The Tragic Life of Phoebe DiPietro

by Grace4Ayla on June 22, 2015

Recently Maine Governor Paul LePage has been in a battle with the Maine legislature over the 2015 year budget. Part of the dissension is the funding of  the “cold case squad” supported by the mother of missing toddler Ayla Bell Reynolds.

What seems strange to me is the silence of Ayla’s grandmother, Phoebe DiPietro. She more than anyone should understand the pain of having a missing loved one, since not only did her granddaughter disappear from her own home, her aunt vanished in 1982 when Phoebe was only 18 and was missing for 18 years.

Jerilyn Towers was last seen leaving a bar in October 1982. Phoebe’s family had to wait 18 long years to finally find out what happened to her. It wasn’t until her murderer was facing 55 years in a Texas prison that he decided to come clean. I can’t imagine how that event must have shaped Phoebe’s life, but from some accounts it didn’t keep her from leaving bars with strange men.

You would think having your aunt disappear would make you more cautious. I suppose it might sour your relationship with law enforcement somewhat, but I would think it would make you want to be as cooperative as possible in any future emergencies.

At any rate why wouldn’t you be totally on board with a cold case squad? Trista Reynolds has come out vocally in favor of it, yet the DiPietro’s (and their supporters) have remained completely silent.

Perhaps they have someone else acting for their interests in this situation?

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