The Tin Lady?

by Grace4Ayla on August 14, 2017

Back in March, I made this post: Fake News. In it, I discussed the recent lives of Justin DiPietro and Courtney Roberts, two people suspected of withholding information in the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds.

Since that time we’ve learned that Justin DiPietro is living near Los Angeles, in a half-million dollar home, working as a bartender. Courtney Roberts became pregnant, and is due September 18, 2017, just a few days before Ayla’s death hearing.

Courtney took the ultrasound off her Facebook, and went radio silent for quite a few months, but I figured she just wanted her privacy. Then she reappeared on July 22, 2017 with this pic…

She doesn’t look seven months pregnant to me!

Here she is in May 2017:

I mean, she looks more pregnant here than she did in July!

And before anyone gets onto me about privacy, I believe she gave up her right to privacy when she became complicit in Ayla’s disappearance.

So did Courtney lose her baby? Did she get to have a funeral? Does she have a place where she can go to visit her little angel?

Well, Ayla’s family still doesn’t.

Shame on you Courtney Roberts! Ayla deserves to be at rest just like your little one! Speak up now! It’s not too late to make a deal!

I realize I might be mistaken. If anyone can prove Courtney is either still pregnant or had her baby, please feel free to add it to the comments below. Even if I am wrong, it still doesn’t make it right for her to keep silent about Ayla. Unless she actually helped murder her, in which case it makes sense. Still wrong, but makes sense.

Where is Ayla, Courtney???

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Ashley August 14, 2017 at 6:27 pm

Hmmm I wonder….


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