5) Finally, why did Obscure say “Jeff has blood on his hands. Literally.”? Is this more irrefutable evidence from Derek, Justin or Courtney?

Jeff and Trista’s Sketchy Behavior

Lastly, I would like to ask the following 4 questions.

1) Why did Jeff Hanson find it more important to ask law enforcement to clear Trista’s name than to press for prosecution of the so-called Waterville Three? He clearly tells us so in “The Case for Trista.”
2) Why can’t Trista Reynolds just pass a polygraph test, if she has nothing to hide? She is off drugs and I’m assuming on any proper medication so, what’s the hold up? Surely, if Trista passed a polygraph police would clear her, right?
3) Why would Phoebe DiPietro, Justin’s mother, publicly accuse Trista of knowing where Ayla is?
4) Why would Justin and Lance DiPietro risk calling Trista Reynolds with taunts if they weren’t, in fact, planning to blame her for Ayla’s disappearance? This theory certainly seemed to be the entire purpose of Obscure’s blog in the first place.

If prosecution is as close as Jeff Hanson would have us believe, maybe we will get the answers to some of these questions soon. Until then, do you have any answers for us, Jeff?

Or how about you, Trista? You seemed to have found your voice long enough to respond to Katie’s post about the child support, how about “gracing” us with a few of these answers, eh?

Go ahead, we’re all waiting.

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