Trista Reynolds’ Blood in Justin DiPietro’s Bedroom

by Grace4Ayla on August 16, 2012

One of the most surprising elements of the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds is the on again, off again relationship between Trista Reynolds and Justin DiPietro.

When we were first introduced to this cast of characters, the DiPietro side, through their spokesperson Angela Harry, made it very clear that there was no relationship between the two, and furthermore, Ayla was the product of a one night stand.

Next, Trista reveals through her spokesperson Jeff Hanson (who delegated the task to his “partner” Wordman), that she had a seven month affair with Justin between May 2011 and October 2011. She apparently was seeing Justin sexually even before Justin had his first visitation with Ayla in August 2011.

This was how we learned about the “bloody sheets” found in Justin’s  basement bedroom.

When did LE learn about Trista’s blood? We know that by January 28, 2012, MSP had determined that “some” of the blood was Ayla’s.  It makes sense that they would have determined who else’s blood was there.

Trista volunteered that her blood was there on May 1, 2012. My law enforcement contacts have assured me that not only can DNA be extracted from menstrual blood leaked on sheets, they can also tell approximately how old the stain is. Since Trista claims the last time she slept with Justin was October 12, 2011, the stains were at least two months old, if not more.

Why would MSP even test blood found on sheets unless they were on the bed and obvious to the naked eye? I have heard that the DiPietros have a washer and dryer in the basement. With both Phoebe and Elisha living there, wouldn’t there have been sheets stained with blood before Justin came home with his sheets? Laundered, of course, but with the fact that you can still “find” blood after washing, I would think so.

More importantly, why would Trista Reynolds and Jeff Hanson feel the need to inform the public about Trista’s blood being in the basement? They could have leaked the story about the affair without bringing that up.

Now it has been revealed that Justin didn’t even bring his bed (with the bloody sheets apparently) to Waterville until Dec. 15, 2011., the day before the alleged abduction. I do not believe that he hastily threw on bloody sheets and invited his girlfriend to spend the night.

With all the lies of Trista Reynolds being exposed, it begs the question, how did Trista Reynolds’ blood really end up in Justin DiPietro’s bed sheets the night Ayla Reynolds vanished?


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